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Real Sociedad and Dr Fuentes (Doping)


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looks like Dr Fuentes wasn’t just doping cyclists, as the Spanish media wake up to what was going on...


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Do you belong RSOC abbreviation papers appeared in Eufemiano Fuentes to the Royal Society?

(Iñaki Badiola, San Sebastian, 48, was president of the Royal from 4 January to 20 December 2008. Already in his day he perceived irregularities uncovered within your institution).

That seems to indicate, but it should be Eufemiano himself confirmed it in the trial that is taking place now on Operation Puerto. What is certain is that in 2008 our board publicly denounced the doctors Eduardo Escobar and Antxon Gorrotxategi because in the six seasons before us (with José Luis Astiazaran president between 2001 and 2005, Miguel Fuentes, between 2005 and 2007, Mary de la Peña, in 2007, and Juan Larzábal, 2007-2008), at least they gave directives B payments for medicines or products at that time were classified as doping, so the black money acquired in markets hidden.Sources can be perfectly Eufemiano their supplier. We find that the numbers of the documents in our possession agree with Fuentes, for several reasons: first, because it is what should be done, and then, because we warned in 2008. Thus it would be found that already denounced.

(Badiola says that manages two files on which it bases its allegations: one, showing payments for substances B, another a Gorrotxategi mail which asks permission to purchase these products).

Why anyone in 2008 echoed his words?

Because there was an ongoing case as exists now against several defendants, even a little bluff, since the maximum penalty that can receive these people is two years in prison, they will never meet, or so many years disqualification. We arrived late and wrong, other than that there was very little interest from the administration on these issues. Now that you have had media coverage, things are easier to cover them. That is the main difference.

So Gorrotxategi bought Escobar and banned?

They acquired substances which were not authorized, in cash B, which gave them the previous Councils club, and I understand that it was not Betadine, because if not, they would not have bought in hidden markets. In fact, there is an email that I sent one of the doctors saying some of the products they wanted to buy, and we did not authorize.

What would be the role of sources in this plot?

He will facilitate these products, but we have to compare the amounts that appear in the papers with the Operation Puerto disposal. Was a pity that at the hearing, where Eufemiano wanted to get the name of all its customers, the judge did not agree to it. Those who commit the offense here are the doctors of that time, as no club Real Sociedad in practices that should never have taken place.

How doctors acted against these two?

I got them in an ERE, and finally left the Royal Society. Les relevé of all its functions, and named Juan Manuel Gonzalez de Suso, who is still on the payroll, is a very effective and ethical beyond doubt. They bounced a lot because we let them out, and I appeal to you to not appear in the official team photo.

Jose Luis Astiazaran was president in an early part of that period and then take care of the professional league, Could influence that complaints not succeed?

Sure, because Astiazarán led the club in the early years when we conducted the audit from Ernst & Young where irregularities appreciate, in 2002, 2003 and 2004. In my years, 2008 and 2009, there were no strange medical practices.

When did these unlawful practices in the Real?

We did an audit of the previous six years, and so we find in the B accounts It was very easy to get registered and question all those involved, who argued that the products were banned and eventually would be allowed, but were forbidden. We do not know if they are the same substances that supplied them Eufemiano Fuentes, but we do know that during these campaigns preceding our arrival was bought with drug money black in those times were not authorized.

If the Royal resorted to practices prohibited and any of its players tested positive, what does that say about the controls in football?

He says the system is poorly regulated, there is a failure, or that doping is way ahead, with doctors who can cover it up perfectly, as can be the case Eufemiano. Besides, they have only been urine test without seeking EPO, denotes quite neglect and unwillingness to clean up this sport.

The fact that the Royal Society was league runner-up in 2002/2003 and then descend to Second, do you think that has to do with the use of these substances?

I do not know, because I'm not a doctor or was then in front of the club, so I can not guarantee. We also have a template affects short time playing the Champions League. From what I'm certainly are aware of the practices that were carried out and the mail I sent Gorrotxategi. We do not go against the players, nor do we know if all were subjected to such practices. No names were mentioned, our investigation was directed against physicians. I'm not against the institution, because I've been president for two seasons, and fan and lover all my life, until we pay money to the Real to try to climb. Another thing is that employees practiced the Outlaw.

The doping in football seems to be released already in Operation Puerto. Are you as corrupt as other sports?

I am a practitioner of marathons and triathlons, and I think in football may not be as necessary as, for example, in cycling, where I can not be convinced that people are able to climb the Tourmalet, at 220 kilometers, with four ports, eat spaghetti, and the next day up the Alpe d'Huez. That's impossible. In the case of football not think it's necessary contribution of banned so great, but with so much competition, involving money, etc., means that the temptation is high to get the most out of an athlete, in this case a footballer . The only case I've seen is the Real, however, would not be surprising to many.

Returning with Astiazarán. If he runs the LFP, does that mean that interested unless contentious issues see the light?

The fact is clear. In any normal country, in the United States, for example, if Astiazarán was found guilty and also with existing evidence, that a team was subjected to prohibited practices, should be immediately disqualified from office, as Escobar and Gorrotxategi of medicine (both have private consultations at the Polyclinic Guipúzcoa). What happens is that in Spain things are moving slowly, or not go. I do believe that Astiazarán not the best person to manage the LFP.

In 2008 also uncovered that bought Malaga to Tenerife in the last game of the season, Amano confirmed that Jesuli, and prevented the ascendancy of the Real.

So, although he entered the shakes Jesuli. Precisely where we are (in the rooftop lounge of his house, overlooking La Concha, where is the interview) recorded the conversation, with his consent, but then receive threats or pressure and tried to backtrack. Obviously there was a recording and backed by the ambient pressure. It was a sad episode.

Why did not prosper in the Office?

It led to the prosecution, although the Spanish Federation was not interested in the slightest issue.Filed and lost all the recordings, so we asked for the second time. That indicates laziness and had little desire to put the nail on the head. I will always remember when I went to see Angel Maria Villar, going to report the matter, he said: 'Iñaki, no one has dared to get into these issues, I do not know anything about these allegations'. He did not want to hear the recordings we had a FIFA agent in which it was purchased is to rig two games, the opponent will stop losing against Malaga.

Is there corruption in Spanish football and intrigues?

As far as I'm concerned, not only the time, but for the industry itself to try, I think so therefore money is at stake. It's bread and circuses for society, and we have not improved at all over the Roman circus. Before there was the circus and now football. It's hard to trust that there is more corruption.

With the complaint of doping and match-fixing meetings, would you move something outside, as he says, to defend the interests of the Royal Society?

Here we find two important things. When you come to a club president, as in any society, I have one company, if after six months no complaints the irregularities, eventually you eat them you and you are the responsible for them. Whereupon, the first thing is not saddled with the mistakes that we have not committed, especially when it has not been mentioned by previous leaders, we had meetings with before entering. And the second is to defend the institution. If we believe harmful employees were performing prohibited practices, obviously neither shared nor watched in our project, we wanted to eradicate these procedures.

What impact may have to corroborate his words Eufemiano or evidence which assures availability?

Fuentes is important that you do, as we do not tease, like the other day, who said that RSOC sounded like a good wine. It is essential that the judge wants to meddle. Just to clarify the issues as soon as possible. For Real not think it means much, but it could disqualify people who were involved in the case.

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I would be amazed if football authorities test for anymore than a bit of Charlie or steroids. I can't see them looking into EPO, blood doping or the more exotic routes taken by cycling.

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I was thinking about the amount of tennis that is played at the top level today and the increase in speed and power of these players. Even with improvements in sports science its hard to imagine that doping isn’t rife especially with the authorities not being that interested...

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I recon it is far more common in football in general. With the amount of money involved in winning a football contract I find it inconceivable that some players have not tried doping to give them an edge, yet no players have been caught.

A player trying his luck is one thing, but I suspect there are also quite a few clubs that have a system in place, with doctors handing out the goods and monitoring progress.

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I wonder when the rest of the Spanish clubs will be investigated? Or the Italian clubs who fed IV drips to their players? Or the French World cup teams of the recent past? Right back to the German 1954 team.


But then football doesn't have a doping problem...



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More to come one suspects



Eufemiano Fuentes, the doctor at the centre of theOperation Puerto blood-doping scandal, claims he is owed money by Real Madrid.

The self-styled sports doctor told Spanish radio that he is "interested in collecting a debt" from the club.

But Real Madrid told the BBC this debt is for expenses he incurred as a witness for them in a 2009 libel trial.

"We are happy to pay for his flight, hotel and food costs, but he has not given us any receipts," the club said.

This trial followed a series of reports in the French newspaper Le Monde, which claimed Real Madrid, fierce rivals Barcelona and other leading clubs in Spain used Fuentes' doping expertise.

Le Monde eventually lost the case and was forced to pay damages.

Fuentes is currently on trial in Madrid with four co-defendants for endangering public health, a charge he denies.

This stems from a series of police raids in 2006 that uncovered hundreds of bags of frozen blood and enormous quantities of performance-enhancing drugs.

Dozens of professional cyclists were immediately implicated in the scandal, including Tour de France stars such as Jan Ullrich, Tyler Hamilton and Ivan Basso.

But Fuentes, a gynaecologist by training, has repeatedly claimed that he treated a wide variety of sports stars at his clinics, including footballers.

He has always refused to name names, however, leading to feverish speculation in Spain and elsewhere about who might have been on his books. That might be about to change, though.

As doping was not a crime in Spain in 2006, the Spanish authorities have taken years to decide what to do about the embarrassing haul the Guardia Civil found at Fuentes' premises.

The eventual charge of endangering public health, which carries a maximum prison sentence of two years, only came about after lobbying from politicians worried about Spain's reputation for being soft on doping - a black mark for a country that has unsuccessfully bid for the last two Olympics and is trying again for 2020.

Earlier this week, Fuentes hinted inside and outside court that he may be willing to reveal his full client list to the World Anti-Doping Agency if it was mutually beneficial. He is also reported to be writing a book about his colourful career as a sports doctor.

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WADA reveals there were ZERO blood tests for doping in Spanish football in 2013.


Interesting to see that FIFA introduced Biological Passports for the World Cup. I don't have a lot of faith in FIFA (the Deco fiasco and the pictures of doping control officials taking photos of the players didn't help) but maybe some of the poor performances from certain players and teams meant they didn't want to risk being caught out this time.

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WADA reveals there were ZERO blood tests for doping in Spanish football in 2013.


Interesting to see that FIFA introduced Biological Passports for the World Cup. I don't have a lot of faith in FIFA (the Deco fiasco and the pictures of doping control officials taking photos of the players didn't help) but maybe some of the poor performances from certain players and teams meant they didn't want to risk being caught out this time.



I would be amazed if football authorities test for anymore than a bit of Charlie or steroids. I can't see them looking into EPO, blood doping or the more exotic routes taken by cycling.

Sad it 18 months ago but the point still stands. 


and even when allegedly certain English players, get *sniff* allegedly caught by their *sniff* club they allegedly *sniff* get injured for a few *sniff* weeks so it can *sniff* allegedly clear their *sniff* system.


Don't mind that....thats just talc.

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