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The Alex McLeish OUT Petition


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It's simple, just cosign below, and once we get a decent number, we can email a link of it to VP.

***The following Aston Villa supporters implore the AVFC board members to take immediate action in regards to the current manager, Alex McLeish. He is staying true to his form as a top flight manager by dragging his team down into a relegation battle. Surely supporters deserve better than this? Surely the TEAM is better than this? Enough is enough. McLeish must go, now.***


Maqroll (Mike)

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I think it could have an adverse effect.

Can a football club board, be seen to carrying out the wishes of the fans in sacking their manager after 12 months. Abramovich is abramovich.

1. They would lose all credibility with business clients.

2. It would prove difficult to recruit another Manager, in not being seen to back your manager.

a much as fan would find it difficult to be happy with his record with us, they ( The board) may see it as too soon.

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