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  1. I like games where you’re left disappointed you didn’t win by more. Today was one of those.
  2. I think Dann and Sakho would really struggle with Davis. Just a shame he’d probably not give their goalie much to think about.
  3. Never underestimate the psychological element in football. Incredible what a bit of confidence can do to a team.
  4. He may play like a compo winner most of the time, but he does get some big goals Trez.
  5. Two fouls against us in that situation. I’d be livid if VAR let it stand.
  6. It’s frustrating. We’re hardly embarassing to watch, but there is absolutely no threat from anyone. We look like we could play all week and not score. I said after Newcastle it’s telling that our only two goals after the restart have come from defenders. It’s what will relegate us.
  7. Kind of feels like the game stopped as soon as El Ghazi and Trez came on. They really look awful.
  8. Not a bad first half. It will be very interesting to see how Wolves come out after the break, though. I have a feeling they have more in the tank.
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