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James McClean Poppy Row


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40 minutes ago, tomav84 said:

funny the criticism always comes from the same groups that harp on about "keeping politics out of football" whenever players take the knee or wear a rainbow armband.

edit: i don't care either way. i don't need to wear a poppy to remember or respect my grandad for his service in WW2. i do though, when in the company of my dad cause it means a lot to him

And they are the ones who cry that their freedom of choice is constantly impacted. Wonder if they would wear the poppy if it came with a COVID jab.

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I always think it's a bit of a shame in a way that James McClean is quite so James McClean - he's s representative of a serious point in terms of nationality and culture and the commemoration of militaries by individual nations in multicultural societies - but he's...well...about average, not the best talker. It's a pity he's not the kind of player that has that little bit of charm, that bit of media savvy and presentation - someone who can maybe put forward the broader points of his reasoning in a way that most people would understand as reasonable - it's a shame he's not a better talker - but then, i suppose if he was he'd be a politician rather than a bloke who played a hundred times for Stoke.

I wonder for example how Emi Martinez feels about wearing a poppy as an Argentinian, or how his dad feels about him wearing it, or how any number of Irish players do - it's the kind of thing that we ought to perhaps appreciate more - that for some of these nations, solemnly remembering the men that died killing their fathers and grandfathers isn't something we should expect them to blindly go along with.

I dunno, it seems to me that for James and others it's a principled decision that's difficult to argue with and that even for the rest of us it should be a matter of choice - if I choose to remember the fallen, I should go out and buy a poppy - when we start taking that choice away and replace it with the collective display, poppies on shirts as a matter of course and so on - then I think that in some ways it's our logic that becomes muddy, and then we blame others for the little glitches in the narrative - James at least retains a certain consistency of spirit. 

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9 hours ago, OutByEaster? said:

I wonder for example how Emi Martinez feels about wearing a poppy as an Argentinian

Look this is a serious point and fair play to you but on the other hand I’m sure Wills will make sure Emi gets the Falklands written into his next contract.

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