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  1. When Klopp introduces new attacking players, he often starts by using them more defensively first, like he's currently doing with Harvey Elliott, this is so they learn the less exciting side of football first. It appears that we are doing this with Ramsey too. I have been pleasently surprised with him so far this season. He has a lot of improving to do, but has undeniable talent. I also really like that he seems to have that nasty/ugly trait that most top players have, for instance, the yellow he got on saturday, although it was much to early on in the game, it still shows a mentality that he is willing to bend the rules, when he needs to. I was not convinced of him last season, but I am starting to believe now, very exciting.
  2. I cannot agree with most people on this thread, especially about recalling him already. it's unrealistic to expect all players to develop at the same rate, especially at Rooney's, Owen's etc rate. Compared to our other strikers, you could argue that Barry might even be further forward than them at the same age. Watkins was loaned out to the conference south aged 19-20 years old. He was 21 by the time he properly broke into Exeter's first team, in league two. Ings was also loaned out to the conference south aged 18-19 years old. Becoming a regular at league one level in the second half of that season. Also, Louie Barry has already featured in three out of 7 games Ipswich have played this season, which is fine. He, like most others, does not walk in to a starting XI, they must first adapt and learn the system. Nothing wrong with slowly introducing him as well. give it time.
  3. I am really looking forward for this season to start, we are the premier league wildcard this season! I can see us getting top 6 and Europe, but I can also see us failing and be in a relegation scrap, like we showed in our without grealish form last season. I think it is quite evident from our signings that Smith wants to set us up differently, every single player we have bought (except maybe Bailey?) is strong in their pressing game, a skill that our side has lacked these past few seasons, denying us the opportunity to control games. We have a lot of dribblers in our team, which is brilliant in counter attacks, but I see us retaining possession becoming an issue this season. I believe that it is very likely that Dean Smith reverts back to his favored 4-3-3 formation, with a strongest line up being something like Martinez Cash - Konsa - Mings - Targett Luiz Sanson - McGinn Bailey - Watkins - Buendia This team is very liverpool'ish, 2 midfielders and three attackers that will run all day and hound the opposition. The best thing about our new signings is that we have options, you could easily take a midfielder out of the team and bring on Ings or Traore, for the first time, we get to see Dean Smith have an opportunity to change stuff tactically throughout the season and games. Very exciting season coming up, I have no idea what to except but am totally ready for the ride !!
  4. no no no no, he's defo having a medical at Villa. The injury is, of course, just a cover up
  5. Interesting that he is not included in Southamptons squad tonight either. Feel a double swoop from southampton
  6. I believe that Villa have handled this situation beautifully. We have negotiated an amazing price for Grealish, but also, if we are to buy younger players and develop them, with the ambition we have, we must not be viewed as a club that keeps players as hostages, but that we actually allow them to move on, but that we control negotiations. We have shown the world with Grealish, that if the player wants to leave, he can, but that we have got the best price possible for him. Similar to what Dortmund do, hence the willingness of super talents to sign for them. Well done Villa
  7. I've been worrying about Grealish leaving for months, I have now reached the conclusion that we are actually in a win-win situation. 100m is a ridiculously high price, if Bailey and Buendia have not been signed for Grealish money, we will be able to add 3 more 30m players around the pitch, we will defo have a stronger overall team. Keep Grealish and we keep one of the best players in the world and we will have a ridiculously good attack this season.
  8. I do respect and cannot blame Jack if he leaves but it would break my heart... What is the last premier league player to have carried his side up the leagues, like he has? when was the last time a club could say they went from mid champtionship to good premier league, thanks to a wonderful local player? Villa have ambition but it is unrealistic to think that we will be challenging for the same titles City do in the near future, but it does make me wonder what I would choose, 100k more in wages and winning titles for a plastic team, where he'll be remembered as a great player, or potentially carrying a team from the depths of the premier league to challenge for titles, where he'll be remembered as a legend (I'm thinking statue + legend statue). I choose to believe that winning the play-offs with Villa will be more meaningful to him, than winning the Premier league with City I hope that Grealish chooses Villa, it's where he belong but I can't blame him if he leaves.. Him, Buendia and Bailey would absolutely terrify the opposition, also the Villa status would rise ridiculously high if he chose us over City. I hope you chose to stay Jack, I can't fault you if you chose to leave, but you have a legend status awaiting for you here and will be remembered amongst the best ever if you chose to stay with potentially a statue and be remembered and respected as the likes of Totti etc.
  9. I am sitting here wondering what makes you better at planning pre-seasons friendlies than the experts? They are obviously spreading a threadbare squad because everyone needs to play, that is what friendlies are for. What good does it do for fitness to have players sitting on the bench, they obviously need 90minutes. You cannot not play friendlies, as you are scared of getting injuries, that makes no sense. The meltdown comment wasn't solely aimed at you (even though I only quoted you), it was merely a response to an over reaction on here, to how we are lining up in two friendlies. ´
  10. RELAAAX, I an pretty sure they know what they are doing, it's not like we are playing for points, it's purely to get fitness levels up. Never seen such meltdown caused by team selections in a pre-season friendly before
  11. I genuinely struggle to remember any mistakes from Mings that directly led to goals, bar the City one, which was an odd incident. Would you provide examples where Mings made a mistake (farted around with the ball) that cost us a few goals ?
  12. This guy joined us when we were midtable in the championship, was arguably our second most influential player in getting us promoted that season. Then he helped keep us up last season and was without a doubt our best defender that season. This season he has again helped us reach a new level, helped us keep the second most clean sheets in the league and has been an absolute tank. Still fans seem to criticize every little mistake he makes, where as others do not receive the same level of criticism.. Did people see how many headers and the vital blocks he had today? I think fans that are questioning his "risky" style are missing the point, his risky style helps us keep possession, where most defenders would hoof it, this means that we get to attack instead of defend more. His risky style helps start the majority of our attacks. We would not be as good without his risky style, even if we concede a few goals over the season because of it or a few chances, it is worth it. He has been so passionate about Villa and is without a doubt the leader at the back, constantly talking and directing the other defenders. There is no way Targett would have developed into the player he is today without the support of his left sided partner Mings, who, especially last year, Mings has bailed Targett out on countless occasions (especially last season). Is he perfect, no, but he is an absolute machine who deserves much more respect from the Villa fans. We just always have to have a scapegoat. P.S Thought I'd leave with this, compared to Konsa, Mings has had more successful passes (the most in our team), more blocks, clearances, areal dual won, recovered balls and has a higher average rating on transfermarkt. He's literally only been dispossessed one more time than Konsa, which is respectable given his style of play. His mistakes are just more visible as he is much more involved and some Villa fans are looking for them.
  13. So the fact that we kept a clean sheet in 50 mins without Mings means he has to be dropped? does the fact that we were keeping a clean sheet with him on, or the fact that he played in the previous 3 cleans sheets in 3 games, or the fact that he has played every minute for the second best defense in the league and helped kept the most clean sheets in the league count for nothing? Keep in mind we were playing an awful Palace today... If fans are getting on his back, then they need to f### of, he helped us get promoted, helped us stay up, and has now been an integral part in one the best defenses in the league, it's beyond ridicules to start attacking him. I'm embarrassed by how negative our fanbase is.. its not normal. Mings has been nothing else than incredible for us, he might be rash every now and again, but that is also what at times makes him so good.
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