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  1. Merry Christmas fellas. I’ve decided to have a bit of a break from here for various reasons that are neither important or particularly interesting. Thank you for your post back in November @Seat68 (and your more recent suggestion that my absence is due to mine and Ruge’s circus venture. I fear that circus folk may prove to be quite discerning when it comes to hiring me and Ruge as new recruits, but I’ll keep it in mind). Pleased to say that everything is fine, no need to worry on my account @Xela, hope you are both well too. Just wanted to swing by and wish those on VT festive greetings and the very best for the new year.
  2. It’s only a five minute walk to my local pub. Yet it takes me over half an hour to walk home from the same pub. The difference is staggering.
  3. Will stick this in here because of the picture. The consensus appears to be that the speech went pretty well, received enough compliments to ease any doubts I had. Great day, fantastic venue (17th century stone barn), lovely people. Myself (left) and the groom just before the ceremony, both quietly pleased in knowing that a certain football club couldn’t mar a brilliant day.
  4. Out for a lunch time meal with the family for my old man’s 70th today. He’d rather just have a takeaway, but we’ll be in The Boathouse Inn in Shrewsbury. After that, heading down to Hereford for a wedding. Pre wedding meal and drinks tonight at the Cosy Club. Assuming I can still fit into my suit, the ceremony is on the Saturday with my best man’s speech taking place sometime early evening (I think). Death, glory or comfortable middling mediocrity awaits me.
  5. When Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah won their golds in 2012, Rutherford won another one at the same time (they all won within an hour of each other). So he picked up a fair bit of exposure, obviously through his own ability and achievement, but also in part from doing it at the same time as two more well known athletes. This is the most I’ve seen his name in seven years.
  6. I don’t think Smith will deviate much from the current system. Like a few others have suggested I’d be tempted to try without recognised wingers, something like Marvelous in DM, McGinn, Jack and Hourihane in a midfield three, and maybe Trezeguet playing off Wes. Very much relying on the full backs for width there. To be honest, I’m not convinced that would be the answer either. Like I say I don’t expect Smith to change the formation so it’s probably moot.
  7. It can be spun however people want at this stage. As per your example, it is of course accurate to say Wolves have failed to win yet, but some will say they’ve had a harder start than we have (and I’d wholeheartedly agree with that). However, they’ve picked up far fewer points compared to their fixtures last season, so it could be argued that’s a sign they’ll struggle. All too early to say for certain. If we had drawn the Bournemouth and Palace games (and we really could have done in both), I suspect people would be feeling a whole lot happier. Yes I know, ifs and buts. The point is I think most would be pretty content with six points at this stage. We’re not that far off. After the Arsenal game I think we’ll be in the bottom three again, maybe we will be even if we get a draw. So I expect this place will be turbulent for the next couple of weeks.
  8. I think we’ve played a reasonable cross section. I don’t think we’ve played any out and out relegation candidates (and hence had no “six pointers”). We’ve also not played the big two whom I would suspect most will say we’ll pick up zero points from. A point a game is probably a decent rule of thumb for a safety target.
  9. Really would help if you quoted posts if you’re going to reply. Anyway.... Which is why I also said in my original post we’ll be picking up points against sides we’re maybe not expected to. I didn’t realise I had to explain it point by point. Everton aren’t going to be in the bottom five. West Ham aren’t going to be in the bottom five. Yet we picked up four points there. The point about the teams we’ve played so far not likely ending up in a relegation battle is to highlight the notion that maybe the start hasn’t been super easy and we shouldn’t have expected our points tally to be double figures yet.
  10. Well that’s not really what I said, but take from it what you will. And actually if you beat the bottom five teams, you can reach up to 30 points. Don’t mind me, I’m too scared to hope for better, just not too scared enough to prevent me from knowing that we play everyone twice.
  11. I don’t know how many points people were expecting from the opening five games. From the teams played, I don’t think any will be finishing in the bottom five or six. It wouldn’t have been laughed at if it was said we’d lose to spurs and Everton, draw a couple and maybe nick a win from the other three. So maybe five points was a realistic shout. But I know what it’ll be, Norwich beat Man City so why can’t we beat 10 man West Ham? There are issues, some will work themselves out, others will need to be rectified in January. Not ecstatic, but not panicking either. I think we’ll pick up points in games that we’re not expecting much.
  12. Not seen that ad. I suppose if they answered “Well, because the Earth turns of course”, the kid could then say “Ok...why does it turn?”. Then have the confused look between mum and dad. I think it’s probably more believable that the parents might not immediately have an answer to that one.
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