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  1. Definitely somethinh up with that vid. Still says 304 views... which is what it was when i watched it the first time.. Im on viewing atleast number 6 and its stil 304.
  2. Didnt Utd already announce they were playing kids? I thought thats what somebody on here said. Besides.. would utd care if they got fined? Course not they wont care unless they get fined an extortianate amount. They'd rather get fined and win the CL than lose CL and not get fined.
  3. Best striker that ever lived. Bar none, except maybe Palacios.
  4. I'd certainly be keen on that 'Thankyou Zigic for being truly shit - love Villa' 'Mission Accomplished Agents - love Villa' 'Mission Accomplished Agents Davies, Ridgewell etc etc'
  5. I wouldnt count off of a mad deflection from Zigic's arse sailing 60 yrds into the air, hitting a bird and falling into Gomes' hands, through them, bouncing off of the floor into Gomes' bollocks and into the net on 97 minutes (on 3 mins of added time) to keep them up though
  6. Lets be honest Damocles. [presuming Damocles is a Citeh fan] The media and your own fans would have had Mancini's head at one point and still think he's negative. Your fans lambast Barry every time he plays. I can only presume it was SGC who said Tevez was overrated as obviously he's a quality striker... but the other two points are right.
  7. Well thats going on facebook. Worth it to see Cookie-monster dancing.
  8. If Wigan lose by 2 less than Blues lose (presuming Blues dont score 3 goals more than Wigan score) and Blackpool lose by 1 less than Blues lose Blues go down. Basically, all 3 can lose and Blues can still go down.
  9. Would really like us to replace Ireland with Parker think he'd work very well with Delph
  10. Methinks they have a case of 'Jimmy Syndrome'
  11. Some very good passing at times today. He kept hold of the ball for too long at times as he was a bit off the pace but it's expected when he hasn't played in midfield properly in over a year - especially against a side like Arsenal. Given a run of games in pre-season he'll be fantastic for us next year. Wasn't at all scared to run into 'The Hole' either at times.
  12. you seem to have a really serious problem with this thread and I dont quite understand it. 228 pages of ideas for songs, some of which are shit, some of which are good. I'd be surprised if you read all 228 pages to come up with your comment too,
  13. Calm down, a bit of optimism cant hurt. It's not like we're talking about Mourinho.
  14. link? http://www.smallheathalliance.com/read.php?1,521632 Appears to be a few threads popping up too, cba to read them all but I hope they are all very angry and upset.
  15. Bitching between themselves on SHA about how them not giving N'Zogbia the extra 10k a week he wanted has just cost them £40m and their PL place. Makes for Beautiful reading.
  16. Ecstatic today General. One thing, and I dont want to worsen the tone of the day but a lot of West Ham fans think Robert Green is on his way to us over the summer. I know yourself and Randy would not want to get involved in the football side and cannot comment on transfers. But please. Stress to management that Green today singlehandedly relegated West Ham, will command wages above his pay grade and there are many many many keepers out there better than he. Please dont allow us to sign him. He is capable of Match Of The Day saves when he wants to be... but is much more likely to pull off Match Of The Day blunders. I would honestly be devastated if we signed him for anything more than backup. Scott Parker on the other hand....
  17. I second that. Lets rename the thread for one week only.
  18. Ahem.. Come on Spurs!!! Send these **** down. Bye Bye! Astalavista, **** off!
  19. Villas Boas Van Gaal Hiddink Deschamps Capello Moyes
  20. **** YES. MOTM: 1) The Ref 2=) Darren Bent 2=) Brad Friedel
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