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  1. Tore me up this did. Its a shame his wife is actually quite fit, how depressing! She is what we call a GEEBAG :-)
  2. I can see the shit hitting the fan with them tbh, they'll be out of europe early and in around the mid table area or even worse imo.
  3. I can't see them coming back for many years to come.
  4. For all you AstonVilla fans that have put up with shit, have a great day in work tomorrow lads
  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, inbred ****
  6. Come on Spurs!!. Round off a good weekend for me please by sending these rocket polishers down. Groves winning in the boxing and leinster winning the heineken cup.
  7. Is there anywhere to watch the press conference??. I'm so happy Groves won, i'd love to see DeGale's reaction again at the end, he thought he had it won haha.
  8. I have a feeling these dirty **** will survive, the amount of luck they have this season suggests that they will get away with it, and a team like Wigan or Blackpool that tried to play football will go down instead.
  9. Any good streaming sites for movies chaps??, if so pm please.
  10. Shit footballing side i must say, for the money these rocket polishers have spent you'd think they could atleast play half decent. Once a shit club always a shit club though.
  11. TBF, he only came back after a poor injury this year, and i think he was rushed straight back in with injurys to our midfield, i'd say with a good preseason he'll be our best player next season.
  12. Yep, Fulham hit the woodword twice, and Foster was near lobbed by the Fulham keeper. Shas good luck may just have run out at the right time, shower of sister riding inbred ****.
  13. His physical attributes where the one thing that stood out for me today, he made Ramsey and Wilshere look like much younger players imo. Can't wait to see him in a three man midfield. If Makoun lives up to what people are saying he can be like, these two will be great with a proper taller tougher defensive mid.
  14. I just hope he gets the proper run of games that will give him match sharpness.
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