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  1. In addition to what you say they lack footballing intelligence therefore they are not on the same wavelength.
  2. I think we'll still be good enough not to flirt with danger. I was factoring in possible injuries. He did say that we need someone who can do two roles hopefully we can still get one on loan and one purchase.
  3. Freiburg'? I don't think they're a top club. And PSV will be home before they stop dropping salt on the roads.
  4. How on earth and why on earth can't we pick up players like this for those amounts. Baptise Santamaria £9m too. Proof that big money is not needed to build a decent squad.
  5. https://totalfootballanalysis.com/competitions/ligue-1/ibrahim-sangare-at-toulouse-201920-scout-report-tactical-analysis-tactics Scout report on Ibrahim Sangare. We should definitely be in for him. I wonder what @Villain4Life thinks about him? He's imo a good player. It'll be a travesty if Southampton get him.
  6. This thread it's like a Bollywood song.
  7. Imagine if we had Bent during the MON heydays.
  8. Hasn't this cyprien dude had a major ACL injury. If we are in for him then surely Ibrahim Sangare would be a cheaper but better buy?
  9. "how enjoyable was that to get a goal on your debut and enjoy a win?" . Bertie should have said "I'm devastated I scored and played well wtf was I thinking. We won too so I'm going to check in to the priory first thing in the morning"
  10. Fulham have been the thickest in defence up until now. Traore can easily get at them. Their defence doesn't go with any runners.
  11. Played a sublime through ball towards the end too. He's probably the only one at the club who scores The goal at Palace last season. Always had the technique but physically as @handsworthlion correctly states he is made from polystyrene. Cracking adjective for Lansbury btw.
  12. They've met my demands too. I'm getting her name tattooed everywhere.
  13. Agents often tout their players to clubs. I think we've got more than just those three at the club who work on deals.
  14. What we really need is FFP to f**k off. It's only there to protect the sky 6. If Nassef sawiris and Wes Edens want to put a few bob into my account I don't mind sponsoring the ticket office for the few bob they put in. Wink wink hint hint.
  15. Someone who works with an external organisation that requires information from Agents regarding players especially those that sign with the West Midlands clubs. Sometimes East Midlands clubs too but that's rare.
  16. To be fair Barkley is a Scouser so an all night bender for them is probably a tea party for all else. A loan to buy is a decent deal and he'll help raise the overall quality of the team and squad. The more weapons we have the more deadly our deadliest weapon will be.
  17. Drinkwater's body is probably about 37/38 + or older with all the substances he's put into his body. Barkley as you say has kept himself fit and healthy.
  18. I don't believe Rashica is going to come but we might get someone else. I was told a few weeks ago that Traore is going to be the last purchase and if we get anyone else is going to be on loan as we've got no more money to spend this summer. I refused to believe it at the time but as more and more outlets are reporting it then there's probably an element of truth in it. This is from someone who deals with a lot of agents especially when they come to the West Midlands clubs. When they deal with the agents they have to get the players name to do the job that they're supposed to.
  19. I'm so glad we're no longer in the championship and I hope we never have to go back there again. Watkins clean through gets pushed and nothing. Refereeing is absolutely abysmal. Love his movement.
  20. Benteke is .... I cba explaining how his injuries have finished him unfortunately.
  21. Exactly what I've been saying. If we can get 2/3 more in then I believe we'll be comfortable this season in terms of relegation etc. I think we're good enough to finish top of our mini league from 12th onwards.
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