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  1. Sat in the Aston Tavern after finishing work early, hoping to see a few Villa fans in here but my only company is the owner, who is a Blues fan at least I’m distracted from my Baggies hate for an hour or so! Thinking if we can get an early goal we’ll have too much for them. If they score first I still think we’ll come out on top. All in all, I’m a lot more optimistic than the rest of you I think UTV!
  2. For any opposition fan who says Mings is a nasty player because of the incident against Reading and the one against Man United when he was at Bournemouth, think again. Calm throughout and acted as mediator in the face of their cheating. Credit to this club and Bournemouth. God I hope we keep him!
  3. The indifference that so many Villa fans have felt these past ten years is actually disappearing in my opinion. Genuinely feel proud supporting this club again. My old man keeps saying he’d rather see us finish 7th than lose another play off final. We won’t. We’re going up.
  4. 21 consecutive points. John McGinn is not human. Like he is a scary, scary man. I think we’re going up.
  5. A pint of blood of a Blue Nose virgin. I’m kidding of course! Such a thing doesn’t exist.
  6. Stick-ball-in-net-for-love-of-all-that-is-holy do this I think we’ll be fine
  7. Neil Taylor makes me very nervous sometimes. ctrl c > ctrl v
  8. I stand corrected in that case. Still pondlife in any case . . .
  9. Looking at Twitter there’s talk that one of their fans has thrown acid at a group of people in Preston town centre. Absolute scum.

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