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    Dean Smith

    I can see your point, but it’s a hard heart that looks at good results against top teams and uses it to imply we’re not a decent team. I know you caveat that with the results against Watford (when we had no players) and Brentford (still ahead of us in the league), but still… To beat Liverpool 7-2 you must not be too bad.
  2. Agree to disagree. That was a 50-50 for me. If that happens anywhere else on the field, and the outcome is not a penalty, that would not be a free kick.
  3. I would say so. That penalty was soft as shite. Armstrong fell over before he could be fouled. He even retained possession of the ball while prone.
  4. ‘Completely-Looking-For-It’ is Ronaldo’s middle name.
  5. It was never a penalty. 50 50 and Armstrong fell over.
  6. He knew VAR was there, so by making the harshest decision he could get VAR to look at it, taking the decision out of his hands. Or at least allowing him a second/third look on the monitor. It was responsibility avoidance really. Ultimately the right decision was made, but it screwed over the fans by making them wait etc. That said if you have VAR, people will use it.
  7. HKP90

    Dean Smith

    How was the atmosphere? Was not there today, but watching MOTD, it seemed amazing. Almost deafening.
  8. That’s my understanding of the rules. Hope SJM is ok.
  9. On the Lansbury thing. The clips i’ve seen give very little context. Based solely on those clips it looks like about 4 red cards.
  10. Probably been said already but I’m just watching MOTD. Ivan Toney is f**king brilliant.
  11. I know what you mean though.
  12. You do realise that Bailey has made you Villatalk royalty! All hail the king!
  13. Can someone please Kenneth Williams this post please? Thx.
  14. We’ll win this 1-0 boys, don’t stress. All good.
  15. Hang on, hang on, hang on. Did you just troll yourself? That’s incredible.
  16. You been drinking like me? Don’t worry I knew what you meant.
  17. Mental the change from last year. Seems to be a confidence player.
  18. In fairness that was less to do with the set piece and more to do with Ings pretending to be Pele.
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