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  1. Shropshire Lad

    Dean Smith

    Yeah that’s exactly why I’m unsure. If he got some good performances out of players whom I think it’s generally agreed in the main aren’t going to be here next season, it would reaffirm a bit of faith that he could get performances out of the players he wants and that also want to be here. Basically if we scrape a handful of wins together and boost his win rate, that might all sound nice but I’m not sure it really answers anything. It’s going to be different whoever is in charge next season. Just don’t know, to be honest.
  2. Shropshire Lad

    Dean Smith

    In your view, what does improve drastically mean? Does it mean, say, scrape 6 or 7 wins from the final 13 games? Say the Ipswich game x 6. Wins, but not convincing. Does it mean having a bit of a topsy-turvy end to the season, a few surprising scores like Boro/Derby, along with some games where we think “ah we should have seen that through like Forest/Leeds. Some chaotic games, but with some signs there’s possibly something there with the right personnel? Does it mean more consistent, solid performances but not always getting what we should have done, like WBA away or those early Norwich/QPR games? The season’s pretty much over, Smith potentially has a fight to prove he’s up to the job next season. I’m just trying to get an idea of what exactly people want to see from Smith for the remainder of the season, to ease some of the concerns people have. For what it’s worth, I’m not entirely sure myself. I’m leaning towards more improved performances, but I can’t articulate why.
  3. Shropshire Lad

    John Terry

    How long’s he been mates with Lee Johnson then?
  4. Shropshire Lad

    Media and punditry

    I know this is shooting fish in a barrel and probably nit picking, but Keown and his “he just destroyed Azpilicueta there” assessment of a passage of play. True heir to the wordsmith style of Barry Davies.
  5. Shropshire Lad

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I found myself getting just a bit restless with Peaky Blinders when i last watched it. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s still a good watch, but I’m just finding it a little bit samey now. The ubiquitous tie in products I keep seeing, official or otherwise don’t help. When I watch it I find my mind wandering to possible drinking game rules - drink when one of the characters is walking through a moodily lit factory or down a street in slow motion; whenever Arthur shouts “by order of the peaky ****in’ blinders!!”; when one of Tommy’s family members calls him by his full name for whatever reason.... I’ll tune in to the next series, but I’m not as fussed about it as I once was.
  6. Shropshire Lad

    The Film Thread

    Seedy underbelly evening for me wise, anyway. Just rewatched “Nightcrawler”, Jake being all creepy but industrious. I think it will prove to be one of the most memorable films of the era in years to come. Just about to rewatch the film that supposedly resulted in Mark Kermode being punched by a bloke in a pub in Manchester, “Blue Velvet”.
  7. Shropshire Lad

    The Championship thread

    See, I want to say “yeah ok, Bristol City would be ok by me.” I don’t mind that Bristol City supporter who posts on here either. However, they made such a big song and dance about Joe Bryan choosing Fulham over us, sending out congratulatory tweets when selling a player...imagine what they’d be like if they won the play offs. We’ll have a season of Lee Johnson trekking across Europe in search of the favourite wines for each of the managers. I’d rather Lampard did it with Derby to be honest. Mainly because it’s the least distasteful of the remaining options.
  8. Shropshire Lad

    The Championship thread

    As it’s over for us, do we have any preferences for who we’d like to go up? Immediately I’m thinking Norwich, Leeds and Sheffield United as overall they’ve been the best three and will be out of the way for us next season. However, I can easily imagine if Leeds fail to go up this year, Bielsa will most likely explode meaning Leeds won’t be a impressive next season.
  9. Shropshire Lad

    Steve Bruce

    Professional courtesy. The minimum I would expect to be honest. He may well think highly of Bruce, but I doubt Smith would take the opportunity to slate him, doesn’t seem that sort of character. Who was the last manager we had who openly criticised the previous manager?
  10. Shropshire Lad

    Scott Hogan

    Great. £10m please Chris.
  11. Shropshire Lad

    Dean Smith

    Nope, but that wasn’t the point being made.
  12. Shropshire Lad

    Dean Smith

    Just a caveat to say that twitter account is very pro Bruce (even more so than Bruce’s staunchest sympathisers on here) and he set out his stall on Smith from the get go.
  13. Shropshire Lad

    Conor Hourihane

    While I agree that it’s not his most natural position, our best run of the season (November through to mid December) was primarily Hourihane playing that role with Grealish and McGinn ahead of him wasn’t it? Regardless, I very much doubt it’ll be his role next season.
  14. Shropshire Lad

    Conor Hourihane

    Where are you @Redtyke? We believed in you!
  15. Shropshire Lad

    Dean Smith

    Might be looking at this simply, but I think this is because - • Play offs while increasingly unlikely, are possible (yes it’s remote) and as he’s been able to get performances out of these players before, he’s trying to return to that. Maybe with Ramsey we’re seeing the start of looking towards next season. • As well as doing that, he’s still ascertaining whether any of these players can fit his system. It worked for a couple of months, maybe he thinks it can work again. • A lot of these players are going, a lot of them out of contract, but a few of them may still have some monetary value - Hourihane, Adomah, Kodjia....if he bins them off for the youth and creates another bomb squad, we’ll potentially lose out on a few quid which we could very well need for the rebuild.