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  1. i Think James Tavernier from Rangers would be perfect type of player for the way smith has us playing good age (27) never really had a chance in English football will be hungry and who can score goals too (17) this season from right back. will be cheap and worth a punt.
  2. walesavfc

    Jed Steer

    Jed steer won his second play off final winners medal of the weekend, played 18 games for charlton so will get one from them too
  3. I always have a look at the opposition Forums, Makes a change to view another teams forum and it is full of level headed comments, Makes a Refreshing change TBH not reading neanderthal comments off the likes of Leeds,WBA,Blues even Bristol tbh (deliberately put bristol knowing they hate being called that). Anyway cmon Villa lets do this. Edit i Think the whole of Wembley should sing Leeds are falling apart again lol
  4. We need to be on top of the Ref everytime they put a tackle in on Jack, They will be frightened to go near him if we are always on the back of the ref everytime he is tackled
  5. may be just me but every time we play a small team, or a team with small team mentality they have someone who chucks in long throws but don`t do nowt else all game. is like playing with 10 men for rest of game
  6. walesavfc


    more gone on sale, GU1 700odd left 40 mins ago
  7. 38,500 sold very good crowd
  8. thought with ffp you was allowed to lose 49m over a 3 year period so we are within that?
  9. walesavfc

    Tony Xia

    thats the thing though unless we try them who knows, there are a few with potential though to kick on, If we don`t try them who is?
  10. walesavfc

    Tony Xia

    for me it may take another year or 2 to get promotion after what Xia has said. But now we are forced into using some of the under 23`s it won`t be a bad thing because i think we could have a few gems who need game time and better they play in this league now than 2 years time in prem
  11. walesavfc

    U.S. Politics

    The Snowflakes/Quick to be offended Culture is Terrible and part of the vote that got Trump in, placards saying "NOT My President" "Love Trumps Hate" well sorry snowflakes he is "Your President" If you can`t see that CNN and the likes are biased you should spread the spectrum of news you watch, take a look at fox, search the web.
  12. think Hogan could make the diference from here on in, Bruce now as assembled a really good group of players,who else in this league could have cherry picked these players maybe just one other?, I like many on here was very happy with our signings but it may take a few more games before we start seeing them Gel. Patience is needed
  13. final on official site Welcome the Hulk
  14. gardener was out on loan and amavi was injured for most of it so not many who was a regular left
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