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  1. Long shot but does anyone have any interest in two tickets to see White Lies tonight at Camden Powerhaus (formerly Dingwalls)? Having to self isolate due to my Son having a temperature, face value £40 a ticket
  2. Seen a lot of mention of the 8-0 at Chelsea. The 7-1 against them in the O’Neill years was more demoralising for me as it just confirmed how far away we were from really challenging.
  3. We had the youngest squad in the league last year and have already released the three oldest/most experienced players in the last few weeks. Getting someone into the dressing room with Young’s knowledge and experience can only be a benefit, I bet Cash, Targett, El Ghazi etc are all looking forward to working with him and Grealish must have idolised him as a kid. I know everyone got very upset with him winning a penalty against us but as far as I remember he’s always held a real affinity for Villa since he left. Remember him being present at Villa Park a few times to watch us.
  4. mole86

    Dean Smith

    The 14 clean sheets would suggest the defence has improved
  5. Completely agree, gives us the option of moving Jack inside as well. Would much rather pay a bit over the odds for McNeil than buy Barkley
  6. I don’t think lack of effort is ever something that he could be accused of. Lack of pace, strength or even ability at times would be fair but he always gave his all for us
  7. mole86

    Dean Smith

    We are also the youngest team in the league, inconsistency of results and/or performance can’t be a surprise
  8. Mings and Watkins have both been abysmal tonight
  9. Pope’s been the biggest disappointment for me the last few weeks, he’s obviously not coming in at ideal times of the innings but he has been all over the place
  10. I just think reactions like this completely ignore how rare it is for teams to win away from home in test cricket, particularly in ‘alien’ conditions. Not saying we’ve not been humiliated but it’s literally been going on for decades so it can’t be a surprise. Root had won 6 tests away in a row after the 1st test, India were never going to produce a pitch like that after we won that game convincingly. It really isn’t back to the drawing board with regards the home tests, Woakes will play and be great, same for Broad and Anderson. Leach has had a really good winter, Bess is the one who is clearly out of his depth. His five for in Sri Lanka was one of the worst/luckiest you’ll ever see.
  11. Absolutely, his ability against spin is a massive concern. I just don’t think that really has any bearing when considering the side for the home tests, or Australia. I do worry about Burns against the short ball in the winter.
  12. Surely the massive caveat to that is ‘on the sub continent’. Sibley and Burns are surely cemented for the home tests, Bairstow is only involved because of this rotational policy anyway. I’m not convinced about Crawley but I would hope and expect Sibley, Burns and Crawley to be the top 3 against NZ in June
  13. Agree with this, I’d hate to lose Konsa but our model now is likely to include one sale a summer. As long as it’s not Grealish I’d be relatively relaxed about selling anyone if we get a silly offer.
  14. None of them covered themselves in glory but I thought McGinn was the best of the three on Wednesday so not surprised Luiz has been dropped/rested. I think his levels have dropped off the most of everyone that was playing regularly pre Covid outbreak so hopefully it will do him some good
  15. Really refreshing not having any fake ITK as well, offering people private messages and posting cryptic comments for attention. You really need to let it drop, you disappeared after keeping the Rashica thread going longer than it should. Really no need to bring it up on multiple occasions in the thread of an actual signing, one that you curiously didn’t seem to have any knowledge of...
  16. I think the BT Sport graphic confused people when he got booked. It had his shirt number on it which is of course 5
  17. 2 goals, 2 good saves, 2 off target and 2 comfortable saves/tame shots isn’t a bad nights work, even allowing for the fact one of his goals was a penalty
  18. Any positives to take from tonight in your eyes?
  19. mole86

    Dean Smith

    Leicester game really wasn’t that long ago
  20. mole86

    Matty Cash

    Didn't he do the opposite of that?
  21. That’s all any of us can do isn’t it? I know some people think they’ve received some top secret inside information on the Rashica ‘deal’ but it’s unlikely anything official will leak directly from the club meaning all we can do is speculate from the same uninformed position. The only cast iron fact is that he is not an Aston Villa player, even the comments from Baumann could be construed as us being used to drum up interest from Leverkusen given what actually transpired on deadline day..
  22. Three ball at The Belfry with Rashica and Leao
  23. I’m not so sure about that to be honest, the deal was clearly set up before we knew where we would be playing in my opinion. We then still went through with it as he was going to be a more useful squad member than Gardner and a relatively inexpensive addition, particularly given how much business we then knew we had to do following promotion.
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