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Takeover Attendance - would you come to VP with new owners


Would you come to VP if a takeover happened?  

38 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you come to VP if a takeover happened?

    • Yes - I'd buy a season ticket straight away
    • No - I'd wait and see what would happen
    • I wouldn't buy a season ticket but would attend more matches
    • Lifelong Villan - would've bought/ have bought a season ticket regardless

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For those who have exiled themselves from VP and have not renewed their season ticket.

Would either of the new owners mean you come back to VP and renew your season ticket?

P.S. Where has the poll thing gone?

EDIT: I've put in a poll for you (Ali :winkold: )

EDIT2: Cheers :D

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i would have brought a season ticket last year but i couldnt afford one, same goes for this year, regardless of our position etc i would still go to games, i still plan on going to 5-10 games this season regardless of whether ellis/lerner/neville/ are in charge.

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I'm glad I got my season ticket before the inevitable rush, I got a great selection of seats and took a cool view in K3 in an aisle seat :D:lol:

Do you like people constantly walking infront of you then?

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Guest RantinRob

I've already called the ticket office this afternoon - my seats from last year are (unsurprisingly) still available.

As soon as Ellis **** off I'll renew

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