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  1. Agreed and agreed. O'Leary doesn't have a great track record with big money. I don't trust him with anymore.
  2. Mainly because they'll be patronised, insulted, sarcasmed to within an inch of their life and then probably yellow carded for daring to be different.
  3. Villa can't win as usual. Nothing is said, people want to know what is happening and complain about silence. Villa update it and people start questioning why we've mentioned anything! This season is now about reaching 40 points, nothing more, nothing less. Hopefully we'll then see the back of O'Leary and Ellis...then we can start a fresh.
  4. I think it will happen, but the buyers will make sure it happens after January. Do they really want the immediate pressure of spending dosh in this transfer window?
  5. Even if it's only short term, this could be the best thing to happen to Villa in years. For once, all fans will be united and will have hope for the future.
  6. I was just flicking over and saw a breaking news thing. I think we may have made an announcement to the stock exchange.
  7. Just saw on Sky Sports News.
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