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  1. I’m not sure my 2013 Volkswagen Polo qualifies!
  2. That’s a bit of a stretch. He’s done what you expect from a manager who, in relative terms, has unlimited funds to play with.
  3. If we’re talking about radius, then sure, not too bad
  4. I’m with you here. Road authorities specifically encourage you to use both lanes. There is literally no reason not to use both lanes.
  5. Why the people of Foggy Bottom haven’t petitioned for the immediate removal of Mayor Humdinger from office. The man’s not right. Not right, I tell you!
  6. I would put it that you are entirely wrong, but I suppose a discussion about the philosophy of history isn’t relevant to this thread* *just pre-empting obvious jokes about the prehistoric qualities of Bruce’s managerial abilites.
  7. For me, it’s more about the situation those loans (Steer and Elphick) left us in. I can’t recall any other manager leaving us with such a glaring lack of reliable options in such key positions.
  8. Countless historians would strongly disagree with that statement
  9. But when the outcome was an absolute mess of a gk (not to mention cb) situation at the club, it’s hardly unfair to criticise the man in charge of the situation?
  10. It’s more sending him out on loan, leaving us with Nyland, Bunn and the vague memory that is Moreira.
  11. Sending Steer and Elphick on loan remains a mystery to me.
  12. Watching Argentina and Colombia. Still scoreless just before half time, but the Colombians are causing Argentina all kinds of trouble. Their work rate and pressing is unreal. The game has also been insanely physical, and not just a little theatrical.

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