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  1. You forgot a new RB. Which logoically has to be his number one priority as at the moment we have the inept defensively Aaron Hughes and the perma-crocked Mark De La Knee Kromkamp, Kromkamp !!
  2. Nice article Nibbler. But the word "clearing in the woods" would've sufficed !!
  3. Samuel to Newcastle? Well he was linked to Notlob when the fat crook was in charge, and now the Toon believe they'll get Allardyce in the summer - it may happen. If it does, it actually looks prophetic. The "tough tackling" JLloyd Samuel shoring up Newcastle's leaky defence........ ......or just another addition to the already growing list of shambolic defenders (O'Brien, Boumsong, Bramble etc).
  4. Darren Bent - I'm with LukeMoore's valuation. £10M should be about right considering Johnson went for £8ish. I think Charlton will sell even if they stay up - as they could get up to 4 decent prem players for that much. But the problem will come if he wants to go to one of the big 4. I just get the feeling there'll be a bit of a circus surrounding him in the summer unless someone gets in there early. Not quite on the Ashley Cole-to-Chelsea scale, but it'll be a pain in the arse. As for Micah Richards - like SWP, he'll want the bling-bling lifestyle that around £60K a week at Chels
  5. Just for once, it would be nice to see the FA display just a shred of evidence that they've got any bollocks. I think a fine would be appropriate if West Ham had signed the players but weren't aware of the rule about their ownership. But as they "acted improperly" and withheld key documents from the FA, they should have been docked between 3 and 6pts.
  6. A fine piece of well researched work Nibbler.
  7. Presumably he could run away if it got nasty ?
  8. Nibbler - the first thing a reader wants to know about a football match is the score, and whilst they may appreciate your command of the English language, this will come a poor and distant second to discovering the result. First attempt - no score Second attempt - wrong score Third time lucky, eh ?
  9. Happy Birthday for tomorrow General. If the other VT'ers are like me, we'd like to buy you a pint to celebrate, and to say a big "thank you" for your efforts and interest in us and the club to date.
  10. I don't think there's any chance of Beckham coming to Villa. It'd be Ginola, all over again, only he'd sell a few more shirts. Face it, the Beckham bubble's burst. He's not getting the exposure he used to, he hardly even plays for his club side, and it won't be long before his endorsements dry up. He'll be on reality TV next. The only use he'd be a VP is if Victoria "I haven't had a boob job - oh, actually I have really, oh and I haven't got an eating disorder.....etc" did a turn holding the corner flag up. Do you really think MON would want him? I think he's got far more nous a
  11. I think MON's "wee bit" will equal as much as Uncle Randy throws at him. He knows we're piss poor up front, and desperately need 4 strikers. I suspect that the only ones who'll be left at the end of the season will be Gabby and Luke Moore.
  12. I think Bent's the one we all want. We've been linked to Bent (OS reporting The Times) @ £12M and this isn't out of our price range apparently. Given that MON is currently the prem's most wanted manager, I'm sure that'll play a big part in transfer success. Good stuff so far.
  13. In fairness, we've been linked with a £12M bid for Defoe for some time now. However, I'm not getting carried away....remember the Juninho debacle?
  14. They bought them in the summer - stand up messrs Berbatov and Mido.
  15. It looks like bad news on the RB front. According to the BBC, loads of clubs are after a right back. However, at least none of our current squad are being linked with anyone else.
  16. Dear General, Were you on "Gulf War - A Soldier's Tale" on Discovery Civilisation this morning? Hope you had a good Christmas and have a Happy New Year. TTFN Private Spudnut.
  17. I get the Observer on a Sunday pretty much every week. Great music and sport supplements. As for a daily, I don't buy one very often. I like to glance at the football pages in the Sun because along with the date, that's the only thing that's usually accurate. But if I wanted to buy one regularly I'd probably buy the Birmingham Post.
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