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  1. As funny as the Houllier Out ones are I think the players should feel it's them we're pissed with so they just perform for a few games. That or just encourage them. Like 5 minutes of continuous applause at the Start of the Sunderland game. Then if we're still shit, 5 minutes of boos at the end.
  2. that Hou has only one backup to Warnock (Injured Luke Young) and doesnt fancy playing three Centre Defenders instead of Left and Right backs at a time where we need all four defenders cause none of them cut the mustard and its not Hou's fault as he's yet to have 1 minute in the transfer market?
  3. for footballing reasons i hope. What him and MM were talking about is allegedly a player completely disrepected the Management and said that he Hated the Club, Hated the Area (Birmingham) and that he didn't care about any of it as he was out of here anyway. but MM didnt say who it was. MMv2 has done though
  4. without taking this personally I am always on the side of people who know people ITK and I think most people who come with these stories are just either on the Payroll, disgruntled fans, or people just thinking its funny to spread shit to fans.. However I believe this of Warnock he hasnt played this year well enough I think he's been marginally better lately in an attempt to get a glimpse of himself in the shop window. What details have you got about what he did?
  5. West Ham about to sign Demba Ba on loan and apparently have 15 targets for January according to their co-owner http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11661_6625482,00.html
  6. I dont quite understand why he's played as a striker whenever I've seen him play, admittedly this is only a couple of times, his movement on the ball seems great like when he had the ball on the edge of the box against Spurs and played it beautifully past their defenders, but he doesnt appear to be able to shoot. If that comes in time then fantastic but if he can keep the ball, take it past players and pass (is he a good passer?) can he just be the guy we play 'in the hole' when/if Ash ends up leaving as this appears to be the formation we're going ahead with. P.S. Mark - whats wrong with 451? our strikers cant score and I cant see us getting 2 proven goal scorers in in any window we've never had a great striker and we aren't going to get 2 at once. Real Madrid, Arsenal, Barcelona to some degree all manage just fine with 3 Midfielders, 2 Wingers and a Striker so please get a grip, it's not like we're playing 4-6-0 like Scotland [i think did it a month or so ago?]
  7. Ask him to sign on for one more year with the promise we will sell him in the summer if the right contract offer comes in for him.. That way he doesn't screw us mid-season (through no fault of his own if he just wants to move on with his career) and we still get a transfer fee for him and he still gets to leave to a bigger club if he so wishes come the summer. Win/Win. Only losers being his agent and advisors who would have to wait a little bit to get their pay packet. Wont ever happen though, makes too much sense.
  8. I think we all agree on that, it just the defence.. apparently L. Young isnt going to be fit .. or as SkySports puts it 'is Losing his battle to be fit' So probably looking at -----------------Friedel-------------------- Lichaj-----Cuellar----Collins----Warnock -------------------NRC©------------------ Albrighton------------------------Downing ------------------Young(vc)--------------- ----------Heskey-------Gabby------------
  9. Starting XII -------------------Friedel----------------- Cuellar------Clark-----Collins-----Young --------------------NRC------------------- Albrighton-----------------------Downing --------------------Young----------------- -------------Heskey-----Gabby---------- Purely because Im still not convinced on Lichaj and I simultaneously dont think Cuellar should be dropped but Clark should have a game at CB to heal any confidence issues from that game at CMF cause I cant see him being risked against the bigger games we have coming. Cant see the above happening but would be happy with it for a starting XII but only if we play well.
  10. -------------Delph----Makoun Albrighton---------------------Downing -----------------Young ------------------Gabby With the ability to bring in Bannan NRC Petrov and Ireland (if he sorts himself out) we could be beginning to have a nice squad developing come February (Makoun being a bit of a wishlist of mine) possibly Delph could replace Young in the hole if we sell Ash, i know its not a great source but Delph always plays fantastically for me in the hole on FM. Will be great to see how he develops
  11. wow, highest placed team we've beaten this year is BLACKPOOL.
  12. yeah he did touch the anfield sign they showed it a few times on Sky Sports.. that was before the game though not half way through this Shitstorm.
  13. Relegation battle.. 6 months after fighting for 4th..
  14. wow, not the situation i wanted to be making my first posts in.. but jesus, our players are pathetic, how this can be the same defese we had last year i will never know, Stephen Ireland is such a lazy bastard. Clark looks purely livid with half the players, he's a centre half, shouldnt really be at CM, but hes making more tackles than Dunne and Collins. Theres just nothing about us. our upcoming fixtures dont instill confidence in me either. wheres our fire?
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