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Spot the Snipers


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Ever wanted to be a Sniper?


It's not as glamorous as it looks in the movies, you may have seen films such as The Shooter and Saving Private Ryan and thought to yourself, how cool would it be to shoot like that.


Well its not just the shooting it takes years of training to blend into the background and make yourself look like an inanimate object chances are if your caught in these guys cross hairs its already over before you know it.


Below is a link to an article from the daily mail in it are some German Snipers during a training exercise see how many of them you can spot and no cheating.





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cousins husband was a sniper, did 2 tours in afghanistan, wouldnt really give me any stories, did say however that the majority of it is looooooooooong boring waits doing nothing, also said him and his spotter have been lay down pretending to be a rock with a 2 blokes having a chat 2/3 metres away from him


**** that!

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