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  1. Shropshire Lad

    The Boring Thread

    Only just learnt that there are two interpretations to what “FTFY” means I always assumed it was only used as a rather aggressive retort.
  2. Shropshire Lad

    The Film Thread

  3. Shropshire Lad

    Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Offering relationship advice to Stefan and he’s still having more sex than me. It’s like Ed trying to help Frank. (possibly nsfw).
  4. Shropshire Lad

    Steve Bruce

    Just on this, after that start we had two five match runs where we picked up three and four points respectively. It’s subjective, but I would say both of those were proper lulls. I honestly think that the majority of people on here have similar views on Bruce, the people who are more critical and those who have reservations. There’s exceptions of course and there are a few who just want him gone. A lot of the apprehension is because the performances haven’t been convincing and will get found out. Which in fairness, has proved to be the case in the past. It’s just a case of how badly we will be found out and whether it takes five games to stop the rot when it does happen. I’m taking each game as they come. I think the performances will improve on the whole. I’m fairly relaxed regarding Bruce, as one way or another, this will probably be his last season in the Championship with us.
  5. Shropshire Lad

    Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    As they say, one in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  6. Shropshire Lad

    The Art Thread

    In addition to the above, I’ve finally got around to hanging this up, in what I guess would be my “man cave”. This was bought on a trip to the Isle of Wight in 1994 when I was young enough and naive enough to think that John Fashanu was an exciting signing. Judging by the honours list, I assume it was drawn prior to the 1994 league cup final.
  7. Shropshire Lad

    Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    How long have you been single now @StefanAVFC? To me it sounds like you need a break from dating. Just for a while, a few months or so. If someone comes along in the midst of your break, then by all means see where it goes. But the way it comes across, it kinda sounds like you’re going out on dates mainly because you feel you need to go out on dates and you’re not actually enjoying it. Give yourself a break, do other things, enjoy being single and try not to worry about it.
  8. Shropshire Lad

    The Film Thread

    Out of those two mentioned, Shoe dip. 100%. Never felt so bad for a cartoon shoe. I remember as a child being freaked out watching the boy(s) transforming into Donkeys bit in Pinocchio. Think I’ve only ever seen that film once, but that bit stayed with me for ages.
  9. Shropshire Lad


    There is an element of that, anything other than winning something is a failure. It’s not always correct obviously, and Liverpool losing a champions league final to Madrid is not what I would call a failure. But in the case of spurs, when did they last reach a final? (just looked it up - 2015 league cup final loss, the one prior to that was 2009, another league cup final defeat). Let’s face it, when they were in that two horse title race with Leicester which was probably their best chance, they still somehow finished third. I’d like them to win something, but it’s getting to point where I would say them winning the league isn’t that realistic. How much this contributes to people disliking them, I don’t know. It’s probably various factors.
  10. Shropshire Lad


    Maybe it’s partly because they’re doing what we should be doing, or at least we should be at that level. So maybe a bit of envy perhaps. Possibly it’s because they receive a lot of attention, adulation etc but don’t actually win anything so the praise isn’t completely warranted. Or maybe it’s just Levy. I like Spurs, my dad is a spurs fan so I like to see them do well.
  11. Shropshire Lad

    Steve Bruce

    I share a fair few of the concerns on here. We’ll be found out against the top half teams playing like we have done. We probably haven’t played “well” since the Boro away leg and before that it was the 4-0 win against Ipswich I guess. I have the feeling that the upcoming Brentford game will probably be the first real litmus test of the season (with all due respect to Ipswich). As ever, I know Bruce can get the team playing well, it’s just frustrating that it’s so inconsistent.
  12. Shropshire Lad

    Pre Match Thread

    He certainly does knot.
  13. Shropshire Lad

    Pre Match Thread

    More or less happy with that team. Ideally would like to see RHM, Green, Adomah or maybe Kodjia get a goal tonight, find their shooting boots. I’d take a straightforward win with no daft goals conceded.
  14. Shropshire Lad

    Pre Match Thread

    Knee ligament injury picked up at the end of May, expected back around late September I think.
  15. Shropshire Lad

    Pre-match Thread

    The last time Villa won their first three league matches was the 1962-63 season. West Ham (h) 3-1, Spurs (h) 2-1, Man City (a) 2-0. I would have taken 7 points from the first three games, so I wouldn’t be too downbeat with a point. But I hope to be wondering when Villa last won their opening four league matches after Saturday’s game.