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  1. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    Didn't he do well....
  2. Steve Bruce

    Seeing a young Courtney Cox in that little video has helped me work through this turmoil.
  3. Steve Bruce

    Jed Steer says you're talking bollocks mate
  4. Steve Bruce

    It's possible that some of our players may feel daunted by playing for a club with huge expectations which in turn may have a negative effect on performances. I just wish whenever Bruce says this, the reporter would ask Bruce if this is also true of him.
  5. Tony Xia

    Didn't Tony once tweet a Chairman Mao quote along with a picture in answer to something? He's got form for the opaque tweet to try and get his point across. Tony knows that the supporters are restless and want to know what's going on, but there's a reluctance to give a clear, definitive response. Why that may be is up for debate. Maybe it's because he doesn't want to sack Bruce, maybe it's because he's biding his time for one more game. Maybe he's working on a replacement and is stalling for time. I'm not going to pretend that is the response that I wanted to see. But then I don't know what I wanted to see from his latest tweet. He was hardly gonna sack Bruce via twitter. My money is he's stalling for a bit more time and trying to placate the fans in his own way. If he was backing Bruce completely I think he would just say something along the lines of "we have the right man, just need patience and determination" etc etc, rather than getting followers to look up some executive how to guide.
  6. Tony Xia

    I took it to mean Tony has got shares in that book's publishers and he's looking to boost sales to help with FFP.
  7. Steve Bruce

    Could be wrong but I think it's because you said he'll definitely be gone and you're 99.9% certain. The 0.1% of doubt means you can't say for definite.
  8. Steve Bruce

    I'm hoping, with a bit of a tin foil hat on, that this stuff about wanting a striker, the talk of wilshere, is just something he can point at once he's gone. Basically trying to deflect blame away. "Yeah Bruce had a bad start, but he did have ambition - wanting to bring in Wilshere, not enough time to bed in his players etc....", is how I could see it being viewed. I think he knows he's going, these comments are the final death throes.
  9. Steve Bruce

    I'm becoming a bit anxious about the lack of any comment from Xia or Wyness regarding Bruce or the poor start in general. I hope that the silence is a sign of them working to find a replacement rather than them being stunned into inertia.
  10. Steve Bruce

    Well that goes without saying
  11. Steve Bruce

    In fairness, I think they're saying that in reference to the idea that Bruce wasn't given a chance at Sunderland due to his Newcastle roots.
  12. Next Aston Villa Manager

    This is probably the closest you'll get. "Not the manager! Not the manager"
  13. Viewing / Buying a house

    Semi rural is a fairly decent description of Codsall. You're not too far away from some green belt, but it's got most of the amenities you'd expect/need. Codsall is generally considered the more affluent compared to Bilbrook (I primarily grew up in Bilbrook, so I'm allowed to say that). But Bilbrook is nice too. Brewood is to the north and that's arguably prettier, but it also has a more isolated feel to it. Albrighton is good. Aside from being where I reside, it's like Codsall but a bit smaller and a touch more rural. Again, good train links and it's easy to get to the M54.
  14. The Film Thread

    I rather like back to the future 3. The second one is obviously the more ambitious film, but the third is a good conclusion. As a kid that trilogy was like my Star Wars. Glad they resisted making a fourth one (assuming that's still the case). Anyone else remember the subsequent cartoon series?
  15. Steve Bruce

    I'm really unsure. I wouldn't be surprised if he went after a heavy defeat to Reading. Yeah actually, thinking about it, if we're battered with another non-performance I could see him getting the boot. In some ways, and I can't believe I'm thinking this way but maybe a draw against Reading would be the worst result. Obviously I want us to win, but maybe a defeat would at least possibly provoke a reaction, whereas I think a draw would prolong everything.