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The Milan Baros Poll


Will Baros sign for Villa?  

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  1. 1. Will Baros sign for Villa?

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    • No

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I think he gets scared of the negativity going around at Villa Park, and decides to stay at Anfield and fight for his place. When he is 32-33 years old, he'll probably sign up.

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Do Villa want him as much as he wants to come here?

That is the question.

Its a stupid question ill give you that.

You can either explain or get a yellow card.

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It's not a stupid question, it's the wrong way round, in my view.

If he wants to come to VP he can.

Liverpool want to sell, DO'L wants to buy, we have the money.

That it is apparently not happening right now means either Liverpool are trying to get more money off someone else

or Milan Baros is hanging on to see if the someone else better comes along.

Otherwise it would be all but signed sealed and delivered

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