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  1. Splatoon 2

    It' better than Mario kart mate. Online is fantastic
  2. Splatoon 2

    Who is getting some game time on this then? Probably the best multiplayer game on the switch at the moment. Simple addictive fun..
  3. Nintendo Switch

    Good racing last night. You'e been practising Dimitri!!
  4. Nintendo Switch

    Yeah give me a shout. Im not getting a ot of time on it atm mind.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    Yeah I've got it. Play it online loads. Simple game but strangely addictive. It's my go to easy game when u wanna relax
  6. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    And Cardiff equalise
  7. Nintendo Direct - Tonight 10pm

    Dark souls online demo Mario tennis aces online demo Massive splatoon 2 updates Super smash bros is coming
  8. Yes that's right switch fans. Hype train is in motion. Nintendo Direct tonight Thursday 8th at 10pm... Bring it on...
  9. Match Thread: Sunderland v Villa

    Or it'l be 45 mins of cattermole kicking shit out of him.
  10. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Fulham are slowly showing the form for automatic promotion. They look strong.
  11. Pre Match Thread

    Game on or not I won' make it as we have 6 inches of snow here in Somerset and everythings ****.
  12. Gran Turismo Sport

    Great game, I do wonder though if u need to be racing with manual transmission and no traction control as I can't see how else ud make up the time.
  13. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    You can' say that. They prob thought the same 2 games ago. It keeps changing
  14. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Preston

    Has it even finished yet lol
  15. Match Thread: Villa v Preston

    Promotion certainly aint gonna be no walk in the park...