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  1. This hounding players mentality we have have is so tiresome, all it creates is negativity. I really want us to avoid being like Arsenal fans and creating that type of toxicity that they have, it's not good for anything. Criticising players and attacking players are two very different things. We are talking about a 22 year old striker, who has never played at this level before. He's got 4 goals in 10 and if he continues this goal scoring form will finish on 14-15, which is a great return. people that are expecting a 20 goals a season striker should look at the history of premier league and realise how few players actually get more than 20 each season. I see potential in him, but of course realise he needs to improve and has some very frustrating traits, like the way he falls over much to easily and gets outmuscled, but guess what, this kid has never played against this calibre of players before, this league is much more physically demanding than any other league he has experienced, it's gonna take time for hime to get used to it. He's young, moved to a new country, new culture and a new language, of course he has to be given some time to adapt and it is our duty as fans to support him and make the transition easier for him. Confidence is the main attribute of a succesful attacker (or footballer in general), he's not going to become a confident player with the support he is currently getting I wonder what the fans opinion of Benteke was after 10 games? Also worth mentioning that the only players at clubs around us in the league that have outscored Wesley so far pukki (who started really well and has faded away) with 6 and an established Callum Wilson with 5. And Wesley has been incredibly effective, as chances presented to him have been very limited.
  2. Heaton is an experienced premier league and international player, Steer was on loan in League 1 one year ago Taylor has played a role in our fantastic rise. Have people here actually seen Targett? what are they judgning him on? Smith is most likely judging them on their on the field performances from the past 6 months and what they do every day in training, I trust and support 100% every decision he makes, as he is in a much better position do be making them Taylor has been nothing less than consistant in our first three matches this season, I just dont understand the scapegoat mentality Villa fans seem to have.
  3. Of course! Smith has my support 100%! I think he's a better judge of player than any of us and this shows in how performances and results that he has achieved. Are you saying you've stopped supporting Smith because he is using Taylor?
  4. Without checking, I'm pretty sure he played in all our games in our 10 match winning run last season, played in all our play-off games and has been nothing but consistant so far in the Premier League, wish the fans would get of his back for a while. Another good performance and deserves some praise for helping and playing a part in getting us to where we are at the moment! Thanks Neil Taylor.
  5. They sold Trippier as they trust KWP more, may be the weak'ish team, but they still had one of the worlds best strikers in Kane, Brazilian international Lucas, £75m new signing Ndombele, World cup winner Loris, world class defenders in alderweirald and Sanchez. 6 of the starters started last seasons champions league final And we were actually leading until eriksen came on! Though I'm happy to see that your expectations have become more realistic
  6. So, judging from the comments Wesley is a waste of money and will never be any good Hourihane is the worst dm in the world Douglas Luiz looked poor when he came on Jota was terrible El Ghazi was terrible Taylor and Elmo are at best average championship players Grealish will never succed in the prem And Dean Smith is an idiot for using the players he preferred for the match and should have started all the new players and is therefor a terrible manager Feel like we might as well just give up. Especially considering how embarrasing it is to get dominated away by the champions league finalist when you are a newly promoted side, disgrace.
  7. Thought he was one of our better players today, defended well and was invloved in the very few times we threw together any passing combinations
  8. I actually thought he had an okay game until the end. He played muuch deeper than normal and put in some tackles and supported Taylor really well. I thought he seemed to put in more tackles than any other of our midfielders. He'll learn from the mistake and become better. As with every player, it'll take some time getting used to the premier league again
  9. Tottenham are just multiple classes above us and anyone expecting anything else was unrealistic. We fought well and the players will have learned a lot. Was a bit disapointed that we were sooo poor in possession, but really pleased with Engels and especially Mings today. We are back in the premier league, fans need to accept and expect to meet oppositions that are a lot stronger than us. Tottenham are just behind City and Liverpool in quality and look at how those two teams destroyed their oppostions this week. Bring on next week!!
  10. Very surprised by the line-up, but expect the reason for it, is that these are the majority of the players that got us here, so they deserve a chance at defending their position. The new players will have to prove their worth to get into the starting XI.
  11. There is a time and place to judge players, during friendlies is definitely not the time, every year there seems to be some youngsters that shine who just arent good enough, for instance hepburn-Murphy and some quality players that dont shine, for instance John McGinn has not looked great, but I know who will most likely perform better once the season gets started. Targett hasn't done much wrong or good, but it is obvious to see that he'll fit a Dean Smith team perfectly, can't wait to see him playing in the prem with a fully fit first 11
  12. I believe Dunk is probably being used to force Bournemouth hands in the Mings deal, I can't see us signing Mings, Butland and Dunk on top of Wesley, Jota and El Ghazi. That would be like £80m at least.
  13. I am risking sounding really negative here, but these Brentford players aren't filling me with much confidence. People are underestimating the jump in quality from championship to Premier league. How many attacking players actually succed in the premier league after doing well in the championship? People seem excited about Maupay because he scored 20+ goals last season, but have people actually looked to see who the last many topscorers in the Championship were and how they fared in the prem? The jump up is massive. We sometimes see target men from the championsip do well in the prem, like Glenn Murray and Ricky Lambert, but it basically never happens a striker in Maupay mole successfully leaps to the Premier league. I personally value 10 goals in the premier league or equivilant league higher than 20 goals in the championship. The only non-target man striker that has succesfully made the jump up in recent years that I can think of is Callum Wilson, it took him 4 seasons to do so and Jamie Vardy (who also struggled massively in the first season). Though there probably is someone else too. Maupay just makes me think Andre Gray, Nakhi Wells, Ebanks-Blake or Maynard. There is a reason no Premier league squad has bought Billy Sharp for the past 10 seasons. I'm just hoping we don't fill up our club with Championship quality, because then that is exactly where we are going again. Except if they are exceptionally good or young with massive potential, which non of the players we are linked with are.
  14. The big difference for me personally, is that I've seen a lot of Jack, I know that he does a lot outstide of assisting and scoring he was 22 before the season started and has shown he can in the premier league, with some wonderful performances. I just haven't seen enough of Jota to judge, and seing that Birmingham fans don't seem that upset that he may be leaving, considering where they finished, makes me more worried I see I'm coming of here as being totally against this signing, which I'm not, I trust Smith, but that does not mean I am not allowed to question transfers. He'll be 28 when the season starts, hasnt performed for 2 seasons, I just don't see him as a great signing. But £4m is good for a backup, as long as they don't sign him on a long-term contract, as our record with signing championship players is awful. The jump from championship to premier league is tremendously big, I am also worried for a lot of our players in the premier league. Look at Taarabt for instance. It worries me that he has played 4 years in the championship, yet no premier league club has signed him before, especially considering how cheap he is. (though if he is on 35k and will be on more for us, then he's not exactly cheap and feels like every poor signing we have made before Smith and co) Not to forget he did terribly for Eibar (in La Liga), Attacking flair players usually thrive in spain compared to the premier league
  15. Interesting, they also have El Ghazi's weight to be 90kg's haha. I can imagine that's mostly because El Ghazi was very inconsistent for the majority of the season until the final few games. I've barely ever seen Jota before, so cannot judge him whatsoever, it just worries me that we are gonna end up with another relatively high aged unproven overpaid player, I was expecting us to go for younger players with high resale potential. But I do trust Smith. My only wish with Jota is that he does not sign a long term contract.
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