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  1. I do indeed. I’m not very knowledgable on Bielsa so this is all kinda new to me. I’m still wary of them, but not as much as I was, even as recently as a couple of weeks ago. That may change after our next game, but there’s been a sufficient enough decline to suggest they’re not as fearsome as they appeared to be. Completely arbitrary, but over the past 20 games, the top three would be Sheff Utd on 44, Norwich on 40 and Villa on 39. Leeds would be 9th on 31 points. Haha well, it’s close enough.
  2. In the 19 league matches they’ve played in 2019, they’ve lost 8. For context Norwich have lost 1, Sheff Utd 2 and Villa 3.
  3. Funnily enough Derby’s final league game of the season is against WBA.
  4. Derby really need to be taking advantage here.
  5. Utterly pointless bit of data, but it took us 173 days to record our first 10 victories this season, it’s taken us 51 days to achieve the last 10.
  6. Yeah I came to the same conclusion. Sorry if this is repeating what @VILLAMARV has just said, but I spent a few minutes working this out, and I’m tired and hungover and I can’t let it all be for nought. Let’s say the two teams not winning are Bristol City and Derby. We win, we’re on 75. They both draw and Boro win, Boro are on 70, Bristol 67 and Derby 65. With two games left, Boro could overtake us by one point as could Bristol City if they win all their remaining games. So in that instance, no we wouldn’t have sealed it. If Boro draw, they can only reach 74 points. I think it can be sealed tomorrow (discounting goal difference), but we have to win, Boro have to drop points and one of Derby or Bristol City do too.
  7. I think Aguero quietly goes about being brilliant not making the headlines in same way as Kane or Salah. Kane being English naturally means people pay more attention, Salah is the main man of the darlings of Merseyside and his brilliance is still relatively new to people. With Aguero it’s almost like people are just used to him now, so perhaps not underrated but maybe taken for granted a bit. If there’s a difference there. Off the top of my head, he’d be in my top five strikers in the premier league (the other four probably would be Shearer, Henry, Drogba and Van Nistelrooy....sorry Wayne). He appears to be relatively likeable too, unless I’m missing or forgetting some unpleasantness from his career so while I don’t care for city winning everything, him succeeding is palatable.
  8. Jenas and all pundits would gain much more respect (from me anyway) if, on changing his stance, he just said “At the time, I thought that based on those early performances. However looking back at it now I was a bit quick to make that comment.”
  9. I actually think Man Utd spent closer to £400m, but I can’t be certain of the numbers. My point is José saying “yeah but come on - look at these players...and I still got second place, aren’t I great?” doesn’t wash with me. A lot of them are his players. If he doesn’t rate them, then he shouldn’t have brought them in. Edit - also add to this he inherited de gea, bought zlatan for free, Sanchez relatively cheaply, that’s going to have reduced the potential spending...Everton or other europa league contenders don’t often have players of that quality in their squad.
  10. Perhaps he should have brought in better players with £300m + they gave him and maybe it wouldn’t have been such a hardship for him.
  11. A few weeks old but I don’t recall seeing it posted in here, so just in case it wasn’t-

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