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  1. If you turned up to the pub in that, you'd be asked why your name was printed on the front rather than the back. Back at the ranch, it is close for me between Idle, Palin and Cleese. I've put Idle top because he is always funny in whatever he does and I love Nuns on the Run. Palin is next because he plays characters so well and his travel programmes are brilliant. Cleese is good and I love Fawlty Towers but he is always very similar in character IMO plus we get a Fawlty overkill and we don't see the stuff the other two did like Rutland Weekend Television and Ripping Yarns often eno
  2. I agree with this point General, as someone in the IT industry I know that Villa are seen as a very forward thinking company with regards to their IT investment and even MO'N is known to get involved. Shows that he isn't just a 'sawdust on the floor' type manager.
  3. Both spend a lot of time on the treatment table but Santa Cruz has been there, seen it, done it and Ashto has it all to do. I get the feeling that Santa Cruz is the one that is available, I thought we should have gone for him when he was available for £3.5m!
  4. Who is to say that he would sign a new contract and then when someone comes calling, anyone better than us in fact, he starts saying he wants to go again? I said I was undecided but this is like a relationship where you know your partner has cheated on you, you can never trust them again.
  5. In the computer game 'Daley Thompson's Decathlon', Daley Thompson was white and didn't have a handle bar moustache.
  6. Nice as it seems as an idea to tell the so called big 4 to do, he will still be off before the window closes.
  7. Just when they thought it couldn't get any worse...agent Ridgewell says that he is in it for the long haul at Birmingham City!
  8. Read today that the Blose shop in the Pallasades is closing down, where will the knuckledraggers get those golden bollocks wrapped in bog roll on a chain from now?
  9. Only 1% of us do Es, I would expect higher.
  10. I'll save the General's time for him, here is what he told you on the 3rd of this month Ross: RossAndreas: I have only said the following to 3 people on all the sites I post on..."Let's agree to disagree." If you believe that the role of the Board of Directors is tied to decent acquisitions, then we will never come to an agreement. Simply put, the Board does not have a role in Player Personnel....that is the job of our Manager and those who support him. The Board supports Villa in many, many, ways but we do NOT get involved in players. I have watched other Boards get involved and cause HUGE
  11. jasthevillan


    I read it wrong I put down my favourite by accident, the worst is obviously coffee.
  12. I've heard some of them say that Bent is a good signing, I disagree. Bruce had been trying to buy him for about 3 seasons then when he does get to manage him, he realises that he is crap and sells him at the first opportunity!
  13. Kaiser Chiefs for me, useless but they think they are amazing. Their lead singer wants his head kicking in!
  14. General, the article says more about the character of our 'captain' than it does about the management at Aston Villa. If Gareth wants to go he can hand in a transfer request and waive his right to any monies from the transfer, you can't have your cake and eat it.
  15. The Keep Right On message board has been closed down, loks like they didn't want to 'keep right on', symbolic of how their attendances will dwindle next season! They've started up a petition against Hendrie signing for them too, haven't we been here before?
  16. The Keep Right On message board has been closed down, loks like they didn't want to 'keep right on', symbolic of how their attendances will dwindle next season! They've started up a petition against Hendrie signing for them too, haven't we been here before?
  17. Never mind all that, what about Rutland Weekend Television?
  18. they only have £5million upfront for him the rest is just potential add-onns of 750k but more importantly arsenal got around £1.8million of that fee due to the sell on clause and the fact they bought him for £4million means they sold him on at a loss still a stupid price for a player of his quality Tom Ross interviewed Sullivan at the end of the season and Sullivan said that they had paid Arsenal £2m up front and then they had to pay a certain amount each game up until £4m is paid and then Arsenal get a percentage of the sale too. So basically Blose have made up to £1.75m from the trans
  19. Perhaps we could further use the influence of our own Bob Kain with regards to some really big transfers, provided they are players that the manager wants.
  20. As opposed to a load of crap flats in town that have walls so thin that you could chuck someone through them.
  21. General, I would like to say that I think that how we conduct our business is how we should be conducting it.
  22. Nick is the S T Vaughan of New Zealand.
  23. General, lets have a charity fun run for Acorns from Villa Park, do a lap around Sty Andrews and then return to Villa Park. Afterall we have been running rings around them all season!
  24. At 12:30 today they had apparently sold a grand total of 6758 season tickets! They are massive!
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