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  1. Looking back now, such a waste Sven played him on the left of midfield consistantly.
  2. I think he'll stay. Despite our record of selling players in recent seasons, it's very much just been one key player out the door every summer. It won't look very good for the board if Downing and Young both depart this season. Young will leave, more contracts will be offered to Downing but whether he signs them is up to him so we'll probably be in an Ashley Young situation again next summer with him.
  3. If it is Hughes, then Ireland and Warnock will both be given fresh chances as they've both played very well at previous clubs under him. Would people be happy with that?
  4. Not solely as obviously the defence started to drop too deep but watched the last 15 minutes again and we hardly helped the ball up front at all which allowed United just to attack at will until they scored.
  5. Well go back to the Man. Uited game. Gabby was brilliant at holding the ball up, gave Vidic the run around which lead to the first penalty. Obvioously he tires, we take him off at 2 nil, bring the Fonz on and suddenly the ball dosen't stick anymore and we barely cross the halfway line for the rest of the game.
  6. Did away goals count then? Pretty sure the commentator said Bochum needed two as I watched the last 5 minutes and they barely had an attack.
  7. Reus has been waseful in possession but has been kicked from pillar to post. Idriassou has been a complete and utter waste of time. Rubbish.
  8. Chelsea will win the league with ease next season if they sign Sanchez and Augero. Both are brilliant players who'd fit into the prem with ease imo.
  9. Great finish for the goal yesterday. One disappointment would be that he had I think 5 league goals by Xmas and given some of the chances he's missed since then, he should've been in double figures league wise which would've been an exceptional season from him.
  10. Didn't Tiote at Newcastle end up with 14 yellows this season?
  11. He's gone back to Cameroon as his family were involved in a car crash I read? I think he'll be really good for us next season so not worried about him.
  12. That Bochum keeper was incredible. Was wondering what happened to Mike Hanke who missed a hatful, wasn't he a regular for Germany a few years ago? Do away goals count in this play off?
  13. Yep, it's been on the cards for a few years now since that great title winning team of Naybet, Mauro Silva, Djalminha, Roy Maakay and............Walter Panidani all got old and the money ran out. That said, considering all the league once again got twatted by Real Madrid and Barca, how did the 3rd relegated team go down with 43 points when the prem was much more competitive and yet SHA went down with 39 points?
  14. When's the bochum-Gladbach play off?
  15. La Liga is weaker than it was around 2000 when for a couple of years it was comfortably the best in the world. Real Madrid and Barca were very good teams then.
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