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  1. Yep, same for me. I was all for VAR but it has become a joke the way it’s used in the PL. Scrap it asap.
  2. I don’t think the ref gave us a single foul inside the final 20 minutes. Trez was being pushed and kicked all over the place. You also can’t show advantage and then give a free kick when they balls it up. There was also no justification for five minutes injury time. The ref got what he wanted.
  3. ‘Zackly. Defensive error from Mings and another VAR shocker killed it. Nothing to be ashamed of. Learn from it, move on.
  4. We didn’t really protest. Nakamba should have been screaming at the ref, maybe it would have forced VAR to have a look. And then decide against us anyway, obviously.
  5. I noticed it too, but we were never getting that decision.
  6. How?! That was a definite offside. VAR screwing us again.
  7. Michelsen


    Depends what your goal is, but intervals and gym leg work to build speed and 02 capacity, with the occassional longer run to build endurance?
  8. Michelsen

    General Chat

    We actually call it biff tartar. We’re not barbarians.
  9. Michelsen

    U.S. Politics

    It’s performance art, really. Satire, surely. It’s just a shame about the very real consequences.
  10. We did a lot of things right today. Our pressing game was excellent, which forced a lot of errors from their players. Then, we took advantage of those errors, attacking with conviction and sending a lot of bodies forward. Going forward, we looked excellent. Defensively, we were a little open, and I still feel we can be too sloppy with the ball, but the way we defended our box, blocking shots, was great. Shame about the silly consolation goal we gave them, but hey. So many had good games, it’s hard to pick a MOTM. Wesley’s brace is hard to overlook, Grealish is always brilliant, but Marvelous really stood out for me as key to our entire shape and plan .
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