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  1. General Krulak here" 1. Razor and others: I am not sure what sort of response you want from me. I was NOT at the game....I CANNOT get myself into GH's head...I CANNOT speak for him. He basically wrote the statement and indicated what he wanted to do with the Club and how he feels about the Fans. I believe we are ALL SORRY about what happened. To think that no one is sorry is just crazy. Perhaps his statement should have used the "sorry" word...but I doubt if that would have made any difference to many of the fans. I think that the statement made some very important points that seem
  2. General Krulak here: 1. To all Fans: I have read ALL of your comments regarding the L'pool game in general and the remarks made GH in particular. I can assure you that I have passed on your thoughts to Randy, the Board and to our Manager. I am unable to get into GH's mind nor am I able to truly understand what he was feeling before, during and after the game....feelings that led him to make the comments he did. Equally, I am not going to try to minimize what he said...make excuses...or anything else. There is no denying what he said...it is there for all to see. What I don't know, as
  3. General Krulak here: 1. avilafan: Over the summer, I must have posted a "blow by blow" of what was happening almost daily. It got so bad (here I mean that no one was listening or just didn't believe me) that I actually went off the site for several weeks. I am not going to repeat all I said then...it should be easy to bring them back up from the "history file." I spoke of what happened before MON left, what happened the day he left, and what Randy did and when. I am not sure what more the Club could have said at the time or now that would satisfy anyone. 2. Is the Board "at faul
  4. General Krulak here: 1. There is absolutely no reason for me to rehash this summer. It is patently obvious that those who are commenting are much more aware of what took place during the summer than I am or that any member of the Board is. It is obvious that those same people know more about this summers transfer window than anyone else does. It is obvious that these same people were sitting in the room during the decision re. Milner and know all about the timing of that event....they know when the deal was made and how it was made. Any information to the contrary of their opinion is "s
  5. General Krulak here: 1. I said this was a huge game that we needed to win and I meant it. We didn't win it and I am gutted...literally sick. Granted I have not been a Fan for as long as most but...it still hurts like hell. 2. paulanddonya: Your rant makes zero sense to me. We have spent millions upon millions on players...to somehow indicate that Randy has not supported this Club is pure insanity!! I have no idea where you can arrive at the statements you made...they are just not accurate when it comes to the owner. 3. Big_John_10: It is the "boards fault for what happened th
  6. General Krulak here: 1. steakandchips: As I did not observe the incident you mentioned, I cannot comment on it. If GH was involved in an interview just prior, I would imagine that may have had something else on his mind. I know the man and he does care for the Fans...I would give him the benefit of the doubt on this one....neither you nor I have a real sense on what was going on with him at that time. 2. markavfc40: So let's agree to disagree. I think that GH has done a remarkable job under the circumstances he found himself in. Rather than shoot on his target, it might behoove y
  7. General Krulak here: 1. terrytini: I am not going to get into a debate over the previous manager...other than to say that I doubt if you could find anyone on the Board who would agree that the previous manager was "right in what he assessed was needed." I think that one need only look at the funds expended over the past 4 years to question that comment. Again, Randy backed the previous manager...no one can question that fact. 2. paulanddonya: "Sick of spin"...I don't know how many times and in how many ways I have to say it....I do NOT come on these sites to "spin" anything....I co
  8. General Krulak here: 1. First and foremost, both Randy and I see every game...Randy sees almost all of them in person...home and away. I try to get to Villa Park once or twice a month..or to an away game. We both love the game and are committed to Aston Villa Football Club...there is no lack of focus...no lack of energy...no lack of support. Like each of you, AVFC is a large part of our lives. Yes, it has probably been a large part of your lives for longer than ours but that doesn't mean we aren't bleeding claret and blue. I mention all of this because I was as gutted as any fan over
  9. General Krulak here: 1. southbirminghamvilla: Here are the answers from Nicky Keye. "We release away ticketing info as soon as we get it. This does not always flow in the order of the games played. This has happened to us twice already this season. The "live" choose your seat upgrade via e-ticketing system is currently still being developed by TMS for us and other Clubs. It will apply multiple price bands (adults, juniors, over 65, etc) to any particular seat. As soon as we have a date, we will tell everyone." 2. markavfc40: You are correct, it looks like we will be around 39,0
  10. General Krulak here: 1. SouthBirminghamVilla: Nicky Keye reads this thread daily and will get back to me with an answer to both of our issues. We obviously want ticketing info to be accurate. The "live" booking will also be answered as soon as Nicky gets back to me. 2. Although Thanksgiving is not celebrated in the UK, I will be thanking the Lord for AVFC and the fanatic fans that support the Club. I will also be eating turkey and dressing and potatoes and stuffing and pumpkin pie and all sorts of good food...and then spending the next week working out to get rid of the calories.
  11. General Krulak here: 1. avillafan.com: As you know better than I do, the media has a field day with rumors and, in fact, generating rumors. With are obviously very thin right now...and Marc's appendix issue isn't helping. Both Randy and GH know where we stand and I trust that they will be addressing the issue as best they can. 2. gingerlad: Contact the shop. 3. undesirable: Don't worry about what to call me....my wife uses "Hey you"!! I will ask about the flags.
  12. General Krulak here: 1. avillafan.com: I can assure you that I am looking at the same tables you are looking at. So is everyone at Villa Park and Bodymoor Heath. I could go into a million reasons for our current situation but I would say that injuries are at the top of the list. GH has done a masterful job of trying to negotiate our Club's way thru these times and we need to applaud him AND the lads for what they are doing. Randy has ALWAYS backed his Manager and will do so again. 2. wi-fi on the grounds for ST holders. Not sure how it would work but....I will ask if it is possib
  13. General Krulak here: 1. mcflair: There is NO comparison between the Holte End and ANY like sporting event in the US....NONE!!! I spent almost the entire 5-1 Blues game at the top of the lower Holte and don't think I have ever experience noise like that day. Bottom line, even in the best of sporting events in the US (Superbowl, NCAA Basketball Finals) there is no comparison. 2. Christmas Card: I appreciate your comments but I would be uncomfortable having my name on the card.
  14. General Krulak here: 1. micfair: Yes, I have attended multiple games while in the stands. As many of the Holte-Enders know, I am in the Holte End every game that I attend. I also make sure that I hit every stand during the games I attend...to include the concourses. 2. steve_avfc: I confess that I am not one to look for my name on the Christmas Card...simply put, Randy and Paul are the owner and CEO...I am just a Board member who happens to have fallen in love with the Club and the Fans...even during the "tough times." Putting my name on the Card is not important...Randy and Paul
  15. General Krulak here: 1. I am glad to be back and on the site...and I apologize for being off for so long. 2. yankeeinmadrid: Your friend should simply contact our Academy with his resume and see what happens. 3. killeen30. The Nike deal runs through next year. Lettering...I will pursue this issue. 4. Black it will be our third shirt next year...it will be kept. I confess that I really like it a lot...getting one myself and one for my grandchild. 5. smsmithusa: Both my son and grandson wear #8 so that is my favorite number. 6. Just to make sure that everyone knows t
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