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  1. 5 goals conceded in our last 9 games, seriously impressive ! Think our turn in form has a lot to do with our defense stepping up (or Mings arriving). Professional job today without trying to hard.
  2. Defo still our best striker, but maybe needs a break? Anyone can miss a penalty, that happens, but overall his levels seem to have dropped a bit lately, everyone is allowed a dip in form, but it could be because of being jaded, which is often the result of having the work rate of a lion,
  3. That second half Voted Kodija as Motm as he changed the match, though McGinn was probably our best player, stunning goal by Grealish, Elmo has been so good lately, everyone was fantastic in the second half. Weird thinking that our centre backs playing for the majority of the match and that did not concede a goal after jedinak came on, have probably played less than 90 mins combined in the last 4 months before today. Also a shoutout to the VillaTalk posters on the match thread, saying things like "season is over" "bottlejobs", I'm happy our players don't have your mentality Also found it hilarious that when winning our 7th match in a row, after being down 1-0 at half time and down a man, majority of the posts were still complaining about how bad Hourihane is, also that fans have given up on our topscorer Tammy, hilarious. No player deserves criticism for that second half, incredible work rate.
  4. I think we are talking about a 20 year old who has had multiple injuries, he has played less than 30 games. Surely fans can show a bit of patience and let him develop right? Why even ask to see youngsters if we are not willing to develop them.. ridiculous that some on here are soooo critical of him already.. may aswell scrap youth teams if they are not allowed to play first team football and develop
  5. I cannot disagree more, he won so many of Boro's clearences and more importantly he kept the ball moving when we were in possession, when we were trying to probe them when they were parking the bus, he was keeping the ball moving from left to right and right to left, every team needs that one midfielder that is behind the other midfielders that does the dirty and simple job, especially when a team is dominanting.
  6. I am gonna disagree with this as much as I have disagreed with anything for ages, Whelan has been absolutely fantastic today, kept the ball moving, won back possession and is always available, absolutely fantastic today as he has been for awhile
  7. Beautiful goal, great pressure from Green, fantastic pass from McGinn and gorgeous finish from El Ghazi. Hope Taylor is OK, has performed well today !
  8. It's weird that I'm feeling like we did not play particularly well yesterday, yet we win 3-1 away from home after going behind 1-0 against one of the better teams in the league, not to forget we had a few other chances that could easily have ended with goals. I am so excited to see what Dean Smith can build here, if he had just been able to sign that one midfielder in January (Carrol was clearly a panic buy) and if Tuanzebe had not been injured for so long we would have been absolutely deadly in this league. The signings of Mings and Hause have been really impressive
  9. I'd go one further and say he has actually been pretty decent since getting back into the team
  10. Ignoring the reactions to the goals, you'd think we were being absolutely destroyed here. According to this thread, Steer is garbage, Hause is a liability, Taloy awful, Hourihane invincible, El Ghazi terrible, Adomah even worse, Tammy terrible and out of form, grealish having his worst game for ages and Kodija terrible (with most suggesting Davis is much better, a player that managed 2 goals in 34 games last season and most havent seen him for a year and know nothing about him) I have no idea how people are so negative when we are beating a team above us in the table away from home 3-1 after going 1-0 to a freak goal.
  11. It'll be interesting to see if he gets straight back into the team, on current form I doubt if he deserves it tbh, we havent missed him. I like him a lot, but he needs to improve and really hasnt done much the past few weeks/months (though this can be said about most of the team). I just dont think he fits into a possession based team, even though his pressing at times can be priceless. He hasn't got great passing and never seems to be available to receive a pass either. But, if Elphick is injured I've got a feeling he might just start at left back, rumours were that he has been playing left back in training.
  12. On current form I doubt if McGinn actually deserves to come in, hasn't looked great recently. But wouldn't be surprised to see him come in at left back if Hause has to move to the central Whelan har certainly improved lately, and is one of the players that seems to really be trying to play Smith's style, even when we have played poorly lately.
  13. Can't see many people stating they have a better squad, but firing our recently hired manager who is playing with someone elses squad because Birmingham are overachieving is a stretch imo.
  14. Never stated that Smith had achieved anything. Though he has put together a pretty solid and young squad at Brentford. He also got them playing nice football. I'd also say midtable with a team like Brentford is a pretty decent achievement, regardless of where they finished before he arrived, they are a selling club, probably (without checking) lost most of their decent players when Smith arrived.
  15. To be honest, I was mostly curious to know why you thought this squad was a minimum top 6 squad? I'd like us to get a big name too, but who would you suggest this would realistically be? remember also that Benitez joined Newcastle in the premier league. Getting a big name to the championship is very rare. TBH. It doesnt get much bigger than Bruce in this league, and he was cr@p. Our recent managers have been cathastrophic, no doubt.
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