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  1. I'd take a hungry barkley all day long. Not so much if he's just payday hunting like drinkwater was though. What I can't understand is how I can't put an image on any chats unless it's smaller than a flys bits, but others can post umpteen videos... What am I doing wrong?
  2. Signed until June 2023 I think. But i doubt his release clause is very high at the moment.
  3. For me this is the one we should be looking to sign to a long deal while we can. The big boys are always after CBs so tieing him down to a long deal now with a generously high exit clause is key for me.
  4. This. And let's put it out there now, they made a huge error selling emi..
  5. Unless I'm the only one who thinks this, I don't think we should change numbers once associated with a player. So much is spent on kit sales now to the fans that changes made to those players mean they are spoilt if they change.
  6. I have a picture of the wonky cazoo printing but I can't post anything unless its smaller than 0.29 for some reason. Going for a drive to the club shop this afternoon to refund or swap it.
  7. My grey zip top and blue training shirt arrived today and the cazoo is diagonal.. #disappointed. Away kit is sick too. I really feared kappa being complete today and almost everything released so far kit wise and training has been awesome. Take it all back. If only the printing department could stick the sponsor on straight.
  8. And this bad boy. Gone up in size though thanks to peoples suggestions. My away and 3rd top last year were L. After covid sitting at home I've gone XL... just in case.
  9. I have. Ordered the grey training 1/4 zip and the blue training tshirt. Sweet. Plus 10% off as reported above.
  10. I was wearing mine all day. Absolute gem of a shirt. The green black and red colours are excellent together. Anything we do in these colours will always be a cult classic now. My good luck charm now. Might be tempted to sell the luke 3rd now though... Seen them selling for 200nicker on beebay for some reason.
  11. Noticed kappa are starting to release 20/21 kits now. Looking at the last couple it seems to point towards us having a similar template with the split at the neck and an individual pattern connected to the club or region. I quite like the style and the orange kit would work well with blue arms and claret cuffs... Wonder if we will get a white away kit this year too?
  12. I cant believe that we have now been in lockdown for many weeks, with plenty of unplanned time on our hands to kill and for some reason we dont have various kit designs floating around for next season... Usually before April, we have already had lots of discussion around blue arms or not, yellow away kit or not, and the annual mention of Cadbury sponsoring the shirt... So far nothing - Shame on us. I need my usual diet of new kits and fancy designs to drool over please by you clever graphic designers, and a hintof a plan from Nuremburg that he knows of from his old pals thats we
  13. Cant wait for the 3rd kit. Also, the yellow pre match top looked wonderful in the club shop last night...real throw back to the old mita copiers yellow top from the early 90s.
  14. I thought I saw a fair few fakes last night in the holte. Some really bright blue arms. Brighter than the ones in the shops and those around them. Any one know or seen fakes on offer anywhere??? I haven't seen or heard of any - but the colour difference in the two near each other was obvious. Night and day.
  15. was just about to post this too... this is an absolute beaut! already ordered! love the shoulder design on the GK top too. simple with a nice twist.
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