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Swansea fans' view on villa fans


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Not sure if this should have belong in main villa page but just seen some quotes on swansea forum about us on sunday. was nice to read

Got to say well done to the villa fans today, for starting applause for Gary speed earlier,thought it was very fitting for such a great football man.R.I.P Gary Speed.

IMO, best we have had for a few seasons.

Deep respect to the "Villans" who started the applause and to all their fans who joined us singing/ chanting "one Gary Speed".

Agree their team just tried to clog us on the pitch, but their fans are good as gold off it and their club should be proud of them. I am, as are many Swans fans.

Top notch club, with top notch fans

Best supporters we've had down here this season.

New found respect for Villa fans today
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It just kind of caught on to be honest. There was a group a good few rows behind me and they seemed intent on applauding Speed's life rather than just mourning it. Some were clapping as soon as the whistle went, and we were all singing One Gary Speed with the Swans fans to our left even before the kick-off. I was worried at the time how it might make us look, especially on TV, but it seems the Jacks appreciated it.

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