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  1. Oh dear - poor old Blosers. With that attendance, I wouldn't be surprised if their thicko-chavster owners haven't seen the fall into the fizzy pop league as another excuse to put the prices up. That, and the current economic downturn....
  2. Apologies to BOF: I've only just read this - great thread. 5pts better off than this time last season, after an intensive fixture period (UEFA & Intertoto) shows great improvement. Keep up your statistically, very good work fella !
  3. Great read - straight out of the top drawer. Unlike the NoTW - straight out of the gutter.
  4. That is one of the funniest things I've seen on TV...ever.
  5. Quite. The author of this thread DOESN'T need to get out more !
  6. I feckin' don't !! I'd stropped halfway to the car when the first one went in, only to hear the second on the radio a few moments later.
  7. Exactly. What would one of these clowns do if faced with a knife-wielding maniac? WALK OFF as fast as they could?!!! No, they'd run. The motor racing equivalent would be limiting yourself to only driving in 2nd gear.
  8. But the 'ship* has still left you on the island, and that's whats really eating away at you. * The Premiership, that is.
  9. It'll take more than just an apology - a lot of hard work and clear evidence of commitment will do it for me. However, the NotW article aside, I can't recall Barry blotting his copybook and generally being a model professional. After the Berger reconciliation the other season, nothing will surprise me.
  10. In all seriousness, I don't think this was ever a win-win situation for Liverpool. They claim to be members of the so called "Big 4", but it really is a "Big 3" with Liverpool lagging some way behind. OK, signing Torres has been a massive success for them, but its not had the desired effect of putting them on equal footing with Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal. Liverpool really are the Big 3's poor neighbours. From a club with a rich history, instead of hearing about success, all we hear is boardroom unrest, debts, and the potential of falling further behind the Big 3. So it really shou
  11. Q: How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts? A: He's dead ! PS - I bet you thought I was going to say "Wi Jammin'"
  12. You still here?!! Adding to your 300+ posts regarding a player you apparently don't give a stuff about. You must've broken (1) the 1,000 post barrier on a bin-dipper site regarding the Alonso transfer, and (2) probably about 5,000 limit on what Mascherano likes for tea ....both being players you rate higher than Barry. What's the matter mate - nothing to do whilst waiting for next week's Giro?
  13. Most definately upper to ruling class. His Most Exalted & Excellent Majesty - Lord Spudnut, King of Allotments, Vegetable Patches and Greenhouses, Keeper of the Sacred Mellons, Conqueror of Greenfly and Dissolver of Slugs.
  14. (1) When can I have that £20 you owe me? (2) If a gay jumped on your back, would you pull him off? (3) If a gay sat next to you on the bus, would you get off ?
  15. I pay an insurance company for my car insurance, and would recommend that you do the same. Paying the milkman, for example, is likely to result in you being a few hundred quid worse off, with no insurance and probably no extra milk (or orange juice in milk bottles if they still make that stuff). Ribble Ribble, f'tang, f'tang.
  16. A very interesting read. So basically what you're saying is that if we'd have concentrated better for the last 10 mins, we'd be playing CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOOTBALL instead of the Intertoto. As with last season, where I reported that by winning half of the games we drew (7, I think) that was possible by not conceding something like 4 goals, and scoring another 3, we'd finish the league in an altogether more meaningful position. Yes, 16pts is a big improvement on this year, and judging by the law of diminishing returns, I doubt that'd be possible even spending a £30M - but it is an intere
  17. The Johnson/Morrison deal even makes Balaban look like a shrewd buy !
  18. On the contrary Porndwarf, you've made a very good living out of them !!
  19. Nice one Nibbler. But we all know you'll do 'owt for a Guinness !
  20. What's blue, hangs from the ceiling and doesn't fit anymore ? Ian Curtis.
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