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  1. Well, that’s not really a fair comparison is it? Most people don’t really have access to a boat and navigable water. As for the rest of your post, fair enough. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I won’t argue.
  2. Obviously very true. That’s a whole new chapter.
  3. Different experiences, probably. I just find there are always loads of people just walking on a mill when they could be walking outside, like you say, people doing half reps on free weights, or people spending ages on crap machines when they should be on free weights etc etc. Don’t get me wrong, it’s better they do that than nothing, but half the people in gyms I’ve used are either wasting their time on inefficiant work outs, or wasting their money doing stuff they could have done without spending 30 quid a month on a gym membership.
  4. The amount of wasted time and money going on in the average gym is enough to make you question your belief in humanity.
  5. Amazeballs. After Wigan away, I thought the season was lost. For Smith, the staff and the team to have turned it around like this is truly remarkable.
  6. Michelsen

    Dean Smith

    No matter what, I’ll always be grateful to him for providing the most beautiful football I have ever seen from a Villa team. When we play our game, we are just a joy to watch.
  7. Michelsen

    Glenn Whelan

    Agreed, but you give Whelan a bit of credit for that aswell. His positioning and movement is excellent for the role he’s playing.
  8. Hard to see none of the three chasing us winning today, but it would be pretty sweet to be mathematically safe before the final two games.
  9. Should’ve had about five. The scoreline is extremely flattering to them, and credit to their keeper. We played as well as one can expect and we can remain very optimistic about our promotion ambitions. Hard to pick a man of the match, but I thought both Jack and Anwar showed they’re a class above this level.
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