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Scientific experiement: Which bid do you prefer?


Which bid do you want to succeed in the takeover?  

187 members have voted

  1. 1. Which bid do you want to succeed in the takeover?

    • Randy Lerner - American billionaire
    • Michael Neville (consortium) - 'Lifelong Villa fan'
    • Nicholas Padfield QC (AV06) - Mystery backers/finance
    • Athole Still (consortium) - Rumoured Arab backers

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Please refer any comments on the takeover to the takeover thread, to save two confusing threads.

Please reserve this thread for a vote as to which bid you would prefer to win. If you want to comment, say why you want this bid to win. Please don't get into arguments over whose bid is better etc etc, that is for the takeover thread.

Remember whoever wins will have a huge impact on the future of this football club for years to come.

No comments on the takeover, just who you would like and why.

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He has good experience in sports to run the business as it should be and the financial muscle and desire to invest.

Some of the other bids may also be very good for the club but we know too little about them to judge. Lerner is more than we ever could have hoped for.

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100% from 40 votes....quite obvious who I voted for then!

I haven't voted because of his money - it is because of his record with the Browns. As a Steelers fan (so the Browns are like SHA to me to put it in context) I have noticed the games against them just keep getting tougher each year.

Lerner is a business man who knows exactly what he is doing. He is the only one of the consortia that I know would have a definate plan for the short term and long term.

It is difficult to know without the details of each bid though - but Neville seems very dodgy to me (see the I will withdraw if you pay me stuff), Padfield seems a bit in the dark over matters and so cannot be Rothchilds favourites and I know nothing at all about Still's bid - do we even know he has bid and wasn't just a VP trying to persuade Ellis to hire one of his clients as manager?

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randy for me also.

football is a business nowdays, not a plaything for the rich. chelsea will go under if the russian gets bored.

i want the club run as it has been but with everything in larger scale ( not the debt obviously).

an initial spend and business plans to recouperate and make a profit.

steady investment into the team and club which will bring steady improvement in the team and club.

then if in 5 years randy departs, the club is still a going concern rather than concern if it is still going.

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Where is the option for 'I would like to know more about the bids before deciding'? :winkold:

Seriously, I don't know enough about Still's consortium or AV06 for that matter.

I suppose I should just say Lerner as everyone else is.

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