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  1. I was going to say, what have I missed here
  2. Shame. If I’d have known they were on a barge I’d have gone and pissed on them from one of the bridges. Mate.
  3. There is and I think it’s silly to be honest
  4. Same. Although I think any National flags over the stadium is silly. It’s a football stadium, not a scene of conquest.
  5. Praying for a Robinho like signing who doesn’t actually know who he’s committing too and getting them mixed up having watched the Sunderland Amazon series
  6. Is the lady on the right the one who is fronting the Saudis up on the Tyne or is it just me?
  7. I was just trying to catch up to you to wave hello, no need to be a dick about it
  8. Hope if she does see any of the comments she can smile in the knowledge she’s earned more money aged 18 than any of these people will in their entire lives
  9. Yes you’re missing this my good man . . .
  10. Be nice if the Man City owners thought we’re out of our depth now let’s bow out but given the muscle flexing the royal families all do in that corner of the globe, I imagine it’ll mean they’ll try to up the stakes themselves. Honestly don’t know how I’d feel if the House of Saud took over Villa, given the fact bin Salman and Dad are tyrants but it’s hard not to be envious of Newcastle fans right now. Probably only going to ruin the game some more in the long run.
  11. That’s my worry. Lerner threw in the towel when he realised his fortune was pocket change in comparison to the Man City owners.
  12. Random question - I go to Bannatynes gym and was in one of their jacuzzis yesterday when I cut the bottom of my foot on a piece of plastic debris that had broken off one of the filter covers. Nothing serious and not worth a claim or anything providing my foot doesn’t turn gangrenous but was wondering if it’s worth asking them for something in the way of compensation e.g discounted membership? Any advice?
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