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  1. Probably the next three too.Typical Villa!
  2. Watford have 34 points and an 8-goal better goal difference than we have. Their remaining games are West Ham (a), Manchester City (h) & Arsenal (a). It is not unlikely, that they will not pick up another point from those games. Should that happen and we win tomorrow, we would need a further 5 points from our remaining 3 games (Everton (a), Arsenal (h) & West Ham (a)), unless they lost their games so heavily, that their current goal difference advantage evaporated, then 4 would be enough for us. There is therefore a chance, but we would need to pull off an escape, that would have Harry Houdini applauding. Even if they got 2 points from their games, which is the very maximum that I could see them getting, then 3 wins and a draw from our last 4 games, would see us finish above them. If not, West Ham could lose or draw at home to Watford, lose at Manchester United and at home to us on the last day, which would leave us needing 5 or 6 points from our other 3 games to finish above them. Failing the other two happening, Brighton could get nothing, or no more than 2 points, from their remaining games (Southampton (a), Newcastle (h) & Burnley (a)), leaving us needing 10 or 12 points to get above them. Bournemouth face Leicester (h), Manchester City (a), Southampton (h) & Everton (a), so I've written them off, like we've been written off! The great escape is on then. All we need to do is to find the ability to slip into top four form overnight. Make it so Villa!
  3. 4 of the last 5 play off winners were relegated. My target was 17th at the start of the season, but sadly we now appear to be the 5th of the last 6 winners, to go straight back down. I hope we can at least win one or two games on the way down (four would be even better ). Let's try and be able to hold our heads up a little bit, rather than go down waving a white flag, like Norwich have done.
  4. I'm glad we have our glorious past, I enjoyed a fair bit of it.
  5. I demand that we do a Liverpool down there next season!
  6. They can keep it open, to allow social distancing.
  7. Will FFP be relaxed next season in the Championship, as well as in the PL? If not and we do manage to get back up next season, the gap between the big spending clubs and ourselves, will be even bigger in 21/22.
  8. I think 12 points would keep us up myself.
  9. Could have put them 2-0 up, but didn't. The day couldn't have gone any worse for us.
  10. If they lose their remaining games, a win and two draws would be enough.
  11. She really should be more careful about what she puts down it, it's clearly something that doesn't agree with her!
  12. If Watford lose this, I could see them going the rest of the season without getting another point. That would leave us needing to find 5 points, from our remaining four games. West Ham might be on the beach on the last day too.
  13. Six would be nice. Their goal difference could do with taking a hit.
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