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Free Beer (seriously)


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Firstly, go here: http://www.grolsch.co.uk/campaign/bigbold/

and follow the instructions.

Then, if you're lucky (like me) you'll have won.

Then go here: http://www.paypoint.co.uk/paypointlocator

to find the nearest place to pick up your free 4-pack of Grolsch.

You will need a phone and a printer.


This is totally legit, I'm sitting here with my 4 free cans as I type. It involves texting a random number (normal text fee, nothing more) and seemingly some pot-luck to determine whether or not you win. The texting aspect is fine, no spam or anything like that, no hidden charges. Also, if you don't win, try off a different phone (and use a different name). Mine worked first time, but when I (greedily) tried again using a different sim/name it didn't. So basically, it is complete luck.

If you do win, and get the link to the voucher, but it comes up 'view in portrait mode' (as it did for me), just try opening it with a different browser. Then print it off, and bob's your uncle. I got mine from Co-op without any difficulty from the people who worked there - somehow I suspect local off-licenses might be more reluctant...

I won't ruin the actual process cuz it's pretty damn cool. Let me know how you get on with 'Journt'.


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I just phoned me dad up to get him to try it, if he text the numbers off his and me mom's phone then they could have won 8 cans, talk about trying to do someone a favour

me dad starts getting ratty because the moron doesnt know how to send a text mesage, it really is as simple as ''text your name to this number'' and it has just took him 15 minutes just to find the text screen and then he goes off on one at me because it has made him miss the start of emmerdale...**** emmerdale

he can get 5 stars on every single level of angry birds, use shazam, go on the internet, all on his phone but ask him to send a text message and he doesn't have a clue

jesus, ah well I will try myself again tomorrow

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