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    @KentVillan I’ve just posted about the marketing element behind gambling and drinking and I’m genuinely baffled that even dealers are developing their own marketing campaigns. On another note, more power to you mate. Hope you can get over the hill. From what you’ve said I’ve been there a few times. It does get better mate. Just find as much focus in something productive. I could list a few tired cliches but I’ve honestly found that you just need to find something in yourself and you overcome this nonsense.
  2. SuperTed


    I’d say I’m prone to compulsive behaviour but don’t know if I’d define myself as having a addictive personality. Other than a punt on the Grand National I won’t gamble and occasionally have dabbled in drugs, but I have gone 6-8 months without touching the stuff and if it’s offered I will. I do enjoy a drink though. I don’t know if this’ll make sense to anyone else but sometimes I do feel like I beat myself up and make it seem like a problem when I’m fact it isn’t a problem. But isn’t that typical addict mindset? I feel for people with gambling addictions. Cigarettes are sold in plain packaging and can’t be promoted but if you watch a game of football you have to sit through flashing lights and great odds, only for bellwhiff Ray Winston to tell you to gamble responsibly afterward. I remember a South Park episode about a character being addicted to paid mobile games. It talks about how the alcohol industry will force it down your throat:- “DRINK DRINK PUSSY DRINK” but followed with a quick “Please drink responsibly.” Maybe if it wasn’t so readily available to us all, all these vices? Anyway, I’m rambling. As I write this I’m enjoying a Magners in the pub waiting for a friend. Swings and roundabouts.
  3. Haven’t seen a number eleven with trickery like this since Agbonlahor.
  4. ‘Man United are in absolute meltdown?’ Is that in poor taste? Ah, probably. I’m going back to bed
  5. Woke up feeling euphoric! Really hope we kick on from here and can start to get some points on the board. That goal did Wesley a world of good - I’ll admit I thought his hold up play was poor in the first two games. Last night he was a different player. Dare I say an upgrade of Benteke!? I think the criticism of Jack is harsh. His positional play was fantastic and he’s clearly learning from the errors. Great distribution too rather than trying to take on the world himself. Mings and Engles. I’m trying to find a Randy Marsh gif to summarise my thoughts on the duo . . . As for Everton and their arrogant fans - a three year absence will never take away the fact that we are one of the most successful clubs on this island and underestimate us at your peril. Words removed.
  6. nOnE Of tHeIr tOp plAYeRs wOuLD mAkE oUr bEncH bellwhiff.
  7. He did according to three of the chaps above. I was hoping to lend some credence to Wesley coming into his own later but no dice . . .
  8. Can anyone remember how long it took Benteke to get off the mark?
  9. This thread . . . I think we’ll be just fine.
  10. I want to agree but I’ll save my comments for about 19:30
  11. “PErSonAlLy, i wISh oNE oF tHeM cLUbS wElL.” word removed.
  12. So Recon Group is still technically the clubs holding company as I understand it? How do we go about changing this to NSWE Group or is it even possible?

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