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New crest poll


New crest vote  

252 members have voted

  1. 1. Which option for the new crest have you or would you have voted for?

    • Option 1 - lamp (I am entitled to vote)
    • Option 2 - round (I am entitled to vote)
    • Retain current crest (I am entitled to vote)
    • Option 1 - lamp (I am NOT entitled to vote)
    • Option 2 - round (I am NOT entitled to vote)
    • Retain current crest (I am NOT entitled to vote)

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  • Poll closed on 09/11/22 at 23:59

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Thought maybe it’d be good to have a poll on this so we can gauge what the result might be? Apologies if this is not wanted by the mods and gets immediately canned.

I’ve included options for those who can actually vote and those who can’t. 

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Not surprisingly , it appears the Season Ticket holders ( Who I generally picture to be an older set of fans  - entitled to vote) have gone traditional.

The ' Not entitled to vote " fans I picture as generally younger and internationally based, seem to be leaning towards the Gaslamp Shield/Crest.

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