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  1. Hopefully, a few Sansonite performances might be enough to carry us even further up the table.
  2. They really hate him up there. More than we ever did, I think. Hard to blame them.
  3. Gyms closing for the third time in a year. Very hard to make any progress at all, or rather, I’ve probably regressed in terms of maximum strength. I was making some really good progress in november before they closed, and was just getting back into gear again now. Incredibly frustrating.
  4. I loved it. What a beautiful manchild of a genius we have. He kind of had a streak going, and I like that he cares about those details. The best ones are all a bit mad.
  5. If the VAR room said that, it’s completely scandalous.
  6. I’m not sure who ‘they’ are, but if that is anyone in any official capacity, that is completely mental. Like I said, to me it felt like there was a slight delay, and they gave it a look and saw Ollie was behind the ball and didn’t see the need to spend all night looking at blurry stills and arbitrary lines, but I might be wrong.
  7. It did take just a few seconds for them to kick off again, so to me it felt like they were giving it a look. If they’ve dismissed it right off the bat because of Schar’s touch, then that would be confirmation of a complete reinvention of the offside rule, but I’m not sure they’ve done that.
  8. Terrible team. You’d be very cynical not to feel bad for their fans, knowing all too well what it’s like to watch a team managed and coached by a man whose approach to football tactics is akin to treating a game of chess like a game of snakes and ladders.
  9. Very easy win, without ever really getting into full stride. I’ll have Marvelous as MOTM. If only I could find a suitable adjective to describe his performance.
  10. We’re not even firing on all cylinders, yet look like we’re playing a League One side in the cup. We’re a very good team with a very good manager. They’re not very good, and their manager really hasn’t a clue what he’s doing.
  11. Likewise, Mike. I believe I may even owe you a round! FA Cup final next year?
  12. Yesterday, I’d be right with you. Today, I’m feeling very down about it all.
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