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  1. easy old for new chants for a couple of the new recruits Ollies on fire (will grigs song) and ooooooooooo bertrand Traore (christian benteke song)
  2. i Think James Tavernier from Rangers would be perfect type of player for the way smith has us playing good age (27) never really had a chance in English football will be hungry and who can score goals too (17) this season from right back. will be cheap and worth a punt.
  3. walesavfc

    Jed Steer

    Jed steer won his second play off final winners medal of the weekend, played 18 games for charlton so will get one from them too
  4. thought with ffp you was allowed to lose 49m over a 3 year period so we are within that?
  5. thats the thing though unless we try them who knows, there are a few with potential though to kick on, If we don`t try them who is?
  6. for me it may take another year or 2 to get promotion after what Xia has said. But now we are forced into using some of the under 23`s it won`t be a bad thing because i think we could have a few gems who need game time and better they play in this league now than 2 years time in prem
  7. The Snowflakes/Quick to be offended Culture is Terrible and part of the vote that got Trump in, placards saying "NOT My President" "Love Trumps Hate" well sorry snowflakes he is "Your President" If you can`t see that CNN and the likes are biased you should spread the spectrum of news you watch, take a look at fox, search the web.
  8. think Hogan could make the diference from here on in, Bruce now as assembled a really good group of players,who else in this league could have cherry picked these players maybe just one other?, I like many on here was very happy with our signings but it may take a few more games before we start seeing them Gel. Patience is needed
  9. final on official site Welcome the Hulk
  10. gardener was out on loan and amavi was injured for most of it so not many who was a regular left
  11. wait until we are back in the prem i can see the good Dr spending 40m per player i really can
  12. been following the Sheffield wednesday forum and "their Jordan Rhodes saga" from what i can make out so far, 1)they think its between us and them getting him on loan..... 2) they are obsessed with the parachute payments, not getting the reason for them is that premiership wages are 2 to 3 times of whats paid in championship. 3)they like counting the number of pages
  13. Don`t woory about FFP i think with us having the Dr and the money coming from china for players the Dr will have a cunning plan to get money back into Villa if we are close to FFP, get a team from china to pay for one of our aging stars Gabby gotta be worth 50m in china, Hutton 40m???
  14. only the Unwashed would name them selves after a group of 4000 men who got beat by 136 men
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