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  1. I stand corrected in that case. Still pondlife in any case . . .
  2. Looking at Twitter there’s talk that one of their fans has thrown acid at a group of people in Preston town centre. Absolute scum.
  3. I know we’ve been fantastic today, but how in the name of McGrath are these in the top six?
  4. Following it on Sky Sports and apparently Boro have scored less goals than Reading and Milwall and haven’t scored against us in the last five meetings?
  5. “Isolated incident, doesn’t represent all Blues fans” Fellow Small Heath troglodyte: Hold my beer.
  6. Like a knife through butter! If the knife was a bargain Scottish knife and the butter was a bland, flavourless butter in a baseball cap.
  7. Get in John. Imagine if Jack had never got injured and we maintained this form throughout the whole winter . . .
  8. Tony Pulis’ football is absolutely dreadful. Pass it on.
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