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  1. With this signing, our squad is suddenly looking really quite strong, and in much better shape than what I thought we could reasonably expect. It really has been a remarkable turnaround since the lows of Theo Walcott’s equaliser at Goodison just a couple of months ago. I don’t think I’ve felt this bullish about the Villa in about a decade.
  2. Comfortably the better team, even before their (harsh!) red card, and a fully deserved three pointer. We were brilliant, far from it, and many players need to improve upon tonight’s performance, but I really don’t understand the sense of discontent from this and the match thread. I’m fecking chuffed!
  3. At least we can rule out a certain ex-VT’er as the «cute guy» of the story.
  4. Picked up another Skoda this week, the eCitigo IV. It’s a ridiculously fun little car.
  5. I was going to google that, but thought «f*** it».
  6. Fan-flipping-tastic. Best news of the decade.
  7. I agree with you, but Dougie can keep #6. Should give 4 and 5 to Mings and Konsa, though, and Cash and Targett should be 2 and 3. Marvelous needs to give 11 to Ollie.
  8. Yes, among many other things.
  9. You left out a whole host of unfavourable adjectives in your description of Tybring-Gjedde.
  10. Still younger than me. Nothing makes me feel quite as old as the fact that I’m four months older than Elmo.
  11. I really, really don’t care about the price as long as this is the guy Deano wants. Very happy if this finally goes through.
  12. Michelsen

    Josh King

    Josh King is a good player, and one I’ve always liked for us to sign. However, I’d be disappointed if he’s the only attacker we sign this summer. King in addition to i.e. Ollie Watkins, I’d be very pleased.
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