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Would you be happy with Ridgwell playing for sha?


Would you be happy with Ridgewell going to sha?  

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  1. 1. Would you be happy with Ridgewell going to sha?

    • Yes
    • No

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1) Liam would never play for Birmingham, he is very much in the pack at Villa Park. Why leave?

It's not like Cahill is miles better (if better at all)

2) If he went there he would not be welcomed back

3) Martin O'Neill wouldn't allow it

4) He hates the Blues and they hate him

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Imagine MON thought it was a good idea and sent him off for a month. Imagine he scores, what would he do? If he celebrated, many Villa fans would be unhappy, if he didn't many of the b-losers would be unhappy.

I don't see how this benefits anyone but SHA.

If he is available for a months loan, surely there are other clubs who would be interested like Stoke.

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I say yes because if it improves him as a player thats good for us as a club and I really couldn't give a shit about SHA to care enough if they come up or not. I tend to think a bit bigger in terms of our rivals over the next few years than that shower from down the road!

Logic = Yes

Heart = I hate them all so much it's hard to put into words & the thought of a Villa player playing for them and coming back to us sends me cold. I understand we have better rivals these days but once they are wiped of the map once and for all I will be a lot happier. What happens f if does a goal line clearance and they come up because of it ? Not fair on Ridge IMO.

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Not fair on Ridge IMO.

Which is my point with the example I used above to honest!

well if he decides to go then he has to face the consequences. make your own bed and all that

personally i wouldnt care too much if he went for a month.you never know he may score an own goal :lol: . perhaps thats because i dont see him as a major player for us in the future.it seems that ridgewell and cahill have swapped roles almost and i think thats the correct decision.

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We should be looking at whats best for ridge and villa

Sending ridge on loan for a while could be good for the player

Sending ridge on loan to blues will not be good for ridge and will piss off a number of fans.

If MON wants ridge to go on loan for awhile there will be more options than just the scum.

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the-savman wrote:

Lads what does SHA stand for?

Overseas villan here, always wondered....

It's a long story but it stands for "Small Heath Alliance" - which is basically their proper name.

Full story can be found Here

Does it mention the bit about where they broke the gentlemen's agreement between Villa/WBA and SHA not to take the name of Birmingham in any way ? I fancy the Blosers might have forgotten that bit in their oh-so-fascinating Wilkepedia entry. Just in case you are tempted to follow the link, I summarise below;

1888- Formed SHA

1905- Stole the name of Birmingham

1905-2002 Did feck all

2002-2005 Beat da Villa a couple of times- launched celebratory commemorative T-Shirt and "bollox-on-a-chain" jewellry ranges.

2006- Stole honours from Aston Villa thereby becoming former European Champs and multiple league and FA Cup Winners.

2006- Admitted that stealing honours from Aston Villa was a printing mistake."We would like to point out that Birmingham City have never won the European Cup" :crylaugh:

2007- Paid some gypsies to relay their pitch.

Even typing about them gets me wound up- dirty fecking noses.

Ridge to Blues, I would be surprised.

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