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  1. I believe Dunk is probably being used to force Bournemouth hands in the Mings deal, I can't see us signing Mings, Butland and Dunk on top of Wesley, Jota and El Ghazi. That would be like £80m at least.
  2. I am risking sounding really negative here, but these Brentford players aren't filling me with much confidence. People are underestimating the jump in quality from championship to Premier league. How many attacking players actually succed in the premier league after doing well in the championship? People seem excited about Maupay because he scored 20+ goals last season, but have people actually looked to see who the last many topscorers in the Championship were and how they fared in the prem? The jump up is massive. We sometimes see target men from the championsip do well in the prem, like Glenn Murray and Ricky Lambert, but it basically never happens a striker in Maupay mole successfully leaps to the Premier league. I personally value 10 goals in the premier league or equivilant league higher than 20 goals in the championship. The only non-target man striker that has succesfully made the jump up in recent years that I can think of is Callum Wilson, it took him 4 seasons to do so and Jamie Vardy (who also struggled massively in the first season). Though there probably is someone else too. Maupay just makes me think Andre Gray, Nakhi Wells, Ebanks-Blake or Maynard. There is a reason no Premier league squad has bought Billy Sharp for the past 10 seasons. I'm just hoping we don't fill up our club with Championship quality, because then that is exactly where we are going again. Except if they are exceptionally good or young with massive potential, which non of the players we are linked with are.
  3. The big difference for me personally, is that I've seen a lot of Jack, I know that he does a lot outstide of assisting and scoring he was 22 before the season started and has shown he can in the premier league, with some wonderful performances. I just haven't seen enough of Jota to judge, and seing that Birmingham fans don't seem that upset that he may be leaving, considering where they finished, makes me more worried I see I'm coming of here as being totally against this signing, which I'm not, I trust Smith, but that does not mean I am not allowed to question transfers. He'll be 28 when the season starts, hasnt performed for 2 seasons, I just don't see him as a great signing. But £4m is good for a backup, as long as they don't sign him on a long-term contract, as our record with signing championship players is awful. The jump from championship to premier league is tremendously big, I am also worried for a lot of our players in the premier league. Look at Taarabt for instance. It worries me that he has played 4 years in the championship, yet no premier league club has signed him before, especially considering how cheap he is. (though if he is on 35k and will be on more for us, then he's not exactly cheap and feels like every poor signing we have made before Smith and co) Not to forget he did terribly for Eibar (in La Liga), Attacking flair players usually thrive in spain compared to the premier league
  4. Interesting, they also have El Ghazi's weight to be 90kg's haha. I can imagine that's mostly because El Ghazi was very inconsistent for the majority of the season until the final few games. I've barely ever seen Jota before, so cannot judge him whatsoever, it just worries me that we are gonna end up with another relatively high aged unproven overpaid player, I was expecting us to go for younger players with high resale potential. But I do trust Smith. My only wish with Jota is that he does not sign a long term contract.
  5. I don't think it's a matter of research mate, more of perception. 153 games, 31 goals and 22 assists. Which is a goal every 5 games and an assist every 7. I do not consider that great stats in the Championship. And before anyone jumps to conclusion, I am not judging the player merely on his stats, but it's the best I can do with the limited times I've seen him.
  6. For a player that has played chamtionship football, he does not have great stats. He's a birmingham player (let's face it, we all know the fans will turn on him if he does not perform quickly), he'll be 28 when the season starts with no previous premier league experience. Hasn't performed well for a few seasons. I am also worried with all the brentford/previous Brentford players we are being linked to, as Smith never even finished in the play-offs with them, nor have they been any better since he left. There is a huge gap between midtable championship and bottom premier league. I feel like offensive players usually struggle to jump from the championsip to the prem, except when they are extraordinarily talented But, Smith defo deserves to be trusted after last season, he get's a player he knows well and £4m is not alot in todays market ! let's just make sure we don't sign him on more than a two year contract, so we aren't stuck with another overpaid 30+ year old in a few years. He's apparently on a 35k wage, which is pretty steep, would want to be paid more too if coming to the prem. Overall, doesnt fill me with confidence, doubt he is premier league standard, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, especially if signed as back-up. Though, I did think we were gonna be going for resale value when signing players, nearly feel like we could have kept Adomah (even though he has been poor for ages) instead.
  7. Must be one our most improved player this season. As everyone is saying, probably not good enough for prem (though he was really good for Swansea in the prem, just seemed to lose confidence after the Seamus Coleman incident) I appreciate and am thankful for his effort and workrate this season, thank you Neil Taylor, vital player in getting us back to the prem.
  8. I'd never have expected Kante, Fernandinho, Busquets or Makelele even in this prime to have scored that either. Hourihane offers something much different than Whelan does, and the only reason them two are competing for the same spot is our lack of defensive midfielders. Hourihane should be competing with McGinn and Grealish for that more attacking role. Judging our defensive midfielder on how dangerous they are in the final 3rd is wrong. Whelan is probably gonna start again on Tuesday and for good reason. Despite his mistake (Everyone is allowed a mistake) he offers much more defensive protection and keeps the ball moving better, especially when we need to lower the teams tempo. This is exactly what we are going to need against a team that will be desperate to win, will attack and try to keep a high tempo to the game. We need game managment Tuesday, and will need to compete for the midfield, as they will unlikely start with 5 defenders again. Hourihane is a fantastic attacking midfielder, but is very lacking when it comes to defending, which, however boring it is, is something all teams have to do sometimes.
  9. Dean Smith's super half time talk works yet again ! though I feel we need one more
  10. Id nearly be tempted to put Mings up front, he looks up for it. Abraham has looked absolutely terrible today, granted he has had little to play with, but every touch has been horrendous. hopefully it’s just a lack of match fitness and he grows into the match Grealish is trying to do too much, and ends up much too deep and taking players on unnecessarily and McGinn seems to have disappeared, more or less only action I can remember from him so far is his corner. Adomah has to be taken off. Still plenty of time to go, but things must change drastically.
  11. I dont know, they finished above us and we werent able to beat them in the season. Just don't understand the mentality of that we are supposed to be able to walk them People seemed more focused on the final than this match.
  12. Yea, I just cant see how people were so confident that we would beat WBA. They look good. We can still, but there are some players out there that need to seriosly step up.
  13. 5 goals conceded in our last 9 games, seriously impressive ! Think our turn in form has a lot to do with our defense stepping up (or Mings arriving). Professional job today without trying to hard.
  14. Defo still our best striker, but maybe needs a break? Anyone can miss a penalty, that happens, but overall his levels seem to have dropped a bit lately, everyone is allowed a dip in form, but it could be because of being jaded, which is often the result of having the work rate of a lion,
  15. That second half Voted Kodija as Motm as he changed the match, though McGinn was probably our best player, stunning goal by Grealish, Elmo has been so good lately, everyone was fantastic in the second half. Weird thinking that our centre backs playing for the majority of the match and that did not concede a goal after jedinak came on, have probably played less than 90 mins combined in the last 4 months before today. Also a shoutout to the VillaTalk posters on the match thread, saying things like "season is over" "bottlejobs", I'm happy our players don't have your mentality Also found it hilarious that when winning our 7th match in a row, after being down 1-0 at half time and down a man, majority of the posts were still complaining about how bad Hourihane is, also that fans have given up on our topscorer Tammy, hilarious. No player deserves criticism for that second half, incredible work rate.

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