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  1. Money talks loud with SSN and Man C talk loud money. I've just seen SSN and I think their coverage of the "story" is probably about as balanced as they're ever likely to get. Bit of footage of MON looking relaxed at Wentworth, stating the club's rejection of Citeh's offer, but clearly padding the story out with a retrospective of Milner's career so far. Ended with some fat-headed Blu-Mancs spouting their usual "top one", "Im buzzin'" drivel. Come to think of it, that was 5 mins of my life I won't get back!
  2. James Milner has earned enough money on his milk/coal/bread round to buy Manchester City several times over. It's not that he can't be arsed to do it, he just knows it's not worth the ****' effort !!
  3. I was going to say "Do we have to enter into such pessimistic speculation over how much we might get for Milner, how it wouldn't be the end of the world if he left, was the £12M for Barry that bad a deal, who we might buy...etc" But it's a discussion forum, so talk about whatever the fuckitty pants you like ! Here's my tuppeny-worth: "Ah, F-off City !"
  4. I think you're right. And I think Milner's decision will be "No".
  5. I agree that it'd be a bad move for Milner to go to Citeh. There's a real risk that he'd just be "flavour for a seaon" until Mancini gets the sack. So many players make the big money/big salary moves and just end up warming the bench, and I really think Milner is one of those who's only happy when he's playing. There's been a clear improvement in our season - OK, only slightly better in the league, but that's not to be sniffed at considering the increased competition from the likes of Citeh, Spurs etc. But add our domestic cup runs into the pot and we've had a good year. I think Mil
  6. I think that hits the nail on the head. Possibility of a slight pinch of salt regarding Darren Bent from a Spurs fan, but the Bent one has done well this season.
  7. Several weeks ago, I'd have been gutted to see Spuds get 4th. But... At the expense of Liverpool and Man City? Not so gutted now. And yes, I absolutely despise Redknapp, and for all the "Hello/OK" magazine style praise heaped on him and his rotten clan by another poster (Jamie Redknapp - articulate??? Clearly, you don't watch QI, sunshine!), he still comes across as a greedy, hypocritical, media-****, cross between Mike Bassett and Arthur Daley. But Spuds began a process, much like ourselves, of signing good British talent a few years back (Huddlestone, Bale, Hutton, Bentley, D
  8. When you brew beer as good as the Belgians can, they can start eating pensioners for all I care !
  9. Do Capello, Wenger and O'Neill not respect the game either then? Now I can understand every one on this list with the exception of candleface, even Keane who must have earned most of his as a player, but why is he above the likes of Big Sam managed clubs of a similar size even had a spell with Newcatle, guess they must have payed similar wages to spuds, Woy Hodgeson, managed prem clubs and international teams, Mcleish, managed rangers, potato head must be similar to keane and Zola too as far as I can recall he has one one trophy and this is the first large club, well spuds, he has mana
  10. If you liked BoB, then I recommend Clint Eastwood's WWII movies: Letters from Iwo Jima & Flags of our Fathers. LfIW is the best btw.
  11. Wot he said. I actually feel sorry for Small Heath. In fact, any team that gets cheated by Redscouse. Of course, ideally it would've been nice if they both lost, but the downside of Blose getting 3pts meaning Liverpool look like they might miss out on ALL European football next season isn't really a downside is it?!!
  12. Best start in 10 years? Votes "Go", obviously. *doesn't* Numpties - the lot of you !
  13. You said you've always wanted to come over Jilly Cooper !
  14. Save for the first 10 mins, Barcelona completely outplayed them. I'm pleased Barca won, because I think they've been the best team in Europe this season - I'd support Man U over any other Euro team. What I think was disappointed was the way Utd couldn't get back into the game. Both teams had enough talent to give us a 4-3 scoreline, but Man U never got back into it.
  15. All standers are closet paedoes then! Can I be both please? Why? Do you fancy Jeanette Kranky ?!!! She's an old woman. Making him neither, not both. Doesn't she dress as a young boy?
  16. All standers are closet paedoes then! Can I be both please? Why? Do you fancy Jeanette Kranky ?!!!
  17. I also recommend using wet wipes. If you get the baby variety, they'll wipe tarmac off a road so you should be free of winnit, clag, and tag-nuts. Another advantage is they provide welcome relief the morning after a particularly hot curry when your poor nipsy resembles the flag of Japan ! By putting them in the fridge, you are guarranteed a nice cooling sensation, safe in the knowledge that any "residuals" will be swiftly eradicated.
  18. What The ****? Actually yes. I was on a university trip to Berlin which involved a load of drink and a 24hr coach trip. I'm pretty fussy about where I like to bury a dirtsnake, so the coach was a no-no. So I waited until we reached our destination. After a brief inspection of the kraut-dunny, I chuckled to myself thinking "there's no way that this will deal with my poo-anaconda", so I gleefully laid my cable on the shelf. Still smiling, I pulled the chain to witness a feeble trickle of water, gently running around the bowl. Then, the turn seemed to wobble a bit, and hey-presto, of
  19. Ha, ha, ha ! **** off Chelsea. You're about as much use in Europe as a right-hand drive car !! Bleating on about penalties that never were (well, apart from the Pique one), and having that "petulant serial cheat" Drogba having a go at the ref. Perhaps he should've been having a go at himself for missing two sitters and falling over like a toddler. The same goes for Ballack - surely one of the biggest losers in world football. Petulant, pampered, rocket polishers who think they have a god-given right to the European Cup. Perhaps if they took their chances they might earn the right
  20. The Middle One (blue cap) - providing my delivery arrives. I would like the one on the right, as it was voted the best beer in the world in 2005, but its as rare as rocking-horse shit.
  21. The only song I know (despite buying the Seldom Seen Kid) is Elbow's version of Destiny's Child's Independent Woman (as seen on www.rathergood.com). As for Doves, they always seem to prop up the bill at Glastonbury, but I can't remember anything they've done. Along with the likes of Mansun, all seem like bands who made tracks filed under "filler" rather than "killer" on you C90 compilation.
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