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  1. It sounds to me as though the Blosers could be bullshitting on this one: Peter Pingu is apparently the source of the "Villa approached Blues" e-mail, and finally some media outlets (the BBC website) are now including important details such as: 1) Blues are clearly quoted as the source of the story; and 2) Villa haven't made a comment. Now unlike Sky, the BBC doesn't have, or constantly advertise a bookmaking business (Skybet) that makes a tidy sum from all this speculation. It wouldn't surprise me if Pingu is making all this up. He wants to paint McLeish as the villan (no pun
  2. Does anyone else get the feeling that SSN is just a 24hr advert for Skybet?
  3. Or: Hughes to Everton, Moyes to Chelsea, Benitez back to Liverpool and Dalglish to Villa Park! Queen to pawn 3. Last train to Clarksville Two to Tango.
  4. Wow - you're right. It's also almost* an anagram of "ITS A WELL KNOWN FACT THAT YOU OBTAIN SEXUAL GRATIFICATION FROM ROOT VEGETABLES" * if you add a few more letters, like ! This is so not true. Where's the Z? I think you'll find I never wrote that. It must've been someone who looked just like me
  5. Also, Houllier is actually French for O'Leary, which is Welsh for O'Neill. And if you stew cranberries like applesauce, they taste more like prunes than rhubarb does.
  6. I don't think there's any "perfect" way of doing this. It seems that the club have a short-list of potential managers, and naturally, they'd like to interview them. Martinez was clearly one of the managers on that list, and in order to get the opportunity to speak to him, we had to make an official approach to Wigan. We did that, but Martinez chose to stay at Wigan. It's all worked out very well for Wigan and Whelan, who've been very complimentary about us and the way we go about things. Unfortunately for us, it's given Whelan a bit of publicity, and some more sensationalist parts of t
  7. I don't think Martinez is ready to manage a big club yet. If he'd steered Wigan to a couple of top 10 finishes, with maybe a good cup run - he'd be worth considering. To put in perspective, he's not achieved as much as Curbishley did at Charlton - and I think we all feel the same way about Curbishley as Villa manager.
  8. Other's on twuntbet.com are: 1) The "Holy Trinity" of Bassetts (Dave, Bertie and Mike) 2) Joe "No swearing" Kinnear 3) Gordon Strachan 4) Robbie Savage 5) Barry Fry
  9. ^^This^^ steaknchips mate, just because they are foreign and have had some success with the biggest clubs in their country, doesn't mean that they're gonna come here and suddenly turn us into Barcelona. Moyes and Hughes may not be as "exciting" but I'd like to see all these over-hyped, overrated foreigners do a good job with the smaller - medium teams in the Premier League as Moyes and Huges have done British jobs for British workers? Allardyce????
  10. Frank Rijkaard, oooooooooooops Yeah, right - what's he ever won?!!! Blinkered, ill-informed, puddle of arse-drippings. Took over a struggling Barcelona, reinforced the youth policy with Guardiola's appointment of Barcelona B, won the European Cup and ended R Madrid's dominance of La Liga. If Moyes does leave Everton for us, he'll ring far more changes than Houllier tried to bring. He's assembled a very hardworking and loyal squad at Goodison. It takes time to bring in players to get them to play for you - and that'll be time that most Villa fans won't give him. Jol might be a go
  11. I don't think we can start with all the "What's the score...." taunts, particularly after: 1) They flayed us 4-0 a few weeks ago, and 2) We escaped with a 1-0 win.
  12. Welcome back Sir! In order not to fall foul of the Mods' deletion policy, my question is "Are you concerned about the attendance at Villa Park this season?" To me, I would've expected a the attendance to break the 40,000+ barrier, but we seem to be a few thousand less than that. I'd have expeceted the Man City game to be nearing a sell-out, given the new players we'd signed, but it being on TV and the cold could've kept some of us away.
  13. I think Doug Stanhope summed all of this up when he talked about other comics talking about Pope Benedict and how scary it was that he used to be a Nazi (well, Hitler youth member). Stanhope says that when you compare the Nazis (who only lasted about a dozen years) with the Catholic Church - who over the last 1,500 years have a far more prestigious track record of murder, oppression, pogroms, tyranny, exploitation, denial of atrocities etc...not to mention the institutionalised kid ****, then it would be far scarier to find out your local Nazi used to be a Pope !!
  14. Only bookie banter I know, but today, Skybet have slashed Moyes' odds to 11/4 as favourite for the job. Can't see it myself, and would feel pretty sorry for Everton fans if he did join us, but you never know do you? I think it'd only be a go-er if Moyes has fallen out with the Everton board, but I think thats unlikely. Even considering their start to this season - Everton start slowly every year and are always top 6. But funnier things have happened.
  15. I've "got over" Spurs really - seeing as they got 4th spot last year. If it wasn't going to be us, I'm actually glad it was them instead of Man Citeh, and Redscouse. Don't really hate Blose any more either. I don't have to work with any of their blinkered knuckle-dragging lot, and even if I did, they've kinda "known their place" for about 5 years now. I actually like that they're in the Prem along with the Dingles and the Baggies. Oddly, I hated Redscouse last season, but that was more a Benitez thing than anything else. As for Newcastle, I've been working in Geordie land a lot recen
  16. Jol has 2 years to run on his deal with Ajax, whereas Rijkaard is entering the final year of his contract with Galatasaray. Ajax are in the Champs Lge this season, whereas Galatasaray are in the Europa - I think entering at the same stage as us. Galatasaray's squad boasts Harry Kewell, Lucas Neill and Elano - and that's about it. Go Dutch, but not Jol.
  17. Dear General, I hope that many of those aiming criticsm at the Owner and the Board will have calmed down since hearing what I can only describe as sad news on Monday. For me, shock has given way to disappointment over what is now being perceived as rather a selfish move by our recently departed manager. I think football, and Premiership football has a big lesson to learn over how to handle its finances, and whilst we have spent a considerable amount on transfer fees and wages in the last four years, as fans, we always feel that this club lives within its means; maintaining a healthy bal
  18. Frank Rijkaard. 1) Took an underachieving Barcelona side and made it into the great team we see today. 2) Believes in the team rather than individual stars. 3) A great believer in the youth system 4) A winner (lets face it, his record pisses on MON's!) 5) Got 1 year left at Galatasaray, and would probably love the chance to manage in the Prem. They finished 3rd last year, missing out on the Champs Lge and are probably in the same round of the Europa Lge as we are. 6) Gobbed in Rudi Voeller's mullet !
  19. Are you Micheal Hutchence back from the dead ?
  20. Well, the bit before he plunged to his death was good to watch !
  21. I thought that Lerner said: 1) Villa will have money to spend 2) Everyone employs an element of "sell to buy" and 3) A £30m player is out of our price range.
  22. You're half right, in my opinion.. The squad he has assembled lacks the quality for rotation while chasing a Top 4 finish. However, this squad has been assembled from a position of 16th. It's an evolutionary process. Moving from 16th to within 2 games of finishing 4th doesn't happen with the click of his fingers. The squad he has assembled is enough for us to finish Top 10, and the first XI got us close to the promised land. Now the evolution continues and the lesser players get moved out and replaced with sufficient quality to supplement the quality of our first XI. Ev
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