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  1. One of the Sky 6 deserve a 7 at Villa Park I'm hoping it's City.... #My old man said be a city fan....# it makes sense.
  2. Pretty sure that was about his cock up the other day. In other news our performance against Chelsea was really good and looks even better now. Hopefully we get more ruthless and put big chances away in big games.
  3. Just noticed something during that move. Notice how Bailey is just ambling forward and as soon as Dougie finds Cash he explodes into life, same as Ramsey too.
  4. I even was questioned when I said he'll be one of our most important players. Who's laughing now bit cheese???
  5. Took 3 big hits yesterday I sincerely hope he's ok and his bravery isn't allowed to rush him back. Played ok despite being concussed.
  6. Nakamba Luiz. Ramsey. - against the referees United?
  7. If only he was 5 yards further out the dip was wicked.
  8. I think Ings is a very good player as he showed yesterday. In a 3 with Bailey in that 3 he'd be very very good. Ollie is probably better with Buendia's vision and passing in there as he can then use Ollie's pace better.
  9. I'd love it if we beat his dodgy perm shellsuit wearing bin dippers Liverscum with set pieces in both games.
  10. 2am!!!! Da fuq! I would have had him land at 00:00 Edit - why have they got used dirty tissues all over the floor..... Nawty boys.
  11. 96.4% passing accuracy today. Brilliant brilliant player.
  12. The ball for the first goal as well was so good.
  13. Good 1st half excellent second half. Can't wait to see Craig Butler on the YouTube lol.
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