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  1. my main concern here is that the lines stop and then start again after the sponsor. i hate that about it. the other concern is the printing being straight. if you look at the gallery pics online and then look across the top of the CAZOO, it is not straight. i mean we made it easy to do by having stitched guide lines on the shirt, but even the modelled pictures show that even the shirts they are wearing are not straight. every single image i have seen so far has the CAZOO and the stiched lines at odds with each other. is it my eyes or can anyone else find an image where the two things are horizontal to each other? i sent numerous purchases back due to this, adds a concern to me when buying online although i ferociously advocated for an 82 celebration shirt, i think they have managed to make it much less beautiful than it could have been. its ok, but not the quality affair i imagined - but the white training top with the pattern realeased today... that is a thing of beauty. surely no one can disagree that is one amazing top!
  2. Maybe i shouldnt say this out loud @NurembergVillan, but as the resident kit expert and designer - why have we not seen all your efforts in recent years on a perfect villa kit? Would be good for us to see what you genuinely think would work and which brands you would work with if you could pick any two. Perhaps i am alone when i sit and wonder why i dont get to drool over images of villa kits, made by a villa fa,n in a villa forum, who has real kit designing experience (no offence anyone else who has, cuz some have been georgeous). I designed them like we all did as a kid and still have all my hand drawn coloured in efforts within books in the loft that i reminisce about occasionally, so love this aspect of the game. And you have put some serious thought into it above so why not showcase them to us? I always liked the idea of being the englands rose club, with continued postioning as an england feeder club who promote youth and community spirit. I will go on hunger strike until you do!
  3. Im wearing the navy luke third kit today. navy is a great colour for usfor an away or third kit given it goes extremely well with claret and light blue. what a great top it is! one of my favourites.
  4. Does the green coloured range give us a clue to the third kit? I know someone pointed out they thought that the away was going to be white, but do we know that for sure - or is it just wishful thinking?
  5. Have you looked at the match day training top? I can't post any pics still but would be good if someone else could. Now that's a nice top...
  6. I like it. But I like doing something different every year. Like a Dortmund philosophy. Get the colours right and then go mad. You must have a regular one to please the traditionalists out there every so often though. Not for everyone I know, but my preference. I also liked it when the away kit became the third kit allowing for a new away each year. Means we get more for our money seeing as they are not worn that often and is better for the environment having less kits manufactured. Any ideas what colour the away is this year?
  7. Can someone mock up an Argentina style third kit? Light Blue and white stripes in homage to our growing Argentinian contingent. Suits our colours too and would do something similar to the marketing ploy wolves had with their Mexican and Portuguese third kits. Would help us become big in South America with this idea.
  8. I like the kit to be honest. We would all be complaining if it was the same as other years, so to add some funky design elements to it to make it different to others is fine by me. Not too simliar to last years to make me not want to buy it. Looking forward to the away and 3rd too this year, as these kits for other clubs with Kappa look nice. Hope we have a third kit with a colour nothing to do with the club too to shake things up. Barca do this well each year with their random coloured 3rd kit colours. I have to be honest but I mocked us signing with Kappa when it was announced, but I have spent more money on kappa training and kits than i have any other brand we have had during my 43 years on this planet - although i am not proud of this Not sure i understand everyones affinity with the Luke kits either. Didnt buy any of the ranges, and as most on VT are purists wanting the simple claret body and blue sleeves year after year, i can never understand why these were so popular given they dont conform and where abit - bland imo. If i was to get a kit from a bygone era it woul dhave to be the original hummel or umbro kits with the string. Quite simply classics. Lastly, after looking at the home kit now it has been leaked, i wonder if this give Kappa the ability to launch a 4th kit during the season that celebrates the 40th anniverasy as a special kit that may get worn for one game at the launch. Lots of teams around Europe now do this and they go down well it seems with the fans of those clubs. Just a thought i had that might explain why the home was a not a direct reference to the kit we all wanted reimagined for the anniversary. What do people think? Is this in Kappa's locker, or the AV decision makers to create 'extra' income from a special kit mid season?
  9. Shame. I really liked him. Was ahead of Kourtney Howler for me in the pecking order... although KH did do well recently in those few games he played
  10. If we are not looking to buy that Swedish striker Alex Isak, then we need to take a long hard look at ourselves. That lad oozes class and quality - right up our street, and would suit the premiership down to the ground. Fits the profile too, and couldnt be 'that' expensive surely... even with a good few games at the Euros?
  11. Personally I'd like a 92' kit remake with the string neck and blue circle. It appeared a lot between 1892 and the 1950s but only once since. Needs a rerelease in my opinion.
  12. Surely there will be a throw back to the 82'kit(s) seeing as it will celebrate 40 years next season...
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