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  1. Michelsen

    Gun violence in the USA

    The right to harm bears?
  2. Michelsen

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Excellent show, but really tough to watch.
  3. Michelsen

    U.S. Politics

  4. Michelsen

    What Class Are You?

    I suspect this is a very typical story for your generation. Here in Scandinavia, where social mobility has been higher than anywhere else, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the norm. I wanted to say including the career in I.T. but that would only be half true.
  5. Michelsen

    What Class Are You?

    I both agree and disagree with that. I hate any kind of privilege and inequality, obviously, and you might be right that the (particularly British) class system perpetuates that. At the same time, I think class awareness and working class solidarity is important. I agree analysing social classes has become a complicated excercise, probably full of grey areas. At the same time, I think it’s fairly evident that social classes do still exist and that the fight to change that requires explicit awareness of class divisions. I don’t know if that made any sense at all. Obviously, I am myself painfully middle class but cling to my strongly working class roots for ideological reasons
  6. Love it. Second half was pretty good, too, after a dreadful first. Defensively, we are very strong. Too early for celebrations, though. We’ve a tough game ahead to make sure all of this wasn’t for nothing.
  7. Michelsen

    Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Have to keep attacking now.
  8. Michelsen

    Israel, Palestine and Iran

    ‘Almost’ equal rights isn’t good enough, though, is it? I appriciate that you feel Israel must be a Jewish majority state, maybe that’s true even, but you can’t have that and still claim Palestinians aren’t second rate citizens. Mind you, I’m giving you the benefit of accepting your version of reality where everyday life for Palestinians living in Israel is just dandy. Even if that is true, and being perfectly honest that’s a big if, your logic doesn’t hold up. As long as Israel is an explicitly Jewish state, built for the purpose of Jewish predominance, a Palestinian can never be your equal. Not really. Just have the decency to at least admit that. I think, if objectivity in ethics exists at all, it is objectively unjust to be forcibly removed from your home. That is what happened to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in 1948, and before. If objectivity exists, it is objectively reasonable that Palestinians feel they have a right to return to their family homes. It would be entirely reasonable for Palestinians not to accept 1948 as a fair starting point for finding a solution. Yet, to my knowledge, no actual, genuine peace proposal has ever come even close to giving them even that. I literally said I realise that a solution, given facts on the ground, must come short of what the Palestinian people rightfully want. I am all too aware of the reality, and I have spent far too much time being angry about it. No need to patronize about it, I know Israel is far too powerful a force for the Palestian people to ever experience justice. It is arrogant in the extreme, however, to effectively call the Palestianians ungrateful, uncooperative and unwilling to find a solution, when Israeli expansionist policies keep moving the goalposts and Israeli brutality keeps murdering children. Forgive me, but your supposed support for a peaceful solution and your claim to acknowledge the grievances of the Palestinian people are not all supported by anything else you are saying.
  9. Michelsen

    Israel, Palestine and Iran

    1. Yeah, I read all of that, and all it proves, if anything at all, is that not all Palestinians living in the State of Israel are treated like crap. Which is a start, I guess, but it sure as heck isn’t the same as anything resembling real equality. In fact, it could reasonably be argued that true equality is impossible in a state formed and founded on the, again, explicit predominance of one etno-relgious group over another, especially given the circumstances under which this predominance was established, i.e. by force. 2. You say you agree completely, but you didn’t really live up to that in what followed. You didn’t answer any of my questions, either. Further, the sheer arrogance in your post is mind-numbing. You present the ‘97 per cent of all occupied land’ offer as if it’s generous. At the very least, from a Palestinian perspective, it is 3 ppts shy of being even remotely fair. And when you talk about the ‘tens of thousands of Palestinians getting into Israel’ you are, lest you forget, talking about people whose families were forcibly removed from their homes. I accept that facts on the ground dictate what is possible, and that any agreement must be ultimately less than what is objectively fair for the Palestinian people, but if you truly favour a peaceful outcome, at least have the decency to acknowledge their grievances.
  10. You should check out the new stadium, too!
  11. Vålerenga, from Oslo.
  12. I’m exhausted. First, my Norwegian team win a kind of nervy 1-0 away from home, then Villa, then my Yankees come back to win in extra innings. A rare trifecta for me. And my birthday isn’t until tomorrow. Absolutely extatic with the result. Can’t ask for more. So, with that in mind, I feel greedy when I say this, but we really should have punished them harder in the second half. A bit more cool and willingness to keep the ball would have made it much easier for ourselves, and given us more chances to grab another. This is where Steve Bruce and I disagree, probably, but again I feel terribly greedy and ungrateful for saying it.
  13. Michelsen

    Israel, Palestine and Iran

    1. Forgive me, but that’s kind of easy for you to say, isn’t it? 2. While I understand your position, I hope you might also accept that these demands (1948, resettlement) aren’t entirely unreasonable in principle and if you truly favour a two-state solution you must be willing to give up more than you are comfortable with. I also hope that you can appreciate that it’s not entirely unproblematic for a modern, liberal democracy to be so fundamentally based on the explicit predominance of one etno-religious group.
  14. Michelsen

    Things You Don't "Get"

    To remind you that you’re getting older?
  15. Michelsen

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Maybe they’re into taking the mickey?