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  1. As a Villa fan who lives in Toronto I am re-doing my office and need an Aston Villa picture put on the wall. I am looking for something great. What do you recommend, what are your favourite Villa related photographs of the stadium, players, moments etc? Thanks in advance.
  2. Gents was given a booking id to add to my profile to get another ticket but if I don't have any past history does that mean I can't book?
  3. I was just given a reference number for my brothers history can I add that to my account?
  4. Gents, Hope you are well. Just read through this thread but a little unsure about a few things. Just some background I live in Canada and booked tickets to come home and now I need to get tickets to the final. My brother has been to two home games and gave me his fan ID number to help me get tickets as he can't go, so my questions are: 1. To log in - I log in as my brother is that correct? So i need his fan ID and his postal code? That will get me into the system? 2. As he has been to two homes games that means I can try and get tickets at 5pm on Monday correct? 3. How many tickets am I am able to buy? I have a friend coming over with me? Sorry I know similar questions have been asked just want to triple check. Thank you all in advance! Andrew
  5. Villa Southener do you have any Sunday updates for us? Also thank you for the updates so far it is much appreciated.
  6. Is it confirmed 5 at the back? Otherwise Hutton could be playing right midfield and Heskey left with Hutton providing cover because McLeish is worried about Bale. Are they worried about Heskey though?
  7. I haven't got to see too many games of late, except for seeing results. What formation are we playing and where exactly is Gabby playing?
  8. If Trevor Francis thinks it was a good goal, you know it was. Can't wait until next season to sell of our back four.
  9. Worrall


    Just found this thread sorry for the double post. If you like films try Film Junk and Jobless Film reviews http://joblessfilmreviews.podomatic.com/
  10. My thoughts on this are that, Everton sold Rooney for something like this and build a pretty great squad from the money. Milner too me is nowhere near as good as Rooney. And yes there is the question of ambition but the truth of the matter is, we don't have the money City do. So lets get $30m and improve the areas we need to improve, centre midfield, right back and centre forward. To me delph will be quite a player and if we got Ireland and someone else than we could go and buy a top quality forward.
  11. Dear General, It is an honour for us that you come on and answer our questions, I did not buy tickets for Moscow but I think next year when we take on the likes of Real Madrid and Milan in the Champions League tonight will be forgotten about. Your a good man for coming on here when the times are tough, but I think at the end of the season most people will see just how brilliant, yourself, Randy and Martin are. Up the Villa! And thanks again General.
  12. Upson would be cheap and to be honest he is a top quality central defender at the moment we just have quite a lot of central defenders, he would command a place and as I say again because of the contract situation very cheap!
  13. Whats is the feeling on Matt Upson, his contract is up - hes a quaility defender who would cost not very much - the only obstacle I say is he played for them - but for a player of his quality - we could get over it - especially if we can get over Sutton?
  14. Pg 184 of this thread I will be a very happy man, if we can lock this thread and start a new one under the title 'A New Era.' I can't tell you how each day I go to the bbc site and hope to see the words Villa tekeover complete. Is there a real sense that something could happen in the next day or two and what do we know about Lerners plans?
  15. Anyone reckon about Saha from the Mancs? He is fourth choice, god knows about wages and the fee but what do you think?
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