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400 tickets left...


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...as well as 100 restricted view tickets that are going for £15

Supporters are urged to act quickly to secure their seats for the Chelsea clash this Saturday.

The match against the champions and league-leaders is now on general sale and approaching sell-out, with tickets selling extremely quickly.

With only 300 Holte End Upper and 100 North Stand Upper seats left available, book now to avoid disappointment.

In addition, less than 100 reduced-price restricted view tickets remain around the stadium - priced at the special rate of £15. It's an offer not to be missed!


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What happened here ? 400 tickets left yet over 2000 down on capacity for the actual gate ?

Nothing unusual there, its just season ticket holders not going to the game for whatever reason

Don't think so. There were two decent size areas in the upper Holte with no one in and also at the top of the Witton Lane there was a section of seats empty.

It is also unheard of to get 1800 season ticket holders all fail to turn up for the same match.

More worrying than over 2000 empty seats was the lack of atmosphere for me. Really quite apart from a couple of spells late in the second half.

Crapest atmosphere I can remember in a big game especially one where we were in the game for the whole 90 minutes.

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I think this 'crap atmosphere' claim is really just a matter of where you are in the stadium. Villa Park isn't a great shape for keeping noise within the ground. I had a great time in the upper holte yesterday and couldn't hear the chelsea fans at all the entire game. I think that perhaps the trinity and doug ellis stands may not be starting many chants but I don't recognise the scenario as being as bad as some of you guys make out.

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The back of the Trinity Upper is ALWAYS deserted. Every game without fail.

They should discount the season tickets up there to fill it up

I believe they are the most expensive seats in the ground Rob which probably explains why 95% of the time they are empty.

The club could certainly look to reduce ticket prices up there but a couple of hundred seats filled at the top of the Trinity won't unfortunately improve the shit atmosphere. Hopefully a few good results/performances will do the trick.

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