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  1. I actually think blues are a tidy outfit this season Derby though, Jesus Christ
  2. Antonio top West Ham goal scorer lol what the hell
  3. Giro


    Lmfao what a bunch of jokers
  4. Whoever did that deserves to be sacked. Like I don’t even get why they did it
  5. A £25 million signing on fee Games gone etc
  6. This is why I trust the owners of the club now When benteke left we spent money on the likes of Scott Sinclair *shudders* urgh the dark days
  7. Lmfao where did that come from
  8. I’m gutted but not surprised. How the game is nowadays We need to move on and invest the money wisely. Leicester have been in a similar situation with players and have pushed on and brought well. Cheers jack and all that but a legend at the club? Nah
  9. Very impressive signing here
  10. Are you really surprised though?
  11. So just last seasons top but with some vertical lines on it
  12. Agreed, I think the line up is bang on
  13. There’s a foul every 30 seconds in this game
  14. Mate if we win it on Sunday, I guarantee there will be people complaining about something
  15. Come on then, which one of you cry babies called into talk sport tonight?
  16. You have to be a troll, surely
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