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  1. If he walks away at the end of this season (ie Saturday evening) after captaining us to promotion I will hold him in high esteem for ever - he has been very professional this season (albeit for a fair wedge) - Good luck to him
  2. Yes he is looking for a "bumper" pay rise
  3. I have given up on speculating who we may go for next - I am sure there will be no more coming in just yet- until Bent and Ireland are shifted
  4. "They've not won in ages away from home" Thats the bit that worries me - Newcastle hadn`t won away at all
  5. pretty much how I see it right now
  6. VCTM jnr wore his full kit with pride whilst having trials on Thursday - all his scouse mates thought it was "sound" - thumbs up from Merseyside then !!!
  7. Its in the blood - handed down through the generations - My grandfather (Alum Rock) - my father (Weoley Castle) - Me (Hall Green, Worcester, Weoley Castle, Bournville, Edgbaston, Rubery, Formby !!!!) - my son and daughter Formby, Merseyside Villa and proud - my lad wore the kit this week for trials for a new club - he was picked up and the Liverpool/Everton fans all thought it was a boss kit
  8. No change there then is there Wiz? :winkold:
  9. Renewed on Tuesday - after two calls from the ticket office. They said they appreciate me travelling down the M6 every other weekend - how could i refuse. This Lambert fella better be worth it !!!
  10. "Alex, did you know you have got AV coming out of your right ear" PS like the way the dug out has "Viva AV" written above it
  11. We`ve all been conned -it`s a ruse whereby season ticket sales rise significantly, McLeish goes to Corsica for four weeks and then gets a text from Faulkner saying the plan worked and he can come back home now
  12. Not sure, strikes me as a good nr 2 That`s just how I see McLeish - a real number two (childish I know, but it`s off my chest now)
  13. I heard he's in Portugal :winkold: So is Barry Fry, I am told
  14. Surely the first chant he will hear will be.........."There`s only one Brett Holman etc etc" - sometimes the Holte End are quite inventive
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