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  1. I’ll never want anyone who pulls on the shirt for us not to perform. If he played well in spite of the result I would applaud him for it but I think the consensus of people who think “there’s a player in there” is shrinking as each match passes.
  2. Nothing against the chap personally but I will have serious doubts about our progress if we pick him up permanently. He’s the second highest earner after Jack, taking home about 96K a week and I really can’t see any reason in retaining his services for that type of money, not even factoring in the potential transfer fee. I just think he’s part of a long line of England players which have been ridiculously overhyped and “never live up to their potential.” I just don’t think he’s a very good footballer. I don’t know if it’s ability or his passion for the game has gone but he just doesn’t cut it.
  3. Would love nothing more than to see Manchester United fall into obscurity. I truly word removed hate them. Don’t know why I get so wound up when it’s inevitable every single time that we won’t take anything from them but I’m still sat here angry because those of us in the Midlands know the plastics will be baiting us for the coming days. Hate them.
  4. Some of you may say this is pedantic but if we sign Barkley permanently, I may genuinely jack supporting Villa in
  5. Christ I cannot stand Graham Souness, I really can’t
  6. Amazes me how much he is genuinely struggling to form coherent sentences
  7. Souness in the Sky Studio, accompanied by two lovely gentleman who favour Villa a lot, Lescott aaaaand . . . Troy Deeney
  8. Forgive my naivety here, but from what I’m seeing the Greens in Scotland are fairly pro independence. Is this the case and if so, any particular reason why? Can’t see the Scots saying we’re going to stop mining North Sea oil in view of them gaining independence
  9. I feel like Brentford finally deserve their chance too but suppose it’s yet another London club so yeah go Barnsley!
  10. Ah you’re up @villalad21 mate! Has anyone ever seen @Rino8 and @villalad21 in the same room at the same time
  11. Now back to the elite premier league games, with that clash of the titans checks notes Sheffield United vs Crystal Palace
  12. Assuming the minuscule likelihood that you could prosecute the moron that put it up, considering most Small Heath fans would probably try to eat the Court Bible when presented with it.
  13. Looks like the vermin are covering themselves in glory again . . . Twitter “SOM TING WONG, IT’S CALLED DONG” Can’t even do banner protests without showing their true colours. Racist scum.
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