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  1. Sorry, I thought this was about Graham Poll, and whether or not he might be a shirt-lifter. Nevermind.
  2. OutByEaster suggested Robert Maxwell on the grounds that 1) He robbed a lot of people; and 2) He walked the plank (...well, sort of !)
  3. Bickster, I didn't buy the Mamiya (its an RB67), it was handed down by my Dad who used it at work. They gave it to him as a sort of retirement present. I say "sort of" as they were going to throw it away as they'd bought a digital camera. Criminal or what? Nice pics btw.
  4. Interesting thread. I've got into photography this year, but opted to learn from manual cameras before plunging into the digital market. I've got a couple of Pentax K1000's and have just bought an LX. I've also got a Mamiya medium format. You can easily pick up a K1000 and 3 lenses (28, 50 and 80-200) for about £100 on ebay and sell them for about the same when you're ready to move on. Going back about 10 pages to the original question, I found a couple of John Hedgecoe's books pretty helpful. They're available from Amazon, and go into quite a bit of detail on film and digital formats, as well as image manipulation.
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