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Its their cup final


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:lol: On baggies forums I found the following.

I am absolutely frothing mate. Haven't look forward to a game so much in a long time.

This really is the one now. It has got to happen now. We are just coming into form, they are struggling for it and with an inexperienced sides.

At the moment, the season is looking like one of those that Villa have every few years while we look like a mid table side.

Please, Please, Please, lets make it happen now. It's our time to take the pride of the Midlands seat that Villa have been keeping warm for us since 82.

There all big games in my opinion, this one has just an added ingredient.

Game of the season for me. Can't wait

It could be our worst or best week for some time!

Just come onto the villa thread in first time, and i am actually sat here shaking in anticipation

I will be phoning in sick all of next week if we get a result on Saturday
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Totally agree with the thread title - they are all going bonkers.

I know some Villa see this as a big derby, but personally this will never even be on the same scale as Blues for me.

The feeling I experience before a blues match leaves me in no doubt it's a derby game, but I really have no feelings either way with Albion. I just don't care about them :notsure:.

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Frenchman dare not loose this one.

I would go 4-4-2 direct game get it down the channels and put some quality balls into the mixer. a blood and thunder derby is no place to try and pass it around at the back.

obviously i don't despise the albion as much as wolfs and blues. but I take it for granted 3 points especially with our record in this fixture.

I predict a 1-0 win for Villa, scrappy winner a downing shot heading toward the corner flag before deflecting off james collins scrotal sack past the despairing baggies keeper, prompting dentist chair-esque celebrations in front of the holte.

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There proper boinging!

their not there


If you are going to correct someone then at least be correct yourself.

It's "they're".

(You may have been referring to the thread title, which if you were, then I stand corrected )

But still, it tickled me at the time.

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I think saying it's like their cup final makes us look like arrogant rocket polishers to be fair. It's a semi-final if anything for us, considering we're in a mess, **** the Blues game up, **** up in Europe and are on a right downer.

Having said that, we scraped past them and have full bragging rights, so I guess we're "The Pride of the Midlands" again.

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cringeworthy looking at westbrom.com and all the comments about young diving. i'm his biggest critic and hate all the diving around on the floor he does but he's cut that out of his game a lot lately and there was certainly none of it today. they targeted him every single time he had the ball and indeed took him clean out most times too to the point it became laughable.

it's just the same tired old shite we hear from all the midlands small fry every year. gabby whore this, young diving that. it's just ingrained in their ridiculously small minds and becomes something they have to say when they play us.


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