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  1. I knew that joke was on the way, just unsure who would do the necessary
  2. The utter ****wit who was driving behind me on the A41 for miles, practically taking up residence in the boot of my car. Constantly edging out to try and overtake me, seeing that there’s on coming traffic and that we’re both stuck behind half a dozen cars and they’re stuck behind a tractor. Hence why we’re going 20mph below the speed limit, you ****ing dolt. But no, half a mile later, check again to see if you can overtake... Hope you got home safely, Representative for Wellingborough.
  3. Right, now’s my chance. A few months to get just another 27,925 likes to catch up..... Edit - make that 27,924...cheers Ben, catch you later...
  4. If it’s any consolation I’ve now almost completely forgotten the time I suggested on here that Gareth Barry would be an ideal buy for us because of the good example he’d set for others, only for the daft sod to go and steal that bloody taxi in Spain three days later.
  5. You’d potentially find yourself in a situation where the 5th place club needs a win for a champions league spot, but also needing 3rd to beat 4th or vice versa . The 3rd v 4th match could potentially be a dead rubber, play out a draw and both go through. The 39th game idea is a load of shite. I think it would be more likely that the top X amount of clubs have an overseas mini competition at some point (As has been said, they’re only really interested in the top six), to take place either during the season or at the end, probably at the expense of the league cup. The winner gets a crappy trophy and a Europa spot or something. That would still be shit, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened.
  6. Nitpicking maybe, but a pet peeve of mine with Tarantino is him regularly using his title cards with “Chapter One : .....”. Pretentious as ****. I know he uses a similar thing with Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction and I don’t mind them as much for whatever reason. I do prefer those two films anyway, so perhaps my tolerance is higher. I dare say there are some other directors who use it, but something about QT’s usage of them rubs me up the wrong way.* Generally more or less everything since Pulp Fiction I’ve seen has been either patchy, indulgent or overlong but admittedly peppered with the odd moment of brilliance. * For what it’s worth, I think an instance where title cards are used nicely is The Shining - “a month later”, “Tuesday” etc are sort of meaningless reference points but because of that they have an unsettling quality about them.
  7. Was it three stints as caretaker manager he had? The West Ham/Newcastle games before Houllier, the Spurs game before Garde took over and the Millwall game before Smith? I remember thinking the spurs one was particularly miserable, from a team selection point of view. Anyway, regarding this I’m happy he’s gone. I was of the opinion that all the stories sounded bad and that while he was here there was this cloud hanging over the club. But at the same time wanted the club/external agency to do the necessary investigation to confirm as best as they could which it appears they have done.
  8. Bah - to think of all the hard work Jack the Ripper did for the criminal tourist board and he doesn’t even get a shout out as an example.
  9. Is that right Daniel? The atmosphere between two northern teams was deemed more exciting from the view point of a northerner? What a completely unexpected assertion. And the Liverpool supporters have always been magnificent. Nothing to do with the amount of success they’ve witnessed. Of course not. That was proved when they had a bit of a wobble under Roy Hodgson. The famous atmosphere generated by the kop and it’s one song was still heard, loud and proud and in no way did the supporters turn on on Hodgson and hound him out of the club. Average player, piss poor pundit. But y’know he’s a former player and helpfully a former Liverpool player so apparently his opinion is valuable. Oh and what’s the waiting list for season tickets at Villa Park this year Danny? Dour word removed.
  10. We do need to put some points on the board soon and not consider games as being a good indicator (Bournemouth was meant to be that wasn’t it?). Having said that, I won’t be panicking if we lose on Friday (urgh...Friday night games). I think we’ll click soon. My main worry is the time taken to find our feet, we’ll have played a handful of fixtures in which we’ve not picked up as many points as we should have. A point on Friday (urgh...Friday) would be good.
  11. I quite enjoy them, there’s seemingly always some major talking point that occurs. My mates and I still refer to one wedding from 3 and 1/2 years ago which ultimately led to one friend removing himself from our group (I still haven’t seen him since the day in question) and another friendship permanently fractured within the group because of his wife’s behaviour (no, not that.......just general unpleasantness/obnoxious attitude).
  12. I don’t really wear many band t-shirts, I have one pink floyd one from years ago. I wouldn’t wear a t-shirt of a band if I wasn’t keen on their music. Even if the image was interesting or iconic. I don’t want to get into a conversation about Lou Reed because I have that Velvet Underground yellow banana album cover on my t-shirt. But if you do, then great, each to their own. I don’t own any of them but there’s that film t-shirt company that does film references rather than film posters (“last exit to nowhere” I think?). So for instance, you have a t-shirt that has “The Overlook Hotel” rather than “The Shining”, or an “Amity Island” tourist board advert as opposed to “Jaws”. I think that extra bit of detail makes it more interesting.
  13. I’m doing my best man’s duties in just over a month’s time. Actually we have the stag do this coming Friday. Although I’ve known the groom a long time, there are some mutual friends in our group that have known him nearly 10 years longer than I have. So it’s not always who’s been your mate for the longest time. I wouldn’t have been put out if I wasn’t asked, quite content enjoying a stress and responsibility free day. Although about 5 or 6 years ago he previously asked me to be a best man (this is the second time they’re engaged), so there’s the chance I would’ve found it a bit strange if he hadn’t asked me again. I’m happy to do it, as long as it goes well I guess But Stefan saying his mate intimated he was going to be best man, then decided he wasn’t but still wants Stefan to help him out, I kinda get why he’d be a bit put out with his mate.

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