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  1. Norwegian league was due to start up in a couple of weeks. Instead, clubs are already having to lay off staff (players included) due to liquidity issues following the inevitable income loss they are now facing. Hardly any Norwegian clubs have any meaningful cash reserves and most rely heavily on gate receipts. You just have to hope no players are poached by other clubs while this is going on.
  2. Michelsen

    U.S. Politics

    He’s also apparently in remarkably good shape, according to his doctors, so I’m not sure I’ll take their word for it.
  3. There really, really shouldn’t. Nonchalant in the extreme.
  4. Going ahead with games seems needlessly cavalier, and I’m struggling to see a scenario where it will be possible to complete the season anyway.
  5. Baffling. Should be a no-brainer precaution, if nothing else.
  6. So, yeah, schools in Norway are closed and we’ll move to home-based digital lessons. My students were obviously not too devastated, but f... me this is getting real.
  7. Michelsen

    Dean Smith

    Absolutely he could do it. We’d never be able to replace Jack like for like, but we’d have enough money to build a genuinely balanced squad capable of playing the kind of football we want and of winning promotion. Of course he could do it.
  8. Michelsen

    Dean Smith

    Just pointing out the obvious flaw in saying we won’t be promoted with Smith. We already have.
  9. Michelsen

    Dean Smith

    Yeah, it would never happen. Except for the one time in one attempts.
  10. Michelsen

    Dean Smith

    I think we should keep Deano regardless, really, for the long term benefit of the club. If we go down, I have confidence in his ability to get us back up, hopefully with a more balanced squad, better prepared for another go.
  11. I don’t think for a second they don’t care. They’ll be hurting after this. The problem is far more likely to be a lack of belief, a sense of doom and a total absence of courage. They need to grow a pair and step up, but it’s not because they don’t care.
  12. I’ve remained cautiously optimistic up to now. This «performance» has me thinking we’re going down. Utterly depressing. Pathetic. No courage, no belief, no hint of pride. The players are probably hurting, but they’ll find little sympathy from me right now. This just isn’t good enough.
  13. Yep. Should have Drinky and whatshisname on instead.
  14. They really, really hate Jack for some reason.
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