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  1. Dear General, Will you be around for the Man City game on Saturday? If so, how about popping over to the Lower Doug Ellis for that pint I owe you?
  2. I have to say after the shite of the last couple of days this rant has put a amile back on my face! Top work! Perhaps he owes the scum £225,000 because he took his "John Merrick" mask off:
  3. Messrs Sullivan and Gold walk into a pub, and Marcello Lippi is at the bar...............
  4. It has to be Capello or Mourinho. Barwick nearly creamed himself over wooing Scolari last year, and to have Capello and Mourinho out of a job at the moment is an absolute gift. Out of the British crop, only MON has the credentials, but he's staying put.
  5. And in today's Mirror, keeping with the tradition of seeking out the best managers in the world, Werewolf is reported to want to buy-out Egg-Foo Yeung and install that renowned international tactical genius ERIC BLACK as manager. My sides have split, and my cock's fallen off with laughing soo much !!!
  6. What no Barry Fry or Ron Jeremy?? Put them in the poll at once !
  7. Why did he have to clean up NYC's litter for shooting Jill Dando ? I'm confused.
  8. Well done Nibbler.....AND you remembered the score this time !
  9. Joe Cole, Has a big fat head Joe Cole Has a big fat head
  10. Dear General, I tried to book my ticket for the Leicester game on line yesterday. As a season ticket holder it's £15 (demonstrating to our grubby neighbours what value for money is really all about !), but there's no option for season ticket holders to purchase a ticket at this price on line. I also had to register on the website to get this far and ended up with a different client number to my existing one. Apologies if this has been covered before (I seem to remember you saying that they were looking at the website some time ago), but it'd save everyone a bit of time if, when registering for tickets, you had the option to put in your season ticket/client number details. Cracking cartoon in the Mail yesterday, by the way.
  11. As they say in the Black Country: "Tay brawke, day fix it "
  12. No. I'd just speed up and turn the wipers on !! Pip-pip !!
  13. I wonder who the first pillock to put "Jedi" will be ?
  14. Grrr. And another thing, getting B&W film developed these days is a real headache - I can tell you.
  15. Bloody fancy autofocus, digital, photoshoppy heathens !!
  16. When this gets to 1,000 pages, I want £5 off everone. OK?!!
  17. It's only a vain attempt to prevent him scoring ANOTHER HAT-TRICK against them next season ! Ha, ha - Middlesborough are our Biiiiiiyaaaatchhhhhh-aaaaah !
  18. You forgot a new RB. Which logoically has to be his number one priority as at the moment we have the inept defensively Aaron Hughes and the perma-crocked Mark De La Knee Kromkamp, Kromkamp !!
  19. Nice article Nibbler. But the word "clearing in the woods" would've sufficed !!
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