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  1. A lot of people like to believe he is a poor player because its popular opinion to do so, personally think bar that Arsenal game he's played well. Again at the weekend, kept Eriksen quiet and stopped Spurs from really creating anything in the middle of the park with his combative personality.
  2. I have lost all love for premier league football in recent years, one man has had helped that significantly and must go. However id like to thank him for pushing me towards the unpredictable Conference North where every week anyone can beat anyone. Proper football.
  3. In my opinion, signings off Senderos and Cole surely prove that a potential takeover is a lot further off than we may expect it too be....
  4. £7.2m for player who thinks the object of crossing the ball is to blam it against the opponent - the only thing I am sad about is we are not getting a fee More balls into the final 3rd than the rest of the Midfield.... Marc going only weakens us, anyone who says different would probably have us lose our starting 11 and replace them all with a team full of Grant Holts because we can't attract any better at this moment!
  5. Leicester are effectively getting Albrighton for £7.2Mill, the lack of a transfer fee allows them to offer more wages, for 4 years, £7.2 Mill doesn't seem a lot for me to get a proven premiership winger who a lot of the time was a man of the match for us whenever he did play, in both his first and last stint in the first team. Criminal of us to let him go.
  6. During the sale of the Browns, his initial statement read "In connection with rumors and press inquiries, I can report that I've been approached by Mr. Jimmy Haslam" who he eventually sold to, in my opinion no buyer is actually lined up yet.
  7. But they are. People are just having a discussion ffs. Does it really bother you that much that you feel the need to call people out? Im not calling people out, unless you think that, and are annoyed by it, in which case I apologise. I'm not on a high horse at all its just making everyone who is saying it look rather silly.
  8. Do people honestly still think its Ellison? May name & shame every person on twitter, VT who is that gullible, he has no interest in buying a football club!
  9. North Stand & Doug Ellis could both be revamped, extended, doug ellis similar to trinity, over the road, my estimate would be around 55-60k no need at all for a new stadium, which is why were prime for a takeover compared to others.
  10. Do we have better? No, Offer him a short term new deal, if the takeover doesn't happen may regret this.
  11. Callum Robinson, (Hold on to sonnnnnnnnn) Every game he plays, Every game he scores, Callum Robinson, (Hold on to sonnnnnnnnn) and repeat
  12. Pay Crawley whatever is required get Gregory back for 2 games, then let him go back, least he wouldn't be scared to tell the players whats what.
  13. Looked better up top yesterday as opposed to all year on the wing....
  14. When you consider how the admin of TBAR broke the news you need to realize its all guesswork, was done like a 16 year old.
  15. Id actually go with a slightly underwhelming appointment of Mark Warburton from Brentford, really intelligent guy, also the founder of the next gen series so you would think would be passionate about working with Sid Cowans and the academy to see the academy players come through and actually see them flourish.
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