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  1. Problem u have now is any foreign player that comes in = 2 week quarantine. Doesnt really fit the pre season model does it
  2. Fortnite model cant be ignored. People do get invested in how there character looks.
  3. Bowen at west ham for a medical. 22m the final fee with add ons. That's not good for our relegation scrap.
  4. The missing villa man, I do wonder why this guy isn't atleast on the bench
  5. I echo the calls for grealish wide left to facilitate hourihane and Luiz both playing. Were at a different level now and grealish isn't going to dominate like he did in the championship
  6. I think it's more of a case of were not premier league match fit
  7. We are playing the champions league finalist lads. Tottenham are **** world class.. any points would be fantastic
  8. The wesley deal wasn't leaked anywhere so I wouldn't count us out.
  9. Lining up against Dybala and Kane in ur first game back in the prem.... **** me
  10. I think our business so far has been necessary and fantastic. Anyone who complains needs a good shake if u ask me
  11. Smart player. All the players we have signed seem really smart with the ball.
  12. Good squad player. I see no reason to move him on
  13. I think hes got a good chance of returning in Jan if he does go away on loan..
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