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  • 2 weeks later...

ive heard different things - 1 mate who is mates with someone who works in the pub next to Briar Rose was told by the manager that The Troc, The Windsor, and his own pub was closing/not serving alcohol past 5, and that other pubs were following suit. He also said the german market would be dry

then i saw someone else earlier who said he had spoken to the cops and it was down to each individual pub to decide whether to open/serve alcohol, and the german market was operating as normal

so **** knows

think we will just head into town at 4 and try and find somewhere to have a pint

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walk to the Sty from Aston


You can say that again!

A mate of mine was telling me about these cars they have drivers who will let you get in there car and take you where you want to go for for cash, seems a novel idea :D

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