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This Round of Clutch Soccer from the EPL and beyond 2/3Feb


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Keenan is asleep at the wheel, so I'll post the thread.

I have some money on Villa to win and Benteke to score. I got good odds and am a fool



Premier League

12:45 Queens Park R. ? - ? Norwich C.  

15:00 Arsenal ? - ? Stoke C.    

15:00 Everton ? - ? Aston Villa    

15:00 Newcastle U. ? - ? Chelsea    

15:00 Reading ? - ? Sunderland    

15:00 West Ham U. ? - ? Swansea C.    

15:00 Wigan Athletic ? - ? Southampton    

17:30 Fulham ? - ? Manchester U.



15:00 Birmingham C. ? - ? Nottingham F.



13:30 WBA v Spurs

16:00 Man City v Liverpool


TSM faces up against his old club.

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Booooo, too easy to read. I want my eyes in pain from the lack of full stops. The whole thing also needs to be hyper linked to the Brazil third division.

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