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Stupidly hot dinner


Is it?  

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  1. 1. Is it?

    • Nooope, okey it is.
    • Yes.

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Actually my slightly over-nuked chicken biryani is sat in front of me now and I'm starving

I like my food really hot temperature wise, theres a technique to eating it. I aso drink my coffee when its piping hot, often finishing mine before my colleagues have started theirs

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beans as a filling in a sandwich toaster !!!...holy mamma

Cheese can be the same way in a fresh toasty, like bubling lava.

Only 2 things I cannot eat steaming hot.....a cheese & beans toasty, and a chip shop pie.

Thats the reason..

a) I have used the plug on my sarnie toaster for something else, and

B) I havent had a chip shop pie since 1981

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