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Any advice on a good company to fix my boiler?


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As per usual, I have a problem so I've turned to the VT masses for advice.

My boiler isn't working at the moment and obviously, with winter setting in, I'm eager to get it sorted.

So I'm looking for someone to have a look at it and hopefully fix the problem. i don't think (to my untrained eye) it's a big job, so I'm hoping not to get ripped off.

My problem is I've done the usual internet search etc for companies. But everytime I seem to find a company that look like they'll be alright, i google their name to be met with a torrent of negatvie reviews.

There doesn't seem to to be any reputable companies out there!

I know it's probably because people only review companies when they have something negative to say, but still, it makes it hard to filter out the crap companies.

So can anyone recommend a decent company that could help me?

Edit: I live in Birmingham

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What make is it? I have a Worcester Bosch one and I get them to service it - you pay a bit more, but hey guarantee to sort it out, so if it isn't fixed they'll come back and fix it for no extra charge. Friend had a similar experience with Potterton boilers; same service.

So, in short, try the manufacturer.

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