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  1. UB40 Kingston town tune. Ohh viiilla park That's where I want to be... If I had the whole world I would give it away To seeeee my team at play. And so on
  2. Absolutely. Work in progress here. Had very little time to get it all together and the club was a mess not just the first team. It's hard work getting rid of the dross let alone getting the team to gel. He is doing good and it will come.
  3. I'm getting old but that really choked Me up. What a great great day.
  4. I am hugely over emotional about this !
  5. Has to pay for his own pipe though ,yeah ?
  6. I won't. I would support the villa if they were owned by Ghengis Khann
  7. Yes they can they have proved it again and again.
  8. When I looked it was empty, cleared out of all messages.
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