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On 07/06/2022 at 13:27, avfc456 said:

Exactly this, after many years of them wanting Bonsour out they got rent a quote Pomlett, who has been nothing short of a disaster, pretty much turnover a squad season after season (they have just signed a 40 year old from Tranmere)

Getting the noose that is the freehold on the ground back will be huge for them, I think around 500K a season for many years they have had to pay to Bonsour, no reason why they cant be a competitive club towards the top half of league 1, with an aging fan base and the dross they are fed season after season they will probably see this as a real positive step

Seem to be going well under the new regime since they **** off Bonsa, just 2 points the play offs with a game or two in hand. 

Amazing what clubs can achieve with proper owners instead of asset stripping inept limpets. 

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26 minutes ago, icouldtelltheworld said:

Jack Grealish

Ah, easy mistake to make.

This is the boring small team thread.

You're thinking of the "extreme fanboiism about a player from another club" thread ;)


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10 hours ago, Kingman said:

Into the play offs after tonight's latest win. 

Must be the first time in donkeys years? 

Amusing that they were calling for the managers head only a few games ago

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They signed a player from Tamworth (Jamie Jellis) although I’m not sure he has played yet due to injury. 
Tamworth have really missed him since he left in January.

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