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  1. World Cup 2018: Russia

    Yep. I have a big, green soft spot for Ireland but Denmark have a much better side playing much better football.
  2. World Cup 2018: Russia

    Heja Sverige!
  3. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Start O’Hare and Grealish next time and we might look like a football team. Promising signs from both of them. It’s looking more and more likely that Hogan won’t be a success here. I’m sure he’s a good player but it’s just not happening. I hope Terry isn’t out too long. I’m certainly no fan of Steve Bruce but today was just one of those days that happen and you need to move on from and forget.
  4. Match Thread: Preston v Villa

    Right decision by Bruce. Shame, as Davis was too much for them.
  5. Match Thread: Preston v Villa

    I’m not sure that’s right.
  6. Match Thread: Preston v Villa

    Seems fair enough. Never a red, though.
  7. Match Thread: Preston v Villa

    The football really isn’t great but it’s been been enough to be comfortably better than them. As happy as I am with the result, I hope we step it up a notch after the break. That being said, much better from Onomah today and, playing the way we do, Keinan Davis is such an important player for us.
  8. Baseball 2017

    ‘Zackly. It’s a pointless suspension. Kershaw v Keuchel should be epic. Damn you, time difference!
  9. Baseball 2017

    The optics matter a great deal here. Appealing wouldn’t reflect too kindly on the Astros either.
  10. Baseball 2017

    Powerful message there, Manfred. Racism is bad, but missing a WS game would be worse. Didn’t want to punish the 24 other players? Eff right off, you spineless tw@.
  11. Baseball 2017

    The Astros are a team full of a-holes. Yuli Gurriel needs to be suspended.
  12. Keith Wyness

    I don’t know, but General Krulak might know who to ask. (Open the tweet, scroll down to the end)
  13. Baseball 2017

    They certainly are and they’ve earned it. It’s a team full of incredibly punchable faces and unpleasant personalities, though, so I wish them no luck in the Series. The Yankees aren’t ready yet. Coming so close already is way ahead of schedule. They’ll have learnt plenty from the experience and ready to have a go again next year, and by 2019 they’ll be unstoppable.
  14. Baseball 2017

    I’m nervous about tonight’s game 7 in Houston, but whatever happens I’m damn proud of these young Yankees in what was supposed to be a year of learning and preparing for the future.
  15. Steve Bruce

    It's not. 12 months of awful football and underwhelming results is.