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  1. Shropshire Lad


    It was one of my worries had we been promoted last season (or indeed this season). Splashing £100m on 6 or 7 players and it not gelling. Although from what I hear from pundits, they’ve tried to maintain the style of play from last season and it’s not working against better opposition. Too often they’re punished, but I suppose letting in four against Cardiff suggests that in itself.
  2. Shropshire Lad

    Jack Grealish

    What’s frustrating is that we know how good some of his finishing can be, he’s scored some pearlers for us. It’ll come. I hope.
  3. Shropshire Lad

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    I can only assume the football league are waiting until small heath reach 21 points exactly before imposing the maximum points reduction for shits and giggles.
  4. Shropshire Lad


    A few of their supporters are already discussing the pros of the championship over the premier league. Looks like it’s going to be them, Cardiff, Huddersfield or Newcastle to make up the bottom three (really sticking my neck out there).
  5. Shropshire Lad

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Looking at the last two seasons after 25 games (I’m choosing 25 games as that includes all of the dreaded December fixtures) - 2017/18 Derby were 2nd with 48 points. Cardiff were 4th with 47 points. 2016/17 Brighton were 2nd with 54 points. Of course this season could be different but my suggestion earlier in the thread of getting around 40 points by the same stage is looking like it will prove to be short. ****ing Bruce. Who knows though? December looks tough, but we could get something from each of those games (and take points off three automatic hopefuls in the process). Boro - failed to score against us in the four proper games we played against them. Baggies - local derby, can go either way. Stoke - don’t look like they’re going to have a great season. Leeds - lost at home to sha. How good can they be really? (I’m sure the Leeds lot on here will accept that detailed analysis ) Swansea - sounds like we could have battered them yesterday. Preston - currently mooching about just above the relegation zone. As long as we’re within touching distance by the time the January window opens, we’ll have a chance.
  6. Shropshire Lad

    Dean Smith

    Having not watched the game, and only going on what is being written about, is it reasonable to assume that Smith’s first game was our best performance of the season so far (not much to choose from admittedly)? Is there a game from the past season or two which was similar just so I have a vague idea on how decent the performance was?
  7. Shropshire Lad

    Anwar El Ghazi

    There’s an option to buy at the end of the season is my understanding of the deal.
  8. Shropshire Lad

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Still early days I think, for both El Ghazi and Bolasie. Something does seem slightly off about this signing though (El Ghazi). Just in how he came, got an assist, a goal then not really seen again. I wonder if we’ll see what happens in January with them both. If it turns out Smith doesn’t rate them and there’s scope for terminating the loans, I don’t think there will be any hesitation. Still a long way off yet though. Hoping both come good.
  9. Shropshire Lad

    Weekends Football 19/21 October

    I get that (well, except the NFL bit to be honest). I keep up to date with the developments at Villa, I’ll keep an eye on the match thread if I can’t watch the game. But I don’t let the result define my weekend like I used to. Particularly the bad results. The interest or “entertainment” I take from other football increasingly centres on the off field debacles and sometimes farcical narratives that accompany the actual football.
  10. Shropshire Lad

    Weekends Football 19/21 October

    That’s fair enough but this thread isn’t exclusively premier league. I’m sure it was getting a bit more traffic last season.
  11. Shropshire Lad

    Pre-match thread

    Always proves to be a tricky fixture for us. Norwich have been a bit indifferent at home so far this season. Six home games so far, winning three (Preston, Wigan & Boro) and losing three (Stoke, Leeds & Baggies). I reckon this will be the first draw at Carrow Road this season. A point here followed by a win against QPR on Friday would be a really good start to the new regime.
  12. Shropshire Lad

    Weekends Football 19/21 October

    Very quiet in here today, I guess that’s due to the anticipation of Smith’s first game. Quick musings - Jose decided to have a subdued return to Chelsea I see. Big win for Cardiff in what will likely turn out to be a relegation six pointer. Man City, as you were. Wasn’t expecting Wolves to lose at home to Watford who have looked a bit ropey of late. Yay Blackburn Yay Wigan Yay Derby Booo Stoke
  13. Shropshire Lad

    Dean Smith

    Didn’t see the game, but a good result, nice one Dean. Sounds like we actually could have scored 7 so the Wimbledon game chat kinda ties in?
  14. Shropshire Lad

    Pre-Match Thread

    Fine. But you just said no more Jedinak at cb. So if Smith had picked Jedinak at cb, you wouldn’t have minded or criticised?