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  1. It's one thing doing a Man City (or Blackburn) it's another conquering Europe by shrewd signings, great manergirial awareness, teamwork, and partisan support. Been there done that - want it again - the hard way!
  2. I suspect he will be one of our better players again, as he has been in nearly every game for the past 12 months. You think ? Stephen Ireland has undoubtedly got talent, but he don't seem to dovetail with the rest of the team. For me he has been a luxury player who looks and plays like he's one move ahead of everybody else on the team. But if he's that good he should understand his team mates probably won't be in the positions he wants them to be in. I just get the feeling he thinks of himself as a big fish in a little pond. I expect more from him this season with Lambert in charge, although not convinced he will deliver.
  3. Theres no doubt Martinez worked a minor miricle for those last 9 games of the season, and Whelan has been dining out on it ever since! But he's played that card now, he had the bollocks to instruct his team to knock it about and play a bit, have a go at them, all the big teams got taken by surprise, and well done to him too. But he's played that card now and I reckon that if he was still to stay at Wigan he would struggle again next season. Anyway I guess we will find out if he can hack it with a bigger club sooner enough. I like him, but he turned us down once so no thanks.
  4. Great player for Villa, but a legend ? Maybe for Liverpool?
  5. Is this a gimme now McLiesh has gone ? For me - not yet, I still want to know who is going to be in charge of the team? I'm sure there are some of you who will renew regardless (villa till I die) but not me, I have been lucky enough to have 35 years of memories of watching this great club (I am 53 by the way) and I am the proud owner of a European cup final travellers pass ( they took the actual match day tickets off us in those days) Season ticket holder for 16 of those 35 years, so there will be lots of you with more loyalty points than me, however I would like to know which of you individuals that visit this site will renew regardless ?
  6. Well that never worked for me when I put my tenner on Demattio at 20/1! Now that would be something if Chelsea let him go after winning the FA cup and the Champions leauge (which he won't of course)
  7. Of course I'm relieved that McLeish has gone, god knows I can't remember the last time I endured a season sat amongst so many disgruntled fans. In fact the highlight of my bi-weekly visits to VP was the increasing amount of alcohol I was driven to drinking at the New Aston Social pre- match days. However I have just logged out of my Paddy Power account amazed at the discovery that Mick McCarthy is the odds on shout to replace the him! This must not happen, nothing against Mick personally, but surely this would be out of the fire and into furnace. The bookies don't always get it right....do they?
  8. Hitz, Barry, Hendrie, Solano,...Sorrenson, anyone except Angel
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