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FIFA Puskás Award 2016


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when was that gaspar goal vs us? Never seen that before

saul for me, there's a couple of goals in there like the Venezuelan girl and you wonder what standard she's playing, that Saul goal is vs Bayern, he's ghosting past the likes of Alonso and alaba

never really noticed that on HRK goal he has 2 chances to dive, the fellaini kick in particular would have been an all dayer

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1. Gaspar 

2. Saul

3. Subri

Special mention for Robson-Kanu simply for what the goal was worth... silly Belgians :D

I have Gaspar top simply for the extreme level of difficulty and it being almost undefensible. Saul's is a cracker too. It's grey as hell and raining outside my window... this lot cheered me right up!

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