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  1. General Krulak here: 1. Last comment first. I told everyone that I would be on the site once a week. Having flunked retirement for the 3rd time, I do have a full time job running a university (www.bsc.edu) and my ability to come on the site daily just isn't in the cards. I do the best I can. It is up to the fans as to whether the site is worth while....if the Fans say, "Np", then so be it. 2. Villarocker and others: Comment by AM....I am not sure how many Managers of any Clubs would go to the media before the first Premiership game is played and claim that their Club (one that ended in 9th place last year) is going to make massive strides. Most managers would do exactly what AM has done....he made a statement that keeps expectations at a level that does not "set the club up." NOW, I have been taking huge amounts of "stick" for my prediction....so let me make a simple (but true) confession. I was typing so fast that I hit the 4 key vice the 5 key. That is the truth. I would hope that most fans would realize that I DO recognize that ManU, Chelsea, ManCity and Arsenal DO play in our league! I do not feel we are yet at the stage where we can logically expect to knock one of them off. I do stick by my comment that I believe we are going to surprise folks this year and that we will end up anywhere from 5th to 9th. As I indicated, I say this as a fan and I just have a sense that we are going to do better than many believe. I also know that I am now open to massive criticism if we don't get there....and you can have at me if we don't. BUT, let's at least wait and see. Who would have guessed we would have beat Arsenal at their "home" and Liverpool at Villa Park as the last two games of last year. Think back to those two weekends....who really thought we were going to win both of those games? My point is pretty basic....football is a funny game and things can happen that are good. 3. smetov: "Time at Villa drawing to an end." Not sure what you mean. I have just told you all why I have not been a regular, daily, member of this site. That does NOT mean my days at Villa are drawing to an end. I have not lost my passion...even after the events of last year. As for Randy, I see NO diminishing of his passion for the Club. 4. mykeyb: Not sure why I am a liar. We purchased two fine players. Randy will be putting out a "state of Villa" statement. We did get a Manager (you and others may not like him but we think he will do a fine job.) etc. etc. The fact that the "action" that has taken place at this time is not what you or others may have wanted does not lessen the fact that action has taken place. I don't know how many times I have to discuss the "business of football." It is a balancing act of expenses vs. revenue....of new players and youth, vs experienced players already on the team...of trying to find the right players to "fit" into the Squad (the way we want to play the game) vs. players who are available...etc. etc. I recognize the fact that the "right" solution for most Fans would be to go out and "splash" money around, forget about the business aspects and just shoot the moon. It just doesn't work that way...unless you happen to own half the oil reserves in the world or something like that. Randy has splashed a good deal of money...and has done so since his arrival. Again, I recognize that most Fans want more...I am not naive. 5. Chelsea match: I think that both sides were "experimenting"...that it was, indeed, a friendly. I thought we were not as tough in the center of the Pitch that we needed to be...but, again, I think AM was checking out his players. I was neither overjoyed with the win in the tournament nor devastated by the loss. I would imagine that the Manager got out of both games what he wanted to get out of them.
  2. General Krulak here: 1. First off, I am NOT ducking questions. I said that I would not be on the site every day...that I would be on the site on the weekend. I am sorry but I have a full time job and I just don't have the time I had before. That does NOT mean that I am not trying to answer your questions and that I AM sending your comments to Randy. Please understand that it is a two part process...I answer questions and I also have to pass on your thoughts...it is not just a simple matter of coming on the site and making a few comments. 2. Fuse: I don't know how many ways I can say it but I will try again...Randy is totally committed to the Villa. NOTHING has changed in his love of the Club. He has not lowered his sites....CL football is what he wants, what we want, what the fans want. His plan should be clear to all. 1) Have a great youth program that feeds young players of quality into the Club, 2) Have a solid squad made up of lads who have experience coupled with young stars who have premiership games under their belts but need some veterans to help them, 3) Be adept at picking up some quality players when they become available and "fit" the needs of the Club...Bent would be an example...so would our keeper. 4) Make smart moves (sales) when the time is right and the opportunity is there...particularly if you have the opportunity to replace with quality, 5) Bring the wage bill down to a level that makes the operation of the Club revenue positive...but do so over time and in a manner that makes sense. 6) Keep improving the facilities of the Club...making investments that pay off. NONE of this is new at all. This has been his plan from the beginning. The ONLY difference is that when we started, Randy had to spend a good deal of money to improve facilities while, at the same time, buying players to augment the folks that were at the Club at the time. Again, if you look at the roster (youth and reserves and 1st team) when we arrived and look at it now, you will see that Randy has stuck to his plan. 3. Richard: I am surprised by the 50%-50% vote re. Randy...surprised and saddened. I am sorry that almost 50% of the Fans fail to appreciate what this man has done for OUR Club...in so many ways. I guess memories are short. 4. Relegation experience played ZERO role in the selection of a Manager. I hope that was a joke. As a Fan, my expectations for the coming season remain high. I see us as high as 4th place and no lower than 9th. I honestly think we will surprise people...I am pretty excited by what I see. 5. irreverantad: I will ask Randy if he might write something for the Fans. The problem with this is, of course, that those Fans who are with Randy will be happy and those who aren't with him will simply claim "PR." Look what they say about me....that all I am is "PR." Well, they will say the same about Randy. 6. Biffta: I am not really sure what more we can do to "bring good news"...especially when some of the "bad news" is generated by our own fans. We signed a solid keeper, our Manager has been positive in the press, we have had open training, we have won the only game we have played to date, we have indicated we are seeking to sign another key player....I am not sure what more we can do. 7. brumstopdogs: I disagree that we don't communicate. I read our web site and I see communications all the time. I communicate at least once a week (remember, not too many Clubs have a Director communicating with fans...if any). The fact that we don't use the British media as a communications tool is probably why you feel we don't communicate...well, you know my answer to that one. 8. VILLAFVC2000: Yes, CL remains our goal....see post #2. Fair play rule is only as good as the enforcement of the rule. That all remains to be seen. 9. Ulver and villabromsgrove: Good points...I like the part about the child. I will pass your comments up. Oh, "VBG", I am not a coward for what it is worth. 10. As always, both Randy and the Manager assess the needs of the Club...with the Manager taking the lead. Once assessment is done, decisions are made. History absolutely shows that Randy supports the Manager. I understand that some people think I am ducking the question but I don't know what more I can say. If you can't believe in what has happened, I certainly am not going to be able to convince you. 11. Markavfc40: Players such as Barry, Milner, Young, Downing, etc etc are absolutely offered contracts. Season Tickets: I have NEVER come on this site and stated EXACTLY what are numbers are. That would make no sense...whether they were high or low. What I will tell you is that our ST numbers are where we expected them to be....they are where they were at a comparable time last year. It is amazing to me that we actually have fans who HOPE our ST sales are low...what kind of Fan hopes that their Club has lower ticket sales. Do those fans actually believe that this is good for the health of the Club? Sort of a strange way to think.
  3. General krulak here: 1. First off, I try to get on the Boards at least once a week...and I think I have done better than that lately. As most of you know, I have a full time job now and can really only get to the sites on the weekend. It is NOT because I am afraid to come on the sites...please. 2. My comment about American Football was not to say the AVFC was following the American Football method. What I was saying is that combining youth with experienced players is not necessarily a bad thing. More importantly, what I was saying was that you needed a strong youth contingent always moving up in the organization if you really want to be successful. I believe that Villa has a strong youth contingent and that if we continue to nurture them and place them with experienced players, we can achieve great success. To just summarily dismiss that model because it happens to be used by a team in the NFL doesn't seem smart to me. Again, just my view. 3. There is no question that the Champions League is a double-edge sword. My personal view is that the first thing that needs to be done is some sort of salary cap....right now it is the cost of players that makes the league the way it is. 4. dodgyknees: I will forget the fact that you called me a liar...although I can tell you that I would not let you get away with that type of insult if we were fact to face. You can call me a lot of things but the day you start questioning my integrity is the day you need to cool your jets. I don't know who you are and I don't know how old you are but....you need to apologize or keep of this thread. "Stop the sale of our players like we did Barry?" We took all sorts of heat when Barry left!! Give me a break. From a business standpoint, we got 20M pounds for Downing....before you go cutting your wrists, let's see who we get to replace him....and yes, he can be replaced. Before he got here, he was a good player but not a 20M pound player....we will get another. You hit the nail on the head..."an inflated price." If we can get 20M pounds for someone like Downing, why wouldn't YOU, as a Fan, not want us to do it??? We can replace the man....and in the end, with someone who WANTS to play for us and who will play for us. Do we think it is "harder than we thought"? The answer is NO. What has happened is that the League has changed with the influx of wealth....the only thing that makes it "harder" is the money being splashed around. BUT, Randy has done a lot of spending too. 5. No, the Club can handle more than one transfer at a time. At some point, the Fans need to understand that we do NOT run transfers according to the Fan's timeline, we do it according to the Club's timeline. Some opportunities pop up and you can jump right on them....but most need a good deal of work. It is not as simple as the Fans think...it is not just a matter of saying, "Hmmmm, I like this lad so I will just go get him." It may be that simple if you are a multi-billionaire but if you aren't, it takes time and effort to get the right deal. 6. We are not "inactive" in buying players. See above. 7. I am not sure how many times and in how many ways that I can tell you that 1) I understand we had a crap season last year 2) I understand you didn't like the choice of Manager, 3) I understand you didn't like that we sold Young and Downing. I get it. All of your concerns are known by the Club. At the end of the day, we didn't like last year either. We believe that AM is a fine choice and will do a fine job. Young and Downing departures will, at the end of the day, be good for the Club. I may be completely wrong but here is what I think: I think that AM will surprise you and be a strong Manager for our Club. I think that our Squad will be much stronger than any of you give us credit for and I think that they will make us proud. Unfortunately, we won't know until we get to the season. I am willing to wait and see....some of you are not. I get that too. I wish that the Fans had a bit more faith in Randy and the Club but I appreciate why some don't. Sooooo, we will just wait and see who is correct.
  4. General Krulak here: 1. "Sell to buy"...that is a perennial question. As you have seen from the beginning of Randy's time at the Club, we have not always had a sell to buy requirement. At the same time, if you don't look hard at players and the overall wage bill, a Club can get into real financial difficulties. This is the reason you see Clubs like ManU selling key players...trying to keep competitive and still manage the wage structure. So, at the end of the day, it has much more to do with the wage bill than it does with transfer fees. 2. I will not be going to Hong Kong but Randy might. His time is pretty compact so it would have to be a quick turnaround for him. 3. ZodiakIronFist: There is no question that the loan market can be very beneficial from several standpoints and we are always looking to see if there is a player out there who can benefit the Club. 4. Stephen Ireland: There is no question that he can be a very good player for the Club. I do know that Stephen has sat down with our Manager and had a very good talk. We believe he can be a real plus for us and want him to step up to his potential.
  5. General Krulak here: 1. Ralphy. "We are not selling our best players"....that sort of statement is very easy to make but does not stand the test of time...certainly not in the Premiership. 1) EVERY Club has its price and to think that they don't is naive. 2) EVERY Club needs to watch the timing of the contracts of their players or they will see them go at almost no price. 3) EVERY Club has to weigh the advantages of keeping a player who wants to go...expecially depending on the timing of contract. To simply say that the way to go is say "we are not selling" is naive. Two players that have been continually mentioned on this site and others were BOTH offered more money to stay than they received to go....but, in the end, they went. To think that Randy is simply selling off players because he wants to do so is to not know your owner...after all these years. 2. stubbo26: Although it may shock you (sad that some will be disappointed with this news), our Season Ticket sales are progressing well. We are right on target. There appears to be many who continue to see progress with the Club and see what we are trying to do for the Club. 3. brommy: Thank you. I honestly believe you will be rewarded for your faith in the Club. 4. Contrary to what is found in some of the media, Alex is NOT at odds with Randy. You can be assured that there was a meeting of the minds prior to the hire. 5. OAKS: I will not get into the transfer business but I can tell you this...our Manager has not been sitting on his hands and neither have our legal people and others. JUST BECAUSE YOU AREN'T READING ABOUT IT IN THE PAPERS, DOES NOT MEAN ACTION ISN'T TAKING PLACE. For 5 years you have seen how we try to NOT negotiate in the media...it NEVER does any good to conduct business that way. If this is honestly the lowest point in your Villa career, then you have had a pretty darn good run. 6. dundeevilla: Why do players "want out"...are you saying you really don't know the answer to that one? Do you think it is because we are driving them out? That we secretly are beating them at practice? 7. A few words about our Manager....he is doing a great job of bringing the team together. He is meeting with them as a team and as individuals and is stressing the importance of team over individuals. Morale is high and he is helping in many ways that will be important to the Club as the year progresses. I have yet to meet anyone who dislikes him....he knows what he is doing and has gained the respect of the players.
  6. General Krulak here: 1. Villain vs. Villan: YUCK!!!! I have called John Greenfield to get that off the Nike web. Amazing!! Obviously, they do not run that type of thing through the Club. 2. Changing rooms: When we do the North End of VP, we will be putting in a new store with dressing rooms. 3. Half-Season Tickets from the start of the season. We have never done that and I don't see us starting now. 4. David_Copenhagen: I just spoke to Nicky Keye and she indicated that if you called her, she could organize a scheme for you to purchase your season ticket and pay like the Fans do in England. As for the CL....I don't see it changing.
  7. General Krulak here: 1. Yes, we would like to get a quality pre season at VP. 2. 4th of July...hamburgers, corn on cob, baked beans and ice cream. 3. Mazrim: No way!! And if you want to get back the Union Jack that now resides in our living room you will have to come get it. 4. back room staff: They will be announced soon...by our Manager. 5. PKAVFC: Until we get the changing rooms, just ask to go in the back where you can, in fact, change. 6. Yes, you will see action this summer.
  8. General Krulak here: 1. ulstervilla: I would simply say that you can't always believe what you read. At the end of the day, my comment stands...the Steve McClaren was not "left out of the process" because of Fan input. That may not make some fans happy but it is the truth. 2. ChrisNichollsToe: I would simply say that your "idea" is basically what Randy has done for the past 5 years. When have you seen Randy not open his wallet? NOT just for players but for Villa Park and for Bodymoor Heath. Please do not confuse a transfer fee with on going wages. They are not the same and have a different impact on the fiscal health of a Club. This is NOT just a case for AVFC but for any Club. As for the increase in Season Tickets...to be honest, we have not seen a large increase in season tickets even when we had a good season or a good signing....the numbers just haven't fluctuated that much. To count on a large increase in season tickets based on a player is NOT the path we should take...and no other Club should take it either. 3. steaknchips: I think that is what I said.
  9. General Krulak here: 1. The key question asked is, "Will Randy support AM during transfer window?" The answer can be given in two parts 1) When has Randy not supported his Manager? and 2) Yes, Randy will support AM. He will support AM as he has supported all of his Managers...he will work to keep the wage bill at a manageable level and, at the same time, will recognize where the Club needs to be strengthened and support the Manager in meeting those needs. 2. I am on holiday for the 4th of July....which is a weekend, not just one day. Call it a "Bank Weekend." 3. "Premiership experience" was NOT a KEY criteria...it was simply something that we were looking for. I think the rationale is pretty obvious...the understanding of the ins and outs of the Premiership. It was NOT a KEY criteria. 4. jackbauer24: You raise some valid points...not sure I would agree with them but so be it. As an example, I just answered a "Transfer Question" above. I would also say that MUCH has been accomplished through Villa Talk and this thread. Simply put, MUCH has been passed up the line from the Fan's perspective. Over the years I have spoken to many volatile issues....to the degree that I have even found myself on the sports pages of the UK papers. I would not agree that I haven't been up front when I could be. 5. Tjab: Not sure what you mean about "breaking a promise made in late 2006". I think we have tried to adhere to every promise made. "Selling Club?" Barry and Milner....As if we didn't try to keep these two players...as if we didn't try to sign them to a new contract. Totally not true. At some point, a decision needs to be made or you lose the value of the player...simple as that. If the player does not sign the new contract and wants to go, you need to recognize your situation. Downing? Again, rumors that I would only ask that you acknowledge are rumors and not fact. As for who have we replaced with who...let's start with Bent. 6. "Steve McClaren was left out of the process due to Randy taking the fan opinion into account." I am not sure where you came up with that but, although it will make some Fans angry, Football Management does not choose Managers based on "fan opinion." That would not be a smart thing to do. It may be very popular with the fans but it would not be smart.
  10. General Krulak here: 1. I guess I can't take a vacation now??? Somehow I am dodging the Fans?? Simply put, I said I was going to be off the site for the 4th of July Holiday (Independence Day) and I have been off the site. The truth is, not much has changed since I left the site...people are still angry at the choice of our Manager, people still question the owner who, over the years, has supported the Club and Manager to the hilt, people still comment on transfer rumors that appear in the papers, etc. etc. etc. We even have people who question the start date of our practices...because other Clubs are starting "earlier." 2. Let's start at the beginning. Randy has not turned into an ogre in a period of two months. He is the same man who purchased the Club years ago. The same man who put money into the Club (players) and the infrastructure. If we all can just step back from the emotions of the past couple of months and the strain of last season and look at the actions of Randy and his support of the Club, I think we will all agree that he hasn't changed. He has NEVER put the Club second...his spending should put that to rest if anyone really looks at it. 3. To indicate that Randy went after Bent as an act of desperation is just not true. To be totally honest, we had been looking at Bent for sometime...certainly before things went down hill last season. 4. Ashley Young. A fine player who made it abundantly clear that he wanted out. We got the price we were asking and we sold. This happens all the time in the Premiership. It signals NOTHING. 5. Downing. Again, a fine player who has two years remaining on his contract. Why are we having to debate whether he is going to be with us or not? You have heard NOTHING from the Club about him leaving. All you have heard is what is in the media. You want us to get into a debate with rumors???? For the millionth time, we just are NOT going to do that. That is not what we do. 6. I am back on the site but I must confess that I think that people are so disenchanted that I doubt if we can really get much accomplished. As always, I will try to be as honest as I can...and present the Fan's opinions up the line...but I am not sure how much faith anyone has in what I am trying to do for the Club and the Fans and if that is the case, then I don't want to waste your time or mine. I am willing to give it a go but only if its truly is valuable to you, the Fans, and to the Club. The ONLY reason I came on this site so many years and posts ago was to help the Club and the Fans.
  11. General Krulak here: 1. Well, it is good to see that I am still loved!! :winkold: I was not at the "protest" so I can't argue if someone says there were 1000+ fans there. I did see a picture and from what I saw, there weren't a 1000+ there...and the papers indicated a different number. BUT, I wasn't there so I will take you at your word. "THEIR CLUB"....yes, I know it is the Fan's Club from many points. At the same time, I think it is a bit over the top to say that it isn't Randy's Club or the Board's Club. I continue to make the point that "longevity" doesn't make a "true" fan. If that were the case, some of the most passionate fans I know wouldn't rate because of their youth. "Randy Stand" is a perfect example of a passionate Villa Fan who is under 21. Making a statement by not buying a season ticket? Absolutely within the right of EVERY fan to buy a ticket or not. IF the Fans are truly interested in seeing the Club progress, I would opine that not buying tickets is counterproductive to that desire...but again, it is up to the Fan. The personal insults to Randy, Paul, AM and myself...well, that comes with the territory. I personally believe that personal insults and disrespect is not the way any of us should act...no matter how angry we get...but, again, that is my feeling, a feeling obviously not shared by some. As for Randy communicating....I am not sure how many times I have to say that Randy is not one to "talk"...he is one to DO. You may not agree with all he does but you have to admit that he has put his resources into the Club and has made some major changes for the good.
  12. General Krulak here: 1. I have kept off the Boards for the past couple of weeks for a very simple reason....with passions running so high, there was nothing I could say that would ever alter the feelings of most people who post on the site. I have seen Randy go from "loved" to "hated"...I have seen Paul Faulkner takes massive amounts of grief...I have taken head shots and body blows (no surprise there)...I have seen a FEW fans on the steps of the Holte protesting THEIR OWN Club and I have seen people taking shots at a Manager who wasn't even named. So for me to come on the Boards would have been crazy...probably still is. I think you will be hearing quite a bit from the Club in the next couple of weeks...from the Manager and from the Board. More importantly, you will see "action" which is the way Randy has always operated...words mean very little but actions speak loudly. In all of the passion, upheaval and comments the two people who have kept their cool have been Randy and AM...they have done what they needed to do...said what needed to be said at the time. NOW, it is simply a case of watching what happens next season....do we win? The issue of the "right choice" for Manager will be decided over the coming seasons. What I do know for certain is that Randy and the Board are going to be behind AM 110%...he will be supported and encouraged along the way. We hope and pray that the Fans will give the same encouragement and support but whether they do or not, WE WILL. 2. For those who continue to comment on the lateness of the kit or the issue of sponsorship let me remind you....the Club did NOT have anything to do with the lateness of the kit last year. NOT a SINGLE thing! As for the lateness or sponsorship now or at other times, we chose acorns (as you remember) because 1) those people who were bidding for sponsorship did not value the Club like we did and 2) we wanted to do something with our favorite charity. Yes, the decision was made late but we did it on purpose...NOT forced upon us like last year. Getting a sponsor is NOT like going to the grocery store. It is a business deal between two businesses...each seeking the best deal. It should not be on a timeline...because if it is, one business will be at a disadvantage. It is like buying a car, NEVER go into a car dealership without the willingness to walk away if the deal isn't any good.
  13. General Krulak here: 1. As everyone can see, I have kept a low profile over the past week...because there are times when it is just best to let things play out. A week or so ago some Fans and the Press were going crazy over what was going to happen re. GH. At that time I tried to make it clear that The Club was NOT going to conduct business in the media....that it wasn't fair to GH nor was it fair to the Club. We all acted in a professional manner and business was taken care of. Now we have the old complaint of "dithering"...as if choosing and obtaining a Manager was a simple as going to M&S and ordering up a Balti Pie. I am not sure where our "expert Fans" get their information on how to go about picking a Manager in a week...but I would sure like to know. A great many things go into the equation....advice from people in the "business", discussions with agents and people with access, research on everything from record of success (history) to connectivity with the players in the dressing room to effective use of personnel to compatability with Owner and people at the Club, to many, many, other things. To some fans it seems like just a simple act....and more importantly, a "signal" about something called "ambition." As if one Manager sends a bigger "ambition" signal than another....forget about whether that Manager "fits" with the Club. I have said it once and I will say it again...we will NOT conduct business in the media...we will NOT react to the nonsense that is printed in the media...and we will NOT seek a Manager who simply gets a thumbs-up from the Fans. We will get the very best man for the job...in our opinion and in the opinion of those who assist in the decision process. Once we get our man, we will give him all the support he needs. Randy has NEVER failed to support his Manager. I know it is a waste of my time to ask for patience and calmness over the next week or two...BUT, be patient...it will get done.
  14. General Krulak here: 1. PKAVFC: "I hope the Board has learned a lesson from this...." Oh yes, we sure have. Let's see, we learned that it is not good to have a Manager leave the Club 5 days before the season starts....we learned that we should have a QA man or woman located at the factory where the material for our kit is woven...we learned that it is not good to have a raft of injuries to some of our best players during the season...we learned that it is not good when your Manager has a heart problem in the final weeks of the season. Are those the lessons we were supposed to have learned? If so, we learned them. I don't suppose you would like to offer a suggestion as to how to avoid these in the future? 2. Tayls: A VERY good post!!! Your comment about some of the things that GH did for the Club was spot on! Unfortunately, much of what you said goes unappreciated by many fans. Thank you for highlighting them. 3. We have a scouting system. Is it world class???? Probably not....and it is something that we need to improve upon. 4. Thank you for all the suggestions re. a new Manager. It seems like just yesterday that I was getting suggestions on what to do with GH...now its choosing a new Manager. Can I have one day of rest? Think about it, even God took one day of rest....don't I deserve at least a day since I am certainly NOT in any way or shape even a glimmer of God's greatness.
  15. General Krulak here: 1. Thamutznutz: Are you serious? Do you really think I am going to come onto an open forum...which we already know the media watches like a hawk...and talk about negotiations with our players or talk about what is being said/done at Bodymoor Heath or talk about the status of our Manager????? You can't really expect me to do something like that...seriously. You comment about "buzz word, buzz word"....they may simply be buzz words to you, but they are operational necessities to us. I am on this forum to hear what the Fans have to say and, when possible, respond to what is being said OR to take comments and suggestions forward. I am NOT on here to conduct the Club's business on an open web site. I have clearly stated, do NOT take what is reported in the media as the Gospel!!! I don't know what else to tell you. Obviously, you are not one to take my comments seriously. 2. bogthevillan: I can surely empathize with you and the financial situation you are in...as well as the amount of time that you spend driving to and from the games. YOU are what Fans are like...and why I am on this site. Fans are CRITICAL and I NEVER forget that. I believe we will have a very good run next year...but it is your money and I cannot go out on a limb and tell you to buy a season ticket. Only you can make that decision. I just feel that it will be a good year. As for your second question, Lord Sugar is spot on. At some point, the game of football MUST come to grips with salaries. The NFL did it with a salary cap...which made for a much better league.
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