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  1. No to mention that he lives in Oxfordshire.
  2. Oh and Santa, when did Blokey become soooo offensive, is it because we are all "supposed to be in touch with our feminine side"? well bollocks to that, I'm a bloke and **** proud of it.
  3. OK Ian, it's cos he is a Tory really isn't it.... hahahaha...
  4. MON finally realises a lot of his signings have been a bunch of
  5. Is it gonna be in the Antipodese? please say pre-season is going to be in NZ? Please please please please please??????
  6. I work from all the time.. works perfectly, I suppose you have to be dedicated to your job for it to work, some people are right lazy shits and see it as an excuse to have a day off, and check thier email once every 2 hours. And there are no issue with data or security, a secureID token and a VPN connection resolves all that.
  7. Clarkson is hilarious, top bloke, tells it as he see's it...
  8. The point is people are slagging off capitalism, and the facts of the matter are the no matter how bad it is, it could always be worse, much worse, both economically and socially. Perhaps with your obsession of misinterpreting what I am trying to say Grings, you would have given up by now.
  9. I have Ray Frames with prescription lenses... I have to have them for driving, and in NZ we get more the 3 days of sun per year.
  10. For once we agree on something.
  11. nrogers


    BTW Sven Vath is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x the musician Moby is.
  12. nrogers


    rocket polisher as a bloke, was legendary.... still a word removed though.
  13. Peter Griffin everytime... You have AIDS, not HIV, it's full blown AIDS, be sure that you see, that this is not HIV, but full blown AIDS.
  14. nrogers


    Sounds great. Decent times? Not really, I did them with Aston in the pram, which is you can imagine really affected my times, but still really enjoyed them.
  15. Where do you find the next Joe Worsley? Or even Simon Shaw for that matter? You can't just pull players like that out of your arse. Maybe they're out there, maybe not, but I don't think England have a problem up front at all, highlighted by the fact they conceded less points than anybody this 6 nations. Englands main problem is in midfield. Ellis and god love him Tindall just aren't international class. I think we saw on Saturday when Danny Care came on what a scrum half is supposed to do. Quick ball, spread the play, open your friggin eyes. I think Flood is a fine player. The problem
  16. nrogers


    Round the bays, kerikeri half marathon, all done this year.
  17. Given the tabloid presses headlines, I think a Bollinger is on the cards.
  18. In my prediction, Wales are clearly shit, and I mean shit and won't get past the group stages of the WC in NZ.
  19. Not really by the media, but there are heaps of ex-pats here, so we have a good laugh, however, it's about the same as the tri-nations coverage in England.
  20. I think Flutey is a very good player on his day, but can be a tad inconsistent, however during this tournament he has been good, one of the England stand outs. I agree with your opinion he should be in the lions over BOD at 2nd five.
  21. Or Wales, I mean hopw depressing would it be to be sooooo confident of the Grand Slam with all others trailing in your wake, to find you finish 4th behind, Ireland, England, France, I mean the Jocks at least know where their place is, and don't expect anything more.
  22. Just thought I'd bring this opening post up, I'm glad I didn't agree, to answer the question, yes it looks like 3 different teams
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