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Yeah i am. Spoke to the ticket office last week and they were still dispatching on Friday. Should get them tomorrow.

Post on a Sunday?!? I'm moving near you! Lol!


Eeek... sorry... Monday haha. 

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I was getting tickets from villa last season really late. If you buy tickets when they first go on sale it seems you get them last.

Not really, I got mine in the first window and I got mine last Thursday

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dont think there is any method to ticket distribution


for example, my old man bought his season ticket a month before me but only recieved his a couple of days back whereas i got mine a couple of weeks ago


whereas we ordered arsenal tkts on the same day (albeit at seperate times) and he recieved his last week an i am still waiting


will be furious if they try and suggest i will need to pick tkts up from arsenal

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