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  1. While I’m not prepared to crown him the long awaited heir to Benteke just yet, if he keeps giving performances like that, we’ve got one hell of a player. Immensly strong, quick, good passing, tireless running and smart movement, and his finish for the goal was as cool as you’d want. Proper complete striker.
  2. Mings and Engels will potentially be even better than Olof and Laursen, I think. They are both comfortable bringing the ball out and can go past opposition players in a way I can’t recall seeing neither Mellberg nor Laursen doing.
  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen André Gomes do anything on a football pitch, other than looking like an Ancient demigod of the sulky variety. This includes his time playing in some fairly decent Barcelona teams. How he has tricked the football world into paying him millions is beyond my comprehension.
  4. What a great feeling. We got the luck that eluded us last weekend, and Everton will wonder how they never scored, but we played a good game and look like we belong in this league. Wesley was fantastic, as was Freddie Guilbert. Mings and Engels is just a superb duo. Grealish pulled the strings in midfield. And the atmosphere at VP. Bloody hell. Can I also comment on André Gomes? What does he offer to a team, and how the f*** did he ever play for Barcelona?
  5. I’m gutted we’ve walked away from that with nothing. We were the better team and created enough to have scored a hatful. We asked questions of them throughout. The only problem was that one of those questions was «how would you like to be gifted two goals?» Shame, because there were plenty of positives here.
  6. I can’t believe this made it to 1000 pages. If I were a mod I’d definitely close it at 999.
  7. You’d love to hear it: «Of course, they hate a good number 9 here at Morecambe. Don’t care for it at all». It’s the worst cliche in football.
  8. A few ex-Villa, obviously, but other than «my» two clubs I hate most other teams and their players. If they’re a potential rival, they’re words removed. I’m very tribal when it comes to football. I do like St. Pauli and Union Berlin for their club culture, but I don’t follow German football closely, and Lionel Messi’s Barca is a long time guilty pleasure of mine. Other than that, f*** the lot of them

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